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Some of my favorite Twin Peaks art on Society6!

Prints available (click the links)

1. Twin Peaks by Ale Giorgini

2. Damn Fine Coffee by Ingrid Skare

3. Black Lodge Coop by Bunny Miele

4. Log Lady portrait by Nes-draws

5. Twin Peaks Map by Robert Farkas

6. The Red Room by Chris Bergeron

7. special agent by Baasama

8.The Giant by Dewey Guyen

9. The Owls Are Not What They Seem by Pyro Dog Pins

10. Twin Peaks. Damn fine cup of coffee. by Delorme1979

anonymous asked:

Can u write a smut where ur playing spin the bottle with Mingyu and Minghao after u guys left a boring party and it leads to a threesome sex? (Sorry if its too much!🙈)


Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2506

Summary: A simple game escalates quickly when alcohol is involved.

(A/N): THIS KILLED ME Minghao is my bias and Mingyu is right up there with him so basically I’m biased af through this whole thing. But it was super fun to write and I’m really happy with how it turned out, I hope you like it~

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Work Your Body, Let’s Dance

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader [ fem ver ]

TW: mentions of alcohol, has some sexual references, all in all pretty mature content but not really since I’m small

it’s in between fluff and angst idk :(

Word count: 3747

• frat boy, college! au Daniel
• the most elite fraternity on campus, the 101 is hosting a huge party in celebration of summer
• it’s a long night, this part is exclusive, invite-only

hey, anon, hope you don’t mind I added frat boy au bc that was the first thing that popped into my head when I read your request. 😬 i’m not the best at this kind of scenarios ( apparently i’m known as the fluff, innocence, and young love writer ) but i will try, thank you, anon. S/O to my gem @woojiniee for the help 💝

- admin L
PS: very unrealistic considering the fact i have never partied and contains no dancing contrary to the title…..


Your own apartment complex was dull and quiet, many students had already packed up and left to go home for Summer break but just a few blocks down, the 101 fraternity house was teeming with life. And that was where you and your friends were heading next. It was going to be THE party of the Summer before the holidays had even begun. You knew it. The 101 never held back on parties. So, even though parties were not your preferred scene, you rarely missed out on a 101 party.

Being invited to a 101 party was almost like being invited to a state dinner. They were just that recognised and distinct. Despite their popularity, not much was known about them. They were lowkey yet highkey. Some basic information was that there were eleven main members who lived in the house but they had almost a hundred seniors who graduated before them or juniors they were ‘training’ to maintain the prestige of the 101. It was definitely intriguing. 

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aebod04  asked:

Dr.Host Fluff: Dr.Iplier wakes up for the first time after he and Host move in together, maybe from his point of view showing how beautiful the Host is in his eyes, and waking Host up with kisses all over his face. Bonus: The two making breakfast together and listening to cheesy love songs while they do. :3 These two deserve some fluff!


Dr. Iplier’s eyes flicker open to the golden rays of the sun glinting through the window. The Host is tucked close in his arms and he pulls back a little to look at his face.

He’s peaceful in sleep, eyes uncovered and looking painfully normal without the blood. The streak in his hair seems to glimmer in the early morning light and his eyelashes cast gentle shadows on his high cheekbones. His breaths are soft, even puffs against Dr. Iplier’s skin and his lips seem so very red.

He cups the Host’s jaw with his hand, careful not to wake him. He slips closer until they’re nose to nose, taking in the sweet smell of fresh pages and ink with just a hint of vanilla. Dr. Iplier presses a kiss to his nose, to each of his eyelids and feels him wake up as he moves away.

The Host doesn’t open his eyes but his lips quirk into a gentle, sleepy smile.

“Good morning”, he rumbles, his voice pleasantly deep. He cards long fingers through Dr. Iplier’s hair.

Dr. Iplier smiles back, wider and just as sweet. It certainly is.

An Unprepared Guest // A.I

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credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: yes

Luke’s Halloween imagine 

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Description: Being at a party with no friends always sucks, but not when a cute boy interrupt your loneliness. 

You kept pouring the vodka into the red cup filled with orange juice. Right now, it seemed like there was more vodka than juice, but you didn’t care. It would help you get through the night. The many costumes didn’t prevent the number of creepy men hitting on you. You only knew the host at this party, which would make you, stand alone for the rest of the night. There was a lot of people and the host had to greet them all with a shot and some “scary” snacks. Halloween was fun when you were a kid, but now it was kind of tiring, going to costume parties every second day in October and every party where filled with drunk people in uncreative costumes. The liquid was almost running over the cup now as you let the vodka bottle hit the table.

“Finally.” A guy chuckled beside you, making you jump and look at him with wide eyes. “You took a long time with that bottle.”

“Yeah…” You stated and took a big slurp of the vodka mixed with a tint of orange juice. The guy was dressed up as a pirate with a red bandana, a patch and clothes torn apart. His one green eye stared you deep into your eyes as his curly hair stuck out in every cute way.

