the curious mermaid

The Signs as Mermaids

aries: the mermaid with fiery red hair and a tail to match. she lays out on hot rocks in the middle of the sea, basking in the sun, tanning her skin and luring sailors to crash against the stones with coy smiles and a glint in her eye. 

taurus: the mermaid with a mane of golden hair, and a tail to match, a long neck and strong shoulders. only her voice is more stunning than her beauty, and she’s often adorned with pearls and jewels of all kinds. 

gemini: the most curious of all the mermaids. she has a tail of dark green and shimmering yellow. she loves to explore the reefs, but swims out farther than she should because she wants to see what’s out there, and goes too close to the shore because she wants to see the humans. 

cancer: the mermaid with soft, smooth skin and a pale pink tail. her eyes are always expressive—sometimes they are alight with happiness, and sometimes they burn with anger. she loves all creatures, but it’s the humans that catch her eye. she can’t help falling in love with them from afar. 

leo: the mermaid with a tail of cobalt blue, her body adorned with gold jewelry, precious stones and pearls. she is the fastest swimmer, and loves to glide across the waves, letting the current pull her, laughter bubbling at her lips and a smile in her eyes. 

virgo: a more reserved mermaid, with a tail of sparkling silver. she has spiky black hair, and skin that is paler than usual, for she spends her time exploring the caves deep below rather than the beaches above. 

libra: a regal mermaid with beauty unmatched, long, luxurious hair, and a tail of magenta and red. she is sassy and charming, sometimes sultry, but also very sweet, and always kind to those in need. 

scorpio: the mermaid with a tail of deep purple and ebony, she has piercing violet eyes and hair of midnight black. she is quiet, sultry, and intuitive, and her nails and teeth are sharp, always ready for a hunt. she is the one to brave to the storms and the rocky, wild ocean while others go off and hide. 

sagittarius: an exotic mermaid, with a tail the color of sunsets and eyes that shine like one. she has travelled far and wide, collecting artifacts and jewelry from across the world. she never stays in one place too long, but she is kind to those she meets and always has wonderful stories to tell. 

capricorn: the mermaid with a tail of deep blue, high cheekbones and a jawline like a knife. there’s always a glint in her eye, like she knows something you don’t. she is regal and independent, and doesn’t worry herself with such frivolous things as humans, but rather such frivolous things as emeralds and pearls. 

aquarius: the mermaid with flowing hair and tail of teal green and aquamarine blue. her eyes are piercing, sparkling, so intense you have to look away. she swims about the reefs, splashing in the waves and basking in the sun. she is the only one who dares to go against the currents. 

pisces: the mermaid with a tail of pale purple that sparkles silver in the moonlight. she is sweet and dreamy, letting the current pull her to and fro, making friends with all the sea creatures she meets. she loves to stay up and stargaze late at night, unafraid of the dark and wild ocean that surrounds her.

The Signs as Types of Mermaids

Tropical Mermaids: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

The mermaids that live amongst the warm waters that border continents. You can find them swimming among the coral reefs. They have brightly colored tails that can be extremely decorative like the aquatic life that neighbors them. Key characteristics: Cunning, materialistic, playful.

Deep-Sea Mermaids: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

The mermaids that live in the deepest depths of the oceans and are built for survival. They do not come up to the surface often and mostly stick to traveling with their pods. Their skin can be described as pale and have dark features to blend in with the ocean. Key characteristics: Fearless, wise, secretive.

Freshwater Mermaids: Leo, Libra, Pisces

The mermaids that live among the land and camouflage to the smaller bodies of water they call home. They can blend in with humans if they are able to shapeshift. They have darker features that are often tinted with green or brown and their tails have a murky color to them. Key characteristics: Romantic, mysterious, relaxed.

