the curious mermaid

The Signs as Types of Mermaids

Tropical Mermaids: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

The mermaids that live amongst the warm waters that border continents. You can find them swimming among the coral reefs. They have brightly colored tails that can be extremely decorative like the aquatic life that neighbors them. Key characteristics: Cunning, materialistic, playful.

Deep-Sea Mermaids: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

The mermaids that live in the deepest depths of the oceans and are built for survival. They do not come up to the surface often and mostly stick to traveling with their pods. Their skin can be described as pale and have dark features to blend in with the ocean. Key characteristics: Fearless, wise, secretive.

Freshwater Mermaids: Leo, Libra, Pisces

The mermaids that live among the land and camouflage to the smaller bodies of water they call home. They can blend in with humans if they are able to shapeshift. They have darker features that are often tinted with green or brown and their tails have a murky color to them. Key characteristics: Romantic, mysterious, relaxed.

Arctic Mermaids: Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius

These mermaids live in the arctic region due to their preference for colder temperatures. The may migrate during the winter months to the tropical areas. They have lighter features in comparison to other types of mermaids and have countershading for their tails. Key characteristics: Protective, shy, curious. 

My favorite YouTube couple as my favorite Disney couple 💚

I thought Ariel and Eric suited them very nicely for some reason..@wiishu being the curious mermaid admiring a world different from her own and @therealjacksepticeye being the prince in search of love (the little hopeless romantic bean that he is)’s just too cute 😊

I’m in love with this and I can’t wait to draw more couples ❤

SF9 as mermaids.

A/N: I know i’m late and i’m sorry. Also it’s rare to find male mermaids gifs so you’d have to cop with the female idea of them. Hope you like it :D

Youngbin: The class nerd type of mermaid, he knows the names of all the species of the reef and collects healing plants. He adores making air bubbles and watching them go up, is concerned about toxic spills and very scared of fish hooks. I think he would have a not very flashy tail in color but that would be still pretty.

Jaeyoon and Inseong: yes, together. In my opinion they would be a pack because they would like to do pretty much the same. They spend time lying in the surface’s rocks at sunny days and then start splashing water to wet each other. They also like to go inside old ships for a romantic date. Inseong would be the type to wear a sea start  in his hair since Jaeyoon once throw one at him and he liked how it looked like, so he just wears it everyday from then. Shimmery tail like silver color or silver blue. 

Dawon: Super friendly mermaid that spends his freetime feeding fishes and other animals. He carries a little bag with  food so when he swims every fish of the reef chase after him. He is not scared of the divers either so he aproach to everything that makes him curious.

Rowoon: A fancy looking mermaid that you could find sitting on rocks or collecting shells to decorate his room. He likes to give names to the anemones but he keeps it secret.

Juho: Half shark half a human. Althought you may think he bites he rarely does tho, he just like to swim around. It’s like this baby sharks that swim between people’s legs and it’s very soft to the touch. He is totally disgusted by seaweed touch and never goes close to them. Lowkey wants to teack kids how to swim he taught Chani

Taeyang: The curious type of mermaid that likes to be with his head out of the watter, stalking human princesses/ princes and maybe ending making a deal with an octopus, if you know what story i’m telling you. THIS IS THE ONE MERMAID THAT MAKES SHIPS SINK ONLY BY SINGING LOL. 

Hwiyoung: He is all the oposite from Dawon. He is also friendly but it would be super hard to make him trust a human. His favorite hobby is lay down in the san at the bottom of the sea and watch how the sun reflects trough the water.  I’m sure that his tail would match his hair color (so now you have a white siren)

Chani: I think he would be a 50/50. There would be times when he is quiet and still, probably letting Youngbin swim while he is carried by the oldest but there would be other times where he can’t stop swiming and spinning around the watter and playing with stingrays. More than once he would have a burn from a stingray’s tail or a jellyfish. He would be half of a clownfish and Hwiyoung would call him Nemo don’t tell me otherwhise, this would totally happen

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 1)

So this fic is inspired by @taulun‘s awesome AU. I hope you like it!

Also, this will totally have a sequel, I’m not letting it up in the air like this. 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4| Etc

Alya often described Marinette as ‘the most curious mermaid that ever swam in the Seven Seas’. Marinette had her own opinions about it, the main one being the fact that curious wasn’t such a bad thing to be, there were certainly worse qualities. But try telling that to Alya. Or Tikki, for the matter.

But if you would have lived almost 160 years old without seeing a human ever, you would have been wondering about it just as much. And while swimming so close to the surface during daylight wasn’t the most cautious move, the curiosity simply ate her alive. She didn’t want to see a human for the first time when she will have to kill him.

