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Asexual people of all romantic orientations and on all ends of the acespectrum can reclaim queer and belong in the queer community.

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Gray-asexual spectrum Aces

Asexual people of all romantic orientations can reclaim queer. Because asexual people of all romantic orientations have been called queer as a derogetory term in western countries because of their sexuality.

Asexual people of all romantic orientations were considered “sexually deviant” or “sexually dysfunctional” and were often admitted to mental hospitals for “queer behavior” and went through conversion therapy to “cure” their asexuality. Until 2013 asexuality was considered a mental illness. To this day asexual people face corrective rape, physical and emotional abuse, conversion therapy, erasure, stigamization and dehumanization for being asexual.

Asexuals have faced for hundreds of years over several countries and continue to this day to face discrimination for their sexual orientation because they are not straight. Asexuals of all romantic orientations (aro and het asexuals included) are and have been called queer as a derogetory term. They face consistant structural oppression and discrimination because they are considered by our straight amatanormative and heteronormative culture to be queer.

Asexual people have always been considered as queer by straight people and continue to be considerd queer by straight culture. They do not have priviledge over allosexual sga people and they do not experience straight priviledge.

To experience straight priviledge straight people and straight culture has to percieve you as straight. Since straight people and culture have dehumanized and oppressed asexual people for decades and contine to not view asexual people as straight it is impossible for asexual people of any romantic orientation to experience straight priviledge.

Straight culture also doesn’t consider gray-a spectrum asexuals as straight. Demisexuals and other gray-a spectrum individuals have always been considered by straight culture to belong to the “other”. Demisexual and gray-asexual people were assosiated with asexual people not with straight people and straight culture has always considered the gray-a spectrum to be a part of the asexual experience and not the straight experience.

Demisexual and gray-asexual people experinece corrective rape, conversion therapy, dehumanization etc etc in the same way that asexual people do. Because gray-asexual people do not conform to amatanormative heteronormative standards and have never been considered part of straight culture by straight people, they can also never be straight.

According to straight culture: Straight people are heteroromantic heterosexuals. Since asexual people can never be heterosexual it doesnt matter what their romantic orientation is or where on the asexual spectrum they fall, they can never be straight. Asexual people on all ends of the spectrum and with all different romantic orientations can therefor by definition not be straight and can not experience straight priviledge.

To be allowed to reclaim the word queer you must belong to a community that:
 a) has historically been discriminated against because they were considered queer by straight people
b) straight culture does not consider straight
c) has been called queer as a derogetory term because of an orientation or gender identity

The asexual community ticks all three of those boxes. Therefor all asexual people are queer, they are part of the queer community and they can reclaim the word queer as a personal identifier.

So by all definitions. From every way you can look at it. With every single way you can measure and every way that matters: asexual people on all ends of the asexual spectrum and with all romantic orientations can be and are considered queer and have the same right to feel a belonging in the queer community and the same right to reclaim the queer slur as sga and trans people do.

They have current and historical queer based discrimination just like sga and trans people do.

By definition: Sga people, trans people and ace people are ALL queer. They are ALL part of the queer umbrella. They ALL have a right to safe spaces in the queer community. They ALL have a right to reclaim the queer slur and they ALL face some variation of queerphobia.
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