Arctic Mermaids: Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius

These mermaids live in the arctic region due to their preference for colder temperatures. The may migrate during the winter months to the tropical areas. They have lighter features in comparison to other types of mermaids and have countershading for their tails. Key characteristics: Protective, shy, curious. 

mermaid klance au

- lance being the curious mermaid that wanders off all the time

- he likes to look for cool things he hasn’t seen before and collect them

- come on we all know he’s lowkey a hoarder

- one day, lance finds a locket in the middle of the sea. When you open it, you can see the stars

- lance keeping it because it looks amazing

- he always carries it around with him too

- lance being obsessed with space

- him always swimming up to the surface to look at the sky

- lance is doing is daily swim-around when he finds a human boy swimming around, he seemed to be looking for something

- the boy naturally started running out of air, so he started swimming up to the surface

- lance follows him out of curiosity

- as the boy with a mullet surfaces and gasps for air, lance can’t restrain himself and speaks to him, even though it’s very illegal

- “whatcha lookin for, pretty boy?”

- keith fucking loses his shit

- lance calms him down though

- after a fifteen minute explanation, from lance, that mermaids are in fact real and that keith is not dreaming, keith finally answers

- “I was looking for my locket, have you seen it?”

- lance perks up and holds it up for him, “this one?”

- keith nods aggressively

- lance: “the only way to get it back is if you tell me the name that belongs to the cutest person ever, which is you of course.”

- keith flushes so hard, “k-keith”

- lance grins and hands him the locket, “it’s beautiful” he says before swimming away slightly

- keith looks after him

- lance: “nice to meet cha pretty boy!”

[to be continued]

My favorite YouTube couple as my favorite Disney couple 💚

I thought Ariel and Eric suited them very nicely for some reason..@wiishu being the curious mermaid admiring a world different from her own and @therealjacksepticeye being the prince in search of love (the little hopeless romantic bean that he is)’s just too cute 😊

I’m in love with this and I can’t wait to draw more couples ❤

Are All Humans [a future!Barry Allen imagine]


Star Labs…you made it! The buildings kinda…out of order…but you know what they say! It’s better on the inside. At least, you think it’s what they say…eh. You trudge up the steps, groaning when you feel your leg start to give. No, not now! You can’t change now! There’s no water…

Leaning on the wall for support, you head deeper inside. This building sure is messy. Maybe that’s how humans live? “Hello?! Anyone?! Please!” you call out. If you were in any other situation, you’d test the echo in here more. But you’re cold, wet and naked. You need warmth or you’ll change.

With a blister of wind, a tall man appears in front of you. You look at him, totally amazed at the way his emerald eyes sparkle under his dark bangs. They could be the color of shells on the ocean floor. “Who are you and why are you here?” he growls, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping it around you.

Oh thank goodness! Shivering, you hold the jacket close to your breasts, fluttering your eyelashes at him. Are all humans this handsome? “I’m Y/N, I need…” you trail off, feeling both of your legs tingle. Oh not- before you know it, your two very human legs form a tail; pink, purple, orange and blue scales scattered on your bottom.

The man’s eyes widen and he catches you before you fall. His long auburn locks flutter around his thin face, barely touching the scruff above his lip; holding you to his chest. “Okay then…” he huffs out in a slightly annoyed voice, peering around. Panting, you feel his hands grip your biceps, dragging you down the curved hallway. “Just what you needed today, Barry. A mermaid…” he grunts to himself.

When Barry stops, opening a dusty door to what looks like a bathroom, your sunset colored tail flops against the floor. You gaze up at him in a daze, seeing him grit his teeth together. “There’s a sign in front for a reason….” he grumbles under his breath, gripping your arms tighter as he heads to the bathtub. It has stuff inside.

“Ow.” you whimper quietly, head tilting back limply. “Don’t gotta be so rough…” you mumble, trying to look at him.

The man disappears and so does everything in the bathtub. Wow! Can all humans do that? His black t-shirt rides up his stomach, showing a patch of pale skin, when he scoops you in his arms, placing your bottom on the silver edge. “Okay, tail first, then…” he calculates, frowning and picking up your tail.

You watch him huff as he moves your tail into the tub. “Are all humans this grumpy?” you ask innocently.

