the curio emporium

Hello followers! As promised, I have embarked in another journey towards running into more curiosity shops. This weekend in South Pasadena was the grand opening of a new treasure located in the heart of southern California.“ The Curio Emporium”, owned by Jenna Macabre and David Constantine is a wonderful curiosity shop located in the heart of Pasadena and close for those in the Los Angeles county. This very homey shop is filled with wonders galore at an exceptional price. From Taxidermy, antiques, steampunk gear and strange medical devices, the shops interior does not fail to leave you in awe. A perfect set up by these two wonderful people and amazing prices.
I had the opportunity to take some photos for all of you to see. If there is anyone in the Los Angeles area or South Pasadena whom was always looking for such a shop in the vicinity of their location…This is the place for you!
Brought straight from the eyes of Ms. Ashley Marie. Ladies and Gentlemen…I present to you…“The Curio Emporium”