The pirate chuckled, “Why is it important to get drunk?” You shrugged at him while wondering why the fuck he asked you about that. He was pouring up vodka and coke.

“I don’t know,” you murmured. “Shouldn’t it be rum and coke?”

“Haha, because I’m a pirate, I get it.” The pirate said with an annoyed smile as you grinned at your own little, dumb joke. “Shouldn’t you be drinking milk, kitty?” His voice had a deep undertone as a small smirk appeared on his lips.

“I’m not a cat, I’m Catwoman.” You sank the lump in your throat and looked the pirate in the eyes.

“Oh, an original costume.” He laughed as he put the bottle down on the table again, turning his muscular body towards you. Your jaw fell down to the ground as your attitude changed rapidly.

“That comes from you, Mr Pirate.” Your voice grew over the loud bass of the music as the pirate kept on smirking his dumb, hot smirk.

“Well, at least I look hot,” he replied and walked away stiffly. Your eyes and mouth were wide as you stood there with the red cup filled with alcohol. The pirate only walked a couple of steps before you hurried after him and grabbed his strong arm to face you.

“Excuse me?” you said with furrowed eyebrows, but he couldn’t see because of the mask, you were wearing.

“You heard me, kitty.” The nickname had stuck and the word made your stomach twist. The pirate grinned widely as another man dressed up as a poorly Batman put a hand on the pirate’s shoulder. Batman looked at you with his deep, blue eyes and laughed as soon as he saw your costume.

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This collage idea came to me in a dream (which is very fitting) probably because Twin Peaks is all I’m thinking/talking about lately

Available on Society6

7 Minutes in Heaven (Minghao x Reader)

Anonymus asked: Hey pal! I was wondering if I could request a scenario??? Playing seven minutes in heaven with The8 (you aren’t dating and you may or may not have feelings for eachother? Doesnt matter if they do or not!) please!!!! Thank you!!! Your writing is so cute!!

A/N: man this was pretty fun to write. Just a warning that it is kind of smut but not really??? like it’s not actually sex but theres some foreplay stuff in there. anyway enjoy!

Words: 1676

As soon as the door opened, you weren’t sure you wanted to go in, but before you could protest, Jun grabbed your elbow and pulled you into the house party.

It was your typical house party; Yellowish lights and thumping music took over the floor, teens passing you with red Solo cups filled with various concentrations and mixes of alcohol. It wasn’t like you had never been to one before, but you weren’t one for parties. For one, you seemed to always wind up being the sober friend who had to herd cats at the end of the night. You also were the one who got hit on by guys who were way too drunk to even remember your name.

So no, you didn’t go to parties very often. Even today’s party wasn’t one you had particularly wanted to go to, but Jun, your friend from school, had convinced you that hey, there were tons of cute guys at school that you don’t know, so what better way to get to know then than at a party? There were no inhibitions at a party. Everyone was there for the same thing: to have a good time.

So here you were, slowly sipping on some beer you didn’t quite like, holding the ubiquitous red cup more to make it seem like you were already drinking so that no one tried to offer you some sketchy mix. You recognized more guys than girls at this party, which wasn’t a surprise. The group of twelve other guys Jun hung out with seemed to invite girls from other schools rather than from your own.

Just then, Jun tapped you and motioned down the stairs to the basement, where a small crowd of people seemed to be funnelling into. You weren’t doing anything at the moment other than trying to ignore a couple making out across the room, so you followed Jun down the stairs and to the carpeted basement.

A crowd of about twenty-four people gathered in a circle. You took a seat in the circle and caught Minghao’s eye. He gave you a small welcoming smile, one that you returned.

You had known Minghao for some time, Jun being a mutual friend. Sometimes, when Jun got too wasted at a party, you and Minghao teamed up to endure his drunken giggles and slurred jokes while walking him back home. You made polite conversation and had some soft laughs, but nothing moved past that. Sometimes he would stand next to you at a party, making the occasional comment, but never really trying to initiate anything with you. Sometimes you wished for a bit more, because you couldn’t lie, Minghao was really attractive. But you weren’t one to initiate things, and since he wasn’t doing anything either, your friendship was stuck in an awkward limbo.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Jun’s voice. “Welcome…” he raised his eyebrows dramatically, “to Seven Minutes in Heaven!”

Cheers erupted all around the room, but you weren’t contributing. Why had Jun decided to make you play Seven Minutes in Heaven? He knew you didn’t like it. You were somewhat relieved to note that Minghao wasn’t cheering either.

“But! This is no ordinary game of Seven Minutes. Your partners have already been decided!” Jun’s devilish smirk worried you as butterflies woke up in your chest. “Your partners…. are whoever is seated across from you!”

Your mouth dropped into an O as you looked around the circle. Dino and Tzuyu, who were one of the decided pairs, stared at each other in shock and shyness as their friends whooped and cheered. Seungcheol was being patted on the back by Jeonghan and Joshua as he stared with a smirk across the circle to Irene, whose face had turned tomato red. Momo and Hoshi couldn’t look each other in the eyes, but you could tell they were both happy.