Barry flicks his hair out of his eyes, resting his exposed forearms on the edge as the tub fills with water. “I’m not grumpy.” he defends in a rough voice.

“Oh.” you blink, flopping your tail while you push your upper body in the tub. Ah, much better… “So all humans talk to themselves then?” you tilt your head.

The speedster sucks in a deep breath; dark jeans scrunching when he shifts on his knees. “No.” he bites, turning his head to gaze at you. “Are all mermaids this curious?” he questions in a mocking way.

“Yes.” you grin, moving your face closer to his excitedly. “Are you the only human? Are there more?”

A scoff escapes him and he backs up a little. “There’s more than me, don’t worry.” Barry mutters in a hoarse tone. You furrow your eyebrows. “Look… you can’t stay here, okay?” he says softly, curling his fingers around the edge. “I live alone, I like being alone, so it’s not happening.” he ducks his chin, hair in his eyes again.

Frowning, you cock your head to the side and brush some of his hair behind his ear. “You’re sad…” you whisper, batting your eyelashes. “Maybe I can help you-”

“You can’t.” he cuts you off, grunting as he stands to his feet.

Oh, he is so grumpy. You peek up at the tall speedster, pouting slightly. “I can’t go back home.” you admit in a soft breath.

Barry raises one of his bushy eyebrows, crossing his arms over his black t-shirt. Hmm…he certainly has muscles… “Why not?” he coughs, plump lips set firmly in a thin line.  

Sighing, you watch your tail flop around, slowly beginning to split into your two legs. “I am cursed.” you say nonchalantly, adding in a shrug for good measure. “I can go a day with my legs, then they become a tail again until I’m in water. I can’t be in water forever either, because after awhile, I get legs. It’s really inconvenient.” you explain, scrunching your nose.

Barry cradles his face in his hands. “Alright. You can stay.” he mutters, rubbing his scruff; you grin widely. “But I’m not staying.” he adds quietly, turning to walk into the cortex.

“Would you please?” you call out, breasts pressed to the side of the tub. Huh, you made him stop. “It’d make me happy.” you smile shyly.

His shoulders tense and he slowly spins around, hair in his eyes. Yay! He’s walking back to you. “Tell me something.” you hum, folding your arms on the edge of the tub, knees becoming exposed. “Tell me about you!” you beam, climbing onto your knees.

Barry scoffs, bending down. “There’s not much to tell.” he lies, nibbling on his bottom lip. “God, I’m having a conversation with a half naked woman!” he mutters under his breath, holding his forehead, dirty locks swaying. “What has my life come to…”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you’re about to speak before you notice your legs. You have legs again! “My tail’s gone!” you grin, standing up on wobbly legs.

Before the speedster can respond, you lose your balance and tumble forward, latching onto his thin torso. Shocked, Barry holds just below your boobs, blushing like mad behind his hair. “Yeah…I’ve noticed.” he grunts, steadying you. Letting a breath out, he squints at you.

Crap. There’s that tingling again. Before you blink, the sunset themed tail is back, making you sigh. You flutter your eyelashes up at the tall man. “My tail’s back.” you cringe, hearing him gasp a little, trying to get a good hold of you.

Gritting his teeth, Barry spins around, positioning your arms around his neck. “Come on.” he all but growls, taking a step forward.

Your tail flops out of the bathtub when he moves, dragging behind you. “Where are we going?” you ask innocently, pouting slightly.

Barry pants, hunching over so your front is pressed against his back; collar of his black t-shirt hanging. “To…the pool…” he growls, taking another step, “In the basement…”

You furrow your eyebrows. “Why?”

A huff escapes him and he blows some hair out of his eyes. “So I can run some tests…” he bites, “Stop asking questions.”

“Sorry.” you cringe, pausing for a second as he walks. “Are you sure you’re not grumpy? You sound grumpy.” you frown, resting your head on the back of his neck.

Barry sighs aggressively. “I am not grumpy.”