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FT Fairy Tale AUs + Luvia

Luvia + The Little Mermaid

  • Juvia is… Very curious about humans for a mermaid. Very curious. 
  • Juvia’s hard-shelled crab Gajeel be like “this bitch i s2g she gon get me killed”
  • Juvia saves a cute princess fom drowning
    • Juvia: *on top of Lucy, noticebly topless* Are you okay?
    • Lucy: *looking down* Dan Nicky your Bobbies
    • Juvia: What?
    • Lucy: Shit. Nothin
  • Juvia returns to the ocean like “She cute and I wanna be human”
  • Gajeel: don’t do the thing
  • Juvia: does the thing
  • Lucy def notices when a new pretty lady shows up but she looks familiar and Lucy can’t figure out why
    • Gray: Is it the blue hair, maybe?
    • Lucy:
    • Lucy: Naw can’t be that
  • Don’t worry this is a happy ending version so they make out eventually
  • Lucy massages Juvia’s feet whenever they hurt and they’re sickeningly cute together

Aesthetic boards for my two new OCs and wishlist dolls, Arista and Rhys.
Arista is a curious, shy, sweet mermaid who ends up getting trapped in the bay where Rhys works. Rhys is a sensitive artist and fisherman and he lives by the sea.
Arista will be an Iplehouse FID Bianca in NS with a faceup by me, I plan to make her a mermaid tail from latex, and she’ll get a custom wig.
Rhys will be an Iplehouse FID Rex in RS with a faceup by me. @roqdoll is making his clothes because its what she gets for dragging me into this size and new level of doll hell.

I was just watching song clips from the little mermaid (like I always do) when I thought why not a saramila little mermaid au? With Sara as the curious mermaid, Mila as the brave and adventurous princess and Michele starring as his overprotective self aka the king.


And now it is time for our lovely leader, my lowkey spirit animal, an amazing human bean who is so fucking cute like he’s a tol green bean but he’s also so precious like his laugh is so cute and his smile is like a ray of sunshine I love it so much, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Visuals are first as always bc gotta paint that picture
  • Ight my favorite hair on joon to this very day is the purple hair he had for 2.5 seconds and it was like a mix of the purple and white.gray (in some pics it looks white and in others it look gray
  • That was such a good look and I need so many more pictures of it I need videos I need a mv with it I need an entire comeback for that hair bc it is still my favorite and that’s saying something bc joon has had some nice ass looks like 10/10
  • Like blonde!joon that is some good shi T and the pink look and the black and the silver and just all the things are so nice
  • Side note wet hair joon fuck me u p and his collarbones would be doing the thing just take a minute to think about that shoulders for days
  • His tail would be s o pretty
  • It would be blue but it’s a bunch of different shades of blue so it’s not just one solid color, it’s dark blue then light blue then a medium blue and they just all mix together and it’s such a pretty pattern
  • He’s also got some hints of white and silver throughout it and when he swims during the day, sometimes those lil scales of silver will catch the light just right and it’s so pretty to see
  • Similar to Yoongi, Namjoon can turn his tail into legs on command but can’t go without water for too long so he’s forever got a cup or a bottle sometimes a gigantic ass jug of water with him
  • Bc he is part fish and a lot of fish need water, including mermaids it’s just that bc they’re also half human, they can go longer without water
  • Okay so this one day, a human either tosses the ring or ends up accidentally dropping one of their rings into the water and joon finds it and is just really curious 
  • Bc mermaids don’t really do rings bc webbed fingers so he’s got no clue what it is it’s just a simple silver ring but there’s an engraving on it so maybe it has a deeper meaning
  • He puts the ring onto a necklace and carries it around for a couple of days but it keeps bothering him that there’s writing on it and he doesn’t know what it means
  • He had never really been able to understand the human written language but he was slowly starting to pick up on it by listening to the humans read their books to him and point out what each word was. One of his human friends, Jin, would spend hours and hours sitting on one of the large rocks and just read book after book to Namjoon
  • One day, Jin decides to bring you along
  • You’re not sure what to expect bc all Jin will tell you is that Namjoon isn’t human but he won’t tell you what that means exactly
  • You’re more fascinated than shocked by the fact that when you get there, you see a boy with a long tail swimming around the rock Jin is waiting at
  • You do have to admit that he’s actually reall Y fucking handsome so you’re thanking Jin in your head bc literally everyone knows it’s a set up to get you two to meet and maybe date
  • Namjoon is really flirty but in a cute way like it’s all friendly hey stop me if you don’t feel the same way type of shit but both of you are feeling that I wanna get to know you better thing and you really love seeing joon swim around so gracefully
  • But then he turns his tail into legs and it’s like seeing a bby giraffe try to walk for the first time bc it’s just all long legs and stumbling around and he has no idea how to work the new limbs at all bc he’s never really used them much
  • He’s gone onto the beach with them a few times but he normally just sits in the sand and tries to make friends with the humans but that’s about it
  • Both of you are giggling too much to even notice that Jin’s left the books on the rock and walked off to the ice cream shop with Jungkook to give you two a minute alone
  • You help get Namjoon used to his new legs but you can tell he won’t be as graceful on land as he is in water and that’s actually really fucking cute bc he’s like a lil bby taking their first steps except he’s a tall man with broad shoulders and a cute lil tummy that looks like it’d be a great pillow or even just a good spot to give kisses to bc it would make him giggle and giggly!joon now THAT is some good shit 
  • As he’s walking around the beach, trying to get used to the new way of moving around, you notice your ring around his neck and just get really happy bc you’d thought you’d lost it a few days ago
  • “Se E I told Tae it’d be important!!! What does the writing mean??” 
  • The two of you start talking about everything and anything, you tell him about the ring and its meaning, he tells you how he found it, you tell about the human world and he tells you about his world deep in the ocean and how he’s trying his best to learn the human written language bc he can speak it fluently it’s just the writing thing
  • “I’m pretty sure that Jin’s not coming back so why don’t you and I read the books together instead??”
  • “I would love that so very much”

