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A pair of senior citizens have a relationship that shocks both their families in this potty-mouthed, but endearing, comedy. Starring and directed by Danny DeVito.

not to sound like a curmudgeon but literally Every time i set foot in a Barnes & Nobles there are exponentially fewer books in it than the last time. and i feel like such a dupe every time because it LOOKS like a bookstore with books in it but it’s 2017 now so they only sell GAME OF THRONES FIGURINES and MEME CALENDARS and im flagging down some hapless 17 year old employee like “hey do you have this one George Eliot nov-” and he’s like hahahaha no way nope. But we have a new coffee table book about what Alexander hamiltons search history would be if he were alive to day, and also approximately 30 thousand funko pop figurines of pearl from Steven universe

more underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments
  • nina’s singing
  • “on a dare, i once ate a literal trough full of waffles doused in apple syrup and almost went back for seconds.” - jesper
  • every time someone makes fun of kaz’s haircut RIP
  • creepy little genius
  • #NEVR4GET jesper mentally kicking himself for not paying attention when kaz was naked
  • kaz literally,,,, stopped in the middle of a job to give a dog a belly rub. this is still so funny to me
  • confimed curmudgeon matthias thinking nina looks glorious in her dumpy fjerdan sweater clothes
  • matthias’ middle name is benedik…… why have we forgotten this
  • inej “slowly wiped the blood of kings on her trousers” LEGENDARY
  • kaz stripping shirtless and washing himself in front of inej. inej blushing and wANTING TO MURDER HIM
  • secret tree handshake
  • every time kaz calls nina ‘dear’ or ‘love’
  • inej definitely has a Thing for kaz’s eyes. there are so many mentions of his eyes/eye color in her chapters                          
  • jes being in awe of wylan for getting away with lying to kaz. turns out kaz knew all along. #brekkered
  • nina trying to get kaz to join the group hug
  • “you heard right. stronger than wylan.”
  • wylan wanting to shove jesper off the wagon when he says “he has terrible taste in women”                         
  • that time matthias considered shooting kaz but then kaz stepped on a rifle, flipped it into his hands, and aimed it at matthias in the span of 1 second
  • the immortal “is my tie straight?”
  • you podge

Here’s one for the Humans Are Weird file:

The Lovable Curmudgeon.

Our literature is full of them, Dr. Leonard McCoy from Star Trek, Dr. Gregory House from House, Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies, and countless others from books, movies, tv shows, and plays from antiquity to today.

Even our children’s literature has prominent examples of them: Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, as well as Waldorf and Statler from The Muppet Show.

The lovable curmudgeon displays traits that, on the surface, seem that they would alienate that person from the group. Yet, the lovable curmudgeon is completely distinct from the total jerk. We love them in fiction, and even in real life. Though they annoy us, we find ourselves strangely endeared to them.

The lovable curmudgeon genuinely cares for people, often despite their gruff exterior and stated desire to not care. Their quick, sarcastic wit makes us laugh when we need it most. They are not afraid to voice a contrary opinion and avoid going along with groupthink. They will gladly play the devil’s advocate when we need to test our ideas.

The thing is, this character trope is not just in fiction. Real life is full of lovable curmudgeons. They gripe, grouse, and grumble their way into our hearts and we love them for it.

No doubt aliens would find this confusing…


A new short film “Curmudgeons” Directed by and starring Danny Devito.