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For the AU thing- the world NEEDS more merman!Victor and Pirate!Yuuri. Yuuri saves Victor from a roadside freakshow (circus?)

As soon as Yuuri locked eyes with him, he knew he couldn’t leave without him.

He sneaked away from his crew that evening to avoid drinking too much at the bar before setting out the sea the next morning. He heard there was some kind of circus nearby so he decided to go check it out. He only told his right hand mate Phichit where he was going, in case the captain hadn’t returned by dawn.

The banner flapping outside the tent in the wind depicted a painted image of a beautiful mermaid that looked like it had the eyes of an angel. Yuuri was always curious about mermaids since he first started sailing the seas from Hasetsu ocean, but he had never encountered one. These days mermaids were written as myths, but still Yuuri sailed on board his ship hoping one day he would meet one.

And he did. But not in the way that he had expected.

He saw enclosed in a tank just a bit larger than the creature itself a lonely merman with flowing long silver hair. It was floating towards the bottom of the tank, uninterested in the audience surrounding him, shouting at him to do something, poking and pounding on the glass that made the merman shrink back and wince in fear. His caretaker, some grumpy old man in an old hat, only cared enough to make sure no one climbed in the tank or that nothing was thrown in to pollute the water.

Yuuri hated the sight. The beautiful creature didn’t deserve this.

So he waited till after the show, till the merman was left alone in the back area of the tank. Yuuri sneaked past the guards by bribing them with a bottle of rum, pleading to just get a glimpse of the merman as a dream since he was a child. It wasn’t a lie, but he had to be convincing and innocent on outer appearance.

As soon as they met eyes again, Yuuri held up a finger to not make a sound. The merman stared back at him with wide eyes, curiously drawn to Yuuri’s appearance since he did not seem like a normal spectator.

Instead Yuuri leaned as close to the glass as he could so that the merman could hear him above a whisper.

“Do you want to escape?”

The merman blinked for a moment. Yuuri wasn’t sure if he understood English, but suddenly the merman nodded. He swam swiftly up to the top of the tank where Yuuri met him halfway and pulled him out.

They ran. Or well, Yuuri ran, while the merman was carried in his arms.

It was almost dawn, but before Phichit could worry about where their captain had run off to, the crew spotted him carrying a beautiful merman in his arms.

“I want to set him free in the ocean. But we can’t do it here, people will see and search for him once they know I’ve taken them,” Yuuri quickly explained before anyone could get a word out. Prepare the water in my bath. We’re sailing back to Hasetsu Ocean.”

The crew scrambled on his orders, Phichit only giving Yuuri a coy smile before being pushed by the captain’s boot to go prepare the bath.

Yuuri carefully set the merman inside the tub, Phichit giving them alone time and orders to set sail before the sun was up. Yuuri sighed as he sat on a stool, watching the merman carefully.

“Sorry, it’s smaller than your tank, but it’s the only thing big enough to hold a…person and water at the same time,” Yuuri explained.

He nearly jumped and fell off his stool when the merman finally spoke.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” he spoke in a melodic voice. Almost like a siren, but not as tempting to drown yourself.

“Y-You can understand me?” Yuuri stammered.

“I’ve picked up the language from traveling so much on land, well being transported I mean,” the merman noted. “You don’t know how much it means to me to finally be free from that freakshow.”

“Well I couldn’t bear to leave you there. Mermaids and mermen don’t belong in tanks,” Yuuri frowned.

“So are you a sailor?” The merman looks curiously around the ship’s bathing room.

“Pirate, actually, but I’m more interested in sailing rather than treasure,” Yuuri tells him. “I’m the captain of this ship.”

“And does a captain have a name?” 

“Yuuri, the U is pronounced longer since I’m Japanese,” Yuuri pronounced.

“Japan? How wonderful, Japan sounds lovely. I was originally from a coast off of Spain, but my name has more of a Russian sound to it. I’m Viktor.”