anonymous asked:

I really like Ariel Charl his dress is pretty (he is so pretty omg) but it got me thinking. What do you think of Ariel Charles in a wheelchair?

Thank you!!! And noo, don’t worry about it! Perfectly good question.

I think it’s totally canon; Erik would make him a wheelchair for when Charles isn’t human (maybe he can only be human for a certain length of time before reverting?) 

“Push me there push me there Erik!” 

charl is an exCITED little mermaid curious about the human world

(of course he’d have a blanket to hide his tail, but I couldn’t resist animating this image :3c)

regolithheart  asked:

Because I still can't get over @suchastart's Cresswell Mermaid AU drabble, what are your thoughts on a Cresswell Mermaid AU?

Oh, man…that drabble made my life, too. As we talked about in chat, there are just so many ways that Cresswell is PERFECT for a mermaid AU and there are a lot of places a story could go.

  • Cress as the mermaid who admires the world above from afar lines up beautifully with canon Cress, who keeps watch on Earth from above.
  • Imagine Cress’s beautiful operatic voice echoing out over the waves, luring sailors to their watery death. Or, if we go with a more Disneyfied angle, enchanting all who hear it with its beauty.
  • At least until a certain water witch by the name of Sybil steals it away in exchange for giving Cress a pair of legs and a Little Mermaid!plot ensues.
  • OR there’s the possibility we discussed of pirate!Thorne put ashore on a lonely island after his crew mutinied against him and left him with no one but curious mermaid!Cress for company. 
  • Initially, Thorne is all about trying to find a way off the island so he can get back to civilization, but as time goes on, he gets more and more attached to the girl in the lagoon. And that only makes the choice harder when he’s found by a passing ship and must decide whether to go home…or whether to stay with Cress.
  • OR what if the roles were reversed? What about merman!Thorne?
  • Think about the Cress’s father’s fishing boat being caught in a horrible storm and Cress being swept overboard, where she is rescued by a particularly “helpful” merman who may or may not have been the same one that’s been stealing his dinner from their nets for the past month.
    • Sidenote: Imagine both parties getting tangled up in Cress’s cloud of long, blonde hair since that’s just what wet hair does.
    • “Aces,” Thorne says around a faceful of golden hair as Cress clings to him to stay afloat, “Is that all hair?”

…now I really want to read a Cresswell Mermaid AU. This is all your fault, Reg!

“Bad Wolf Bay” - Digital Oil Painting

I can’t properly express how happy I am at how this turned out, you guys. It was so much work, but so worth it. Here’s Rose, a curious mermaid who lives at the bottom of Bad Wolf Bay. She’s seen divers before, but never one who had a pinstriped wetsuit! Perhaps she needs a closer look?

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.

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The siren was almost done with burrying one of his victim's bodies when he realized he wasn't alone. He settled the last hoard of sand on the corpse and turned aroud, swimmig as quietly as he coud, not saying a single word. He didn't want to chase the snooper away.

Jack was curious, the mermaid having easily smelt what the other had killed. There had been rare occassions where even his kind had to eat humans.

He was currently hidden, silently watching as the other hid the corpses in the sand. He ducked down lower when the other turned, trying to make sure he stayed hidden.