Everything amazing in the Captain Underpants movie:
  • The inclusion of the ‘Everything Except Fabric Softener Store’ and the ‘Piqua Pizza Palace’ in the backgrounds.
  • The various art/animation styles used which really made it feel like a kid’s imagination.
  • Harold’s complete inability to chill.
  • “I noticed that this tuna casserole had your name spelled out on the top in jalepeno slices.” 
  • Ms. Ribble’s voice was PERFECT!
  • The entire scene where they reopen the closed off art room.
  • “You’ll have a weird haircut and I’ll be wearing a suit for some reason…”
  • Melvin actually, physically, has no sense of humor.
  • Edith the Lunchlady, enough said.
  • “We are so guilty.” 
  • How perfectly depressing Mr. Krupps house is.
  • “The bee is not the bad guy.”
  • Harold successfully parallel parking an entire construction crane. 
  • All of the comic book style scenes, and how much Captain Underpants ADORES the comics themselves.
  • “Benjamin Krupp you sly dog.”
  • “We’re closed for Ebola.”
  • The revenge of the Stuck-On-Hold Lady.
  • The army of Talking Toilets.
  • Edith is into Captain Underpants just as much as she’s into Krupp.
  • The inclusion of George and Harold’s ‘silly’ names from the fourth book.
  • Captain Underpants actually successfully flirting with Edith.
  • They mention New Swissland.
  • The inclusion of Captain Underpants’ catchphrase thing ‘Faster than a speeding waistband, more powerful than boxer shorts, and able to leap tall buildings without getting a wedgie!” 
  • The unadulterated glory that is the Treehouse.
  • The Tattle Turtle 200
  • “I can pee a little in my underwear and no one can say anything!!” “Dude where are you going with that? Do you actually do that?”
  • “Not actual magic, we aren’t practising the dark arts…”
  • He didn’t say it but god if George’s face didn’t scream “I can’t believe I’m about to do this…” as he turned Krupp into Captain Underpants so he could save them
  • “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “It’s an egg-salad sandwich!” 
  • “How many a’s does Tra La Laa have? I’ll just go with eleven.”
  • Mr. Krupp lives on Curmudgeon Road.
  • Underpanty World, led by Big Daddy Long-Johns and Princess Pantyhose.
  • “Potty humor is like, the lowest form of comedy.” “DON’T YOU SAY THAT HAROLD!”
  • “Is that high def cause you can definitely tell that that’s us…”
  • Harold’s obsession with Dolphins.
  • “…how much of that was out loud…?”
  • Uranus
  • Captain Underpants putting all of the teacher’s in detention.
  • Professor Poopypants’ impressive collection of lip-balms.
  • Harold’s hand gets biggified.
  • The movie perfectly ending with George and Harold clutching desperately to Captain Underpants’ cape as he flies away while they shout ‘Here we go again!” 
  • The end credits all being actual comic style scenes from all the books.

Feel free to add your own!!

off on a tangent I think that the way in which a lot of memes endlessly reproduce content by fracturing it & alienating it from its context is troubling, not to sound like a curmudgeon…. like I’ve seen at least three “loss” memes in the last week–all edited to within an inch of their lives, all with a bunch of people adding onto the thread as the images got pushed further and further into the absurd, all untagged of course–& there is no power on this earth that could explain to me how those are funny. I’ve seen a “meme” that consisted of a video where a man pretended to kill his girlfriend with a bomb for the camera, reblogged by a man uncritically. videos of people we don’t know in situations we don’t know anything about having strong emotional reactions to things are being stripped from the original contexts in which the people depicted experienced them & transformed into a blank slate for us to remix into ever-increasing states of fragmentation & there is no reverence for human suffering……….. like those memes labelling “me” “2016″ “2017″ etc. where “me” is being beaten up & it came out that one of those images was of someone being beaten for being gay. so we’ve been.. sharing an image of someone being brutalised in a homophobic hate crime because we’ve made it so that we can see a person, on the ground, surrounded by people who are.. kicking his prone body, & not wonder “what’s going on in this image, who took this image, is this person okay, what happened here” but just automatically & unthinkingly treat it as something to map our own experience onto (not that that experience does not also contain suffering–but still) because we no longer see the victim in this image as a human being. & of course when you add this to the aforementioned antiblackness, willingness to spread images of violence against Black people & to see Black people as performers before people, it’s just insidiousness on top of insidiousness

It’s like math! If math was even LESS FUN than MATH!

[Description: Banner heading that says “The Chronic Curmudgeon: Chronic Thoughts”. Underneath, “OMG, it’s not a flare, I just have … (start counting symptoms on one hand, run out of fingers, count symptoms on both hands, take off shoes, count on toes, run out of toes) “Okay, so maybe it’s a flare.”]

rachelhanke  asked:

Hey Charlie! First off, I adore your art. It gives me all the feels. Secondly, since you're primarily a self taught artist I'm wondering if you have any resources you strongly recommend for someone hoping to someday have a similar job to yours in concept art? If you've already answered this question just let me know and I'll comb through your blog to find it!