“Viktor, well it’s nice to meet you. Ah sorry we can’t chart a course to Spain, it would take too many days so we’re heading back to Japan.”

“That’s alright, I’d much prefer to start a new life, and no doubt once they find I’m missing they’ll suspect I’ve headed back to my former home.”

They shared stories and eventually Viktor was carried to the captain’s quarters where he met the crew. Yuuri made them swear secrecy about this or he’d have a private word with them, which was rarely ever good.

Once they made it to Hasetsu Ocean at their private cove,  Yuuri carried Viktor to the waters.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye,” Yuuri smiled at his merman companion who he’d gotten to know pretty well during their journey home. He did his best to hold back the salty tears in his eyes.

Viktor seemed reluctant to go.

“Can’t I stay with you? You said your family runs an inn and a huge bath!” Viktor almost pleaded in his voice, holding onto Yuuri’s hand.

“I don’t think a hot springs is a place for a merman. Besides, you can be free now, live a new life,” Yuuri urged, but not wanting to let go either

Viktor suddenly pulled him down into the water, the pirate letting out a yelp as water splashed his clothes and he was pulled close against Viktor.

Viktor pressed a kiss to his lips.

“You’re the greatest hidden treasure I have found Yuuri,” Viktor confessed once they broke apart for air.

“Stop being sappy,” Yuuri choked, a mix of tears and salt water dripping down his face. “You’re mine too. I’m sure we’ll see each other again, someday.”

Yuuri watched as Viktor splashed his magnificent tail in his face and disappeared into the ocean horizon, taking a piece of his heart with him.

Ten years later…

Yuuri settled in retiring from sailing and as a pirate. His crew dispersed around the world moving onto other occupations and new lives. He never saw Viktor again since that day, but it didn’t stop him for heading down to the beach every morning, listening to the gulls and the waves.

There was an article in the newspaper dated a week after Yuuri released Viktor into the ocean, about the freakshow losing their main attraction that had mysteriously gone missing. No one had ever found out who helped him escape and the guards that were on duty were too drunk from rum to remember. They would’ve sent out a search party, but oddly enough their ships had been left in a state not well enough to sail. Yuuri’s crew might’ve had a hand to it, but no one caught any proof. The freakshow was cancelled for good, so Yuuri was at ease for Viktor’s safety.

Yuuri didn’t marry or start a family yet. His family worried about his loneliness, but Yuuri was content with having part of his heart and his love taken into the sea.

One fateful morning Yuuri walked down to the ocean again as usual. He still didn’t expect to see Viktor again, but as he let his poodle Vicchan (whom he named after a certain merman) run around the sand, Yuuri stopped.

Standing naked before him on the beach, with eyes of an angel, short platinum hair that still flowed in the breeze as if it was underwater, holding a piece of Yuuri’s heart with a smile on his face was a man without a fin.

“V-Viktor?” Yuuri thought he was dreaming.

The man beamed at him and held his arms open wide.


Turn loose the mermaids(Part 1)

So this fic is inspired by @taulun‘s awesome AU. I hope you like it!

Also, this will totally have a sequel, I’m not letting it up in the air like this. 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4| Etc

Alya often described Marinette as ‘the most curious mermaid that ever swam in the Seven Seas’. Marinette had her own opinions about it, the main one being the fact that curious wasn’t such a bad thing to be, there were certainly worse qualities. But try telling that to Alya. Or Tikki, for the matter.

But if you would have lived almost 160 years old without seeing a human ever, you would have been wondering about it just as much. And while swimming so close to the surface during daylight wasn’t the most cautious move, the curiosity simply ate her alive. She didn’t want to see a human for the first time when she will have to kill him.

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The Five Compatibility

In the book I’m writing students at the school have ‘Mythical animal compatibles.’ This means that they are separated by personalities. It usually depends on the creature they are matched with but students at the school can also use their compatibility+magic wands to summon this specific creature to help them in times of need. The school has this system to easier understand the student. Here are the five types of creatures.

