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Bela Lugosi’s Dead - Bauhaus Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order Love Song - The Cure Ask - The Smiths Age of Consent - New Order Blue Monday - New Order Fury Eyes - The Creatures Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Aikea-Guinea - Cocteau Twins Juliet of the Spirits - The B-52’s Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan The Village - New Order Whip it - Devo Unlovable - The Smiths Dreams Never End - New Order I Melt With You - Modern English Ceremony - New Order Blister In the Sun - Violent Femmes Love Vigilantes - New Order Hateful - The Clash Mirror in the Bathroom - The English Beat Funplex - The B-52’s Just Like Heaven - The Cure Punk Rock Girl - The Dead Milkmen This Charming Man - The Smiths Love Cats - The Cure Pearly-Dewdrops Drops - Cocteau Twins Heart and Soul - T'Pau

 listen here: by CHLOE SANDERS (collage courtesy of her super cool dad)

Meet the Mun

Nicknames: People outside of FFXIV call me Merry due to my screen name Merrydownjade =]

Star sign: Scropio

Height: 5′11″

Time right now:   07:25 am

Last thing you Googled: I googled for Winamp, still setting up my new pc o.o

Favorite music artist(s):  AFI, Caravan palace, The Cure ,she and Placebo

Last song stuck in my head: Love Cats - The Cure

Last movie: Kung fu panda 2

My fab outfit: Heh I don’t really have one, kinda just wear what I find, thats clean at that moment.

When did I create this blog: January 1st this year!

The trash I post: Mostly RP journals and screenshots for my Muse, also some aesthetic stuff.

Do you get asks regularly: Somewhat I can get around 3-4 asks if I reblog a meme =]

Why did you choose your URL?: It’s my characters name and I got lucky!

Gender: Female (MTF Trans)

Hogwarts house:  Slytherin apparently o.o joined Pottermore just for this.

Pokemon team: Team Rocket!

Favorite color: Green

Number of blankets: During winter just one, Summer none.

Followers: 241, wowza you guys are growing fast!

MBTI Personality Type:  INFP

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i. nick cave & the bad seeds - red right hand ii. she wants revenge - written in blood iii. bauhaus - bela lugosi’s dead iv. light asylum - dark allies v. joy division - a means to an end vi. sisters of mercy - lights vii. placebo - in the cold light of morning viii. siouxsie and the banshees - spellbound ix. nine inch nails with david bowie - i’m afraid of americans x. white rose movement - love is a number xi. the cure - the love cats xii. london after midnight - heaven now

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