I think, along with resources, I’d always recommend having a good idea of what ‘area’ you want to work in too. My job is kind of a strange one (in that it’s an house job but we’re not producing the games or films or actual products.) We are a step in the production line. I get to be part of sweet projects, but also I get to be part of many… I’m not locked into whatever a studio might be making for 2 or 3 years etc. My fingers are in a lotta pies.

The reason I say that is because a lot of people coming into concept will likely need more skills than I have. I am 95% a 2D artist. I work with 3D but very rarely, and not enough to know the inns and outs. I like 2D… and I consider illustration to be the sweetest spot of all the work I do, so I’m quite happy with that balance (and I’m an old fucking curmudgeon and I don’t wanna learn no 3D.)

If you went for a traditional role in a games studio, it will probably be more expected for you to be fluent in 3D. Not always of course! But it’s likely another good skillset to have. Purely 2D (just art focused) roles are not something that I see as often as mutiltasking roles. Which makes a lot of sense. 2D art is often mostly needed at the beginning of a project, and briefly at the end. In my seven years at Atomhawk I’ve seen a lot of people in other studios laid off, and a lot of studios go under. So, multitasking roles mean people will always have something to do.

APOLOGIES. I’M SOUNDING A LITTLE DOOM AND GLOOM. Great jobs exists! People will always make cool stuff!

I’m very much a jack of all trades and my job demands a lot of different things: characters / turn arounds / outfit designs / expression sheets / illustration / marketing art / pitch art / but it’s all primarly focused around characters. So. If characters are what you want - look into that! I would say that when it comes to apply for / getting work etc, we always love to see range. If someone isn’t showing me all the process behind their work it’s likely the first thing I’m going to ask for when it comes to an interview. I think if you have shiny work (on a freelance basis) a client would have enough confidence in the end result. But for a production role like mine, I wanna see that stuff.

Rough sketches through to shiny polished work. The whole lot. I want it all. I want to see people’s thinking! I’m rambling.

First of all: be able to draw well. Know your characters. Know your figures. Know your anatomy enough to make it convincing and be able to twist it when you need to. We get a lot of people who apply, who, quite simply (don’t hate me) are not good enough yet. We have people who work in tons of different styles and methods but at the heart of it, they can draw well.

DESIGN. Mother of god. Design. Drawing well is the first step, but you also have to have that creative flair to be able to come up with ideas and be able to sell them convincingly. Drawing the thing is only half the battle. No one wants a beautifully rendered character wearing the most impractical / boring outfit you’ve ever seen (just an example). Thinking logically about design is something I’ve seen underestimated many times over the years. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s more important than someones drawing abilities. When it comes down to it, drawing is just the tool to represent the design.

Resources wise: the internet is your oyster! Cast a wide net. Create the kind of work you want to do but also push yourself. I think the results are usually better when artists find an area they’re good in and the push the boundaries of that. Better than trying to be a jack of every single trade possible. Don’t have an awesome portfolio full of character work and then think ‘oh, wait, this is just characters, maybe I should stick a fucking car in there too?’ YOU KNOW? Do what you do - and do it well.

Briefly just a few of the things that helped me most: any massive black videos you can find. Mostly for process. Jason Chan’s videos easily had the most impact for me, both in learning how to improve my process and painting the kind of characters I wanted to. Micheal Hampton and Mike Mattesi (force) for anatomy and energy in poses. Your peers! Your favourite artists in the industry at the moment! The places and people you will learn the most from are always so very individual.

Shit that was long. Good luck!

PS. It’s also my humble opinion that you should never take all of your advice from just one person - just take the pieces that click for you :)


Curmudgeons (2016) dir. Danny DeVito

I’m nearly a year late on watching this but I still wanted to share it! Curmudgeons is an incredibly endearing comedic short film starring DeVito and the late David Margulies. Its the story of two elderly men who fall in love in a nursing home. It’s only 16 minutes and I really recommend it!!

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