The Phoenix- A student matched with a phoenix wears the color red. People that are compatible with a phoenix have brash, chivalrous, and fierce personalities. They are not one that someone wants to be competed against because of their determination and strength. They also have quite the humorous side and love to make sarcastic jokes. Despite the fact that they are quite brave most people matched with a phoenix don’t really like to take most things seriously. People matched with a phoenix like to judge someone’s trustworthiness when meeting them.

A person matched with a phoenix loves the summer weather. A phoenix likes hearing the haunting medley of a piano in the evening while curled up in front of a fire on a warm sofa, snacking on their favorite food. They love the warmth of friendship as their group stays up all night having a blast. A phoenix’s courage will always beat out the fear they have deep in their heart.

The Dragon- Students that match with dragons wear green uniforms. A person that is matched with a dragon is of the strong type. But by strong this means strength of the mind. A dragon-type has strong knowledge of people. They are quick to judge and great at hiding behind masks of emotion. They always think about something before they carry it out. Most of these people seem to be self-reliant, but others have a strong circle of friends that are always there whenever something goes wrong. Most people with dragon-type personalities have disregard for rules and a tendency not to listen to authority. Most people that aren’t compatible with a dragon find them very hard to understand and see them as sneaky and greedy. But a dragon certainly isn’t greedy, just very protective of those close to them.

A person matched with a dragon loves the wispy autumn weather and the freezing winter weather. They enjoy the sensation of being warm in a blanket with a book while thunder and rain roars on outside. They are the photography of ancient buildings and fog that surrounds a neighborhood in the morning. Dragon-types embrace in the feeling of being in a dark room that lights up with the long strike of lightning across the sky while a storm rages on outside.

The Unicorn- Students matched with unicorns wear the color blue. People that are compatible with a unicorn have a calm personality; but if they are fueled with the anger of ignorance or injustice they release. A unicorn values large groups of friends and acceptance within everyone. They are unique and witty. While most people seem to mistake people matched with unicorns as dreamy and giggles, wishes, and smiles; unicorns are more likely to be angered by bigotry. They are protective over their family but easy to befriend. You just have to be the right type of person that a unicorn type enjoys. They already have plans for the future and wishes for their family. Most people are surprised at a unicorn’s strength and willingness to do what is right.

Unicorns enjoy the feeling of laying on a patch of grass in the night, watching the stars. They are the type to fight for those weaker than oneself. They are the gorgeous and mysterious photo of a galaxy. The type to stay eternal and lively when it comes to making a point. Unicorns enjoy the night springtime weather and the rain that comes along with it. Unicorns like to watch the rushing of a blue river.

The Fairy- Students matched with fairies wear yellow. A person matched with a fairy is a strong-willed person that doesn’t let the world’s ways make them soft. They are friendly to everyone, but if someone does something that ‘is not worthy of greatness’ then the fairy will shun that person until they make up for the bad thing they have done. Fairies have a huge circle of friends that all love each other. They are usually open-minded and accepting and very hard workers, but only with stuff they need. A person matched with a fairy is excellent at organizing things, cleaning things, and planning. If a fairy has a plan than their determination and strength will see them through to the end of that plan. They enjoy their friends and being around most other people. A fairy is not a drain to suck up criticisms. A fairy-type has the eagerness to bucket the criticism and throw it out, no matter how hurtful it may be.

Someone matched with a fairy enjoys the summer weather. They love the warmth of the sun shining down onto a warm patch of sunflowers whilst they drink a cup of tea and read a book. They love to travel and explore new places and shop in new stores along the way. Fairies are the creation of flower crowns and the sketching of a furry animal. They are the type to bake cookies while their pet lays on a sofa whilst the sun shines outside, through their open door.

The Mermaid- A mermaid student wears the color purple. A person matched with a mermaid is independent and very creative. They love to write, do art, make music, design things, garden, and anything that has to do with creating! They have calm and easy-to-understand personalities. Most mermaids hate silence to be interrupted, depending on the circumstance. they are usually clever and observant. Mermaids hate to be judged on trivial things and more like to be judged on personality. Most will notice if they have a personality that needs to be worked on, but others who don’t; they don’t seem to care. They are spirited and adventurous. They desire freedom and peace, which is why most tend to ignore arguments. Some mermaids can be vain and secretive, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Most have a reason to hide something, if they are. They value honesty but tend to ignore criticisms.

A person matched with a mermaid wears the color purple. They enjoy running their hands through a freezing cold river. These types are the people that stay extra time in the pool just to relax and feel the water. They enjoy going places such as shopping in the mall, eating in diners and food courts, and decorating themselves in beautiful decorations. They savor adventures; whether it be traveling in an airplane high up in the sky or just drawing a picture and imagining a whole ‘nother world. A mermaid is curious and not judgmental of the world and the people in it. They are the type to go beyond their original measures to make it even better. Then enjoy putting their hands out of a window and feeling the rain drops on their hands, only to run down their fingertips.

I, myself, am matched with a dragon. Here are the three main characters compatibility; Liam and Leo are matched with the phoenix. Whilst Melanie, the heroine, is matched with a unicorn. Reblog this with what you think is your compatibility in the tags! Or if you’re  not sure you can message me your personality and hobbies and I’ll match you! :)

SF9 as mermaids.

A/N: I know i’m late and i’m sorry. Also it’s rare to find male mermaids gifs so you’d have to cop with the female idea of them. Hope you like it :D

Youngbin: The class nerd type of mermaid, he knows the names of all the species of the reef and collects healing plants. He adores making air bubbles and watching them go up, is concerned about toxic spills and very scared of fish hooks. I think he would have a not very flashy tail in color but that would be still pretty.

Jaeyoon and Inseong: yes, together. In my opinion they would be a pack because they would like to do pretty much the same. They spend time lying in the surface’s rocks at sunny days and then start splashing water to wet each other. They also like to go inside old ships for a romantic date. Inseong would be the type to wear a sea start  in his hair since Jaeyoon once throw one at him and he liked how it looked like, so he just wears it everyday from then. Shimmery tail like silver color or silver blue. 

Dawon: Super friendly mermaid that spends his freetime feeding fishes and other animals. He carries a little bag with  food so when he swims every fish of the reef chase after him. He is not scared of the divers either so he aproach to everything that makes him curious.

Rowoon: A fancy looking mermaid that you could find sitting on rocks or collecting shells to decorate his room. He likes to give names to the anemones but he keeps it secret.

Juho: Half shark half a human. Althought you may think he bites he rarely does tho, he just like to swim around. It’s like this baby sharks that swim between people’s legs and it’s very soft to the touch. He is totally disgusted by seaweed touch and never goes close to them. Lowkey wants to teack kids how to swim he taught Chani

Taeyang: The curious type of mermaid that likes to be with his head out of the watter, stalking human princesses/ princes and maybe ending making a deal with an octopus, if you know what story i’m telling you. THIS IS THE ONE MERMAID THAT MAKES SHIPS SINK ONLY BY SINGING LOL. 

Hwiyoung: He is all the oposite from Dawon. He is also friendly but it would be super hard to make him trust a human. His favorite hobby is lay down in the san at the bottom of the sea and watch how the sun reflects trough the water.  I’m sure that his tail would match his hair color (so now you have a white siren)

Chani: I think he would be a 50/50. There would be times when he is quiet and still, probably letting Youngbin swim while he is carried by the oldest but there would be other times where he can’t stop swiming and spinning around the watter and playing with stingrays. More than once he would have a burn from a stingray’s tail or a jellyfish. He would be half of a clownfish and Hwiyoung would call him Nemo don’t tell me otherwhise, this would totally happen

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imagine a mermaid au where shiro tries to court keith by giving him pretty necklaces or bracelets made of pearls and stuff but in the end, what wins keith over is a really pretty looking dagger. sure its only really meant for decoration but heck if it doesn't make keith's heart race

honestly going by Keith’s mom giving the bom blade to his dad, nothing says “I love you” like a magical, ornate ceremonial knife. It’s hereditary lmao 

That’s so neat though!! I wonder if Shiro found it in a sunken pirate ship or something, or if it was somehow forged by other mer in the ocean? I’m sure Keith would treasure it though, unsheathing it in shallow waters under patches of warm sunlight, watching the way light filters in and refracts off the blade amidst the shimmering tide 

FT Fairy Tale AUs + Luvia

Luvia + The Little Mermaid

  • Juvia is… Very curious about humans for a mermaid. Very curious. 
  • Juvia’s hard-shelled crab Gajeel be like “this bitch i s2g she gon get me killed”
  • Juvia saves a cute princess fom drowning
    • Juvia: *on top of Lucy, noticebly topless* Are you okay?
    • Lucy: *looking down* Dan Nicky your Bobbies
    • Juvia: What?
    • Lucy: Shit. Nothin
  • Juvia returns to the ocean like “She cute and I wanna be human”
  • Gajeel: don’t do the thing
  • Juvia: does the thing
  • Lucy def notices when a new pretty lady shows up but she looks familiar and Lucy can’t figure out why
    • Gray: Is it the blue hair, maybe?
    • Lucy:
    • Lucy: Naw can’t be that
  • Don’t worry this is a happy ending version so they make out eventually
  • Lucy massages Juvia’s feet whenever they hurt and they’re sickeningly cute together

Pondering a meihem Alternate Universe short story just as a kind of writing exercise (Sorry, FE, it’s not going to be mermaids.)

Just curious, do a lot of you folks read AU stuff? How do you feel about AUs?

asexualzoro  asked:

for that "send me a ship and i'll..." post. how abt frobin?


Werewolf and hunter: Robin’s the werewolf. Franky and her got into a scuffle when he came after her during a transformation. Luckily he wasn’t bitten, but they scratched each other up pretty badly. He ended up taking pity on her at the last second and even nursed her wounds (though she refused to speak to him for awhile). 

Mermaid and fisherman: Robin’s the mermaid. Curious about the human world, she spied on Franky from afar for a long time, and finally met him by grabbing onto his fishing line when he went out to sea one day. He rowed away at first, leaving her bitter, but came back the next day with food, and they struck up a conversation. 

Witch and familiar: Robin’s the witch. Franky is a friend whose body was destroyed in an accident, but she attached his soul to a metal golem a la FMA. They’ve shaped his body since then to look more like his old one, and he helps her with spells whenever he can. 

Barista and coffee addict: Franky’s the barista. He started noticing Robin coming in every day, and soon began writing cute messages and pictures on the cardboard holders for her cups. He didn’t think she’d noticed, but when he asked her out on one of them, she said, “Sunday, the park, noon” and left the shop. 

Professor and TA: Robin’s the professor. The students love them as a duo—Robin’s always patient with teaching and Franky doodles next to their grades. Several people have made references to their home life, leading Robin and Franky to assure them they’re not married and they’re not even dating, what made them think that? 

Knight and prince(ss): Franky’s the knight, but he’s never needed to protect Robin from anything. She often invites him on strolls around the castle, and they talk about her garden, and his workshop, and agree to visit each other in the mornings and evenings to see the flowers and mechanics respectively. 

Teacher and single parent: Robin’s the single parent. She and Franky started really talking during a parent-teacher meeting, where she was so unnecessarily stressed that something bad about Chopper would come up that she started crying. Once Franky reassured her that Chopper was the best in the class (and nervously broke the news that he was often teased by the other kids), he offered to come by and teach Chopper some fighting moves to help him beat up bullies. She agreed, to his surprise, and it was soon a regular occurrence for him to come to dinner. 

Writer and editor: Robin’s the writer. Franky’s only complaints about her works are that they need more action and robots. When she finally wrote a book about ten-foot robots defeating federal corruption and evil aliens, he was so moved he broke down and cried.