“Jun!” You were surprised to hear Minghao’s voice. “That’s not- that’s not fair! What if your partner doesn’t want to-”
“House rules,” Jun declared, cutting Minghao off. “And, since you protested, you and Y/N can go first!”

Oh. Right. Minghao was your partner. Your heart sank slightly as you realized that Minghao probably wanted to do this with someone else, not you. But before you could process it completely, people were grabbing you and Minghao and pushing you towards the small closet in the corner of the room, hollering and cheering, some catcalling.

You stumbled into the closet just before the door was locked. It was a fairly small space, but you had no idea where Minghao was. It was pitch black and the dust in the air made it thick and cool. The concrete floor was cold and smooth underneath your socked feet and your heart thumped in your chest.

Suddenly a hand touched your forearm and you yelped. “Y/N?”

It was Minghao. You exhaled. “Hi, Minghao.”

“Hi.” There was a moment of silence before he said, “Sorry. I really didn’t think Jun would actually do this.”

“It’s okay,” you sighed.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want,” Minghao continued. You could hear he was kind of nervous, which was adorable. “He just wanted to do this because he knows I like you and-”


“Oh.” Just from that one syllable, you could tell he was thoroughly embarrassed. “I… I thought he told you at some point.”

“No, he uh, he didn’t.” You were really glad it was pitch black in the closet, because your face felt like it had been plunged into the hottest fires of hell. Why hadn’t Jun told you? This was probably why he had been grinning like an idiot when you had sat down across from Minghao.

“Well, like I said… we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want,” Minghao said quietly. “We could just make up something when we come out, if you want.”

You thought about it. Minghao had basically just confessed to you, and you definitely thought he was cute. Finally, you said, “No, no… we can try something if you want.”

“Really?” You could hear the surprise in his voice. “Are you sure?”

You nodded then remembered he probably couldn’t see you. “Yeah… I mean, I like you too.”

“O-okay.” There was some shuffling, then he asked, “Where are you?”

You giggled and reached out to touch his biceps with both hands. “Here.” You ran your hands down his arms to his hands and guided them up to your shoulders and let them rest there.

The next time his spoke, his voice came from a couple inches in front of your face. “Ready?”


Seconds later you felt his smooth lips pressing against yours, not quite chaste, but not a tongue kiss either. His lips moved against yours silently, not aggressive at all, just exploring. You felt his hands run to the small of your back and he pulled you forward a bit so that your hips matched. You decided to run with it and your hands found their way to the base of his neck, the pads of your fingertips running along his collarbones peeking out from his grey cardigan.

Before you knew it, the kiss was over and his forehead was pressed against yours. “Was that okay?”

You grinned and put your hand to the back of his head, pulling him back into the kiss, deepening it as you went. You could tell that he wasn’t expecting it, but you felt him smile into the kiss before his hand went back up into your hair, twisting a few strands in his fingers as his lips danced with yours. He took a brave step towards you, never breaking the kiss, pressing your back against the cinder block wall. This meant that every inch of his body was pressed against yours, hot and strong, but soft at the same time. One of his hands had found its way down to your waist and his thumb rubbed circles on your body as his lips started to get more needy, greedier. The contrast between the soft hand actions and the stronger, more prominent lip movements made your head start to spin.

Suddenly the warmth of his lips left yours all too soon as his hot lips peppered their way down your face to your jawline. He stopped kissing you long enough to ask, “Okay?”

You nodded vigorously, hoping he could feel the movement because you didn’t trust your voice enough to be able to form the word yes.

He must have felt it, because his lips attacked the underside of your jawbone, biting slightly and letting the skin linger in between his teeth for as long as possible. You sucked in a breath and stretched out your neck, wanting him to explore more. And he did.

Minghao moved down the side of your neck, sucking slowly and carefully on every patch of skin his lips attached to, always kissing the spot lightly before moving on to the next one. The lack of light made the experience even more sensual than you had pictured. Minghao had just reached your collarbone when suddenly your vision was blinded by light.

Cheers and shouts of “oh my god!” were going around the room as Jun stood triumphantly in the doorway of the tiny closet. “My god,” he said as Minghao held on to your shoulders “You lovebirds! I hope you used protection!”

Catcalls and cackles filled the air as Minghao took your hand and stepped out of the closet. “Shut up, Jun,” he said, giving the blond a punch on the shoulder. But as he sat back down with you, still hanging on to your hand, you could see he was grinning.

“Here.” Minghao passed you his sweater. You wrapped it around yourself, knowing you would have spots to cover up when you got home.

You both sat in silence while Seungcheol and Irene were pushed into the closet. Finally Minghao said, “I’d love to continue that at some point.”

You turned pink, but squeezed his hand. “I would too.”

bags under my eyes and coffee in my hands

Word Count: 3 000

Genre: fluff, coffee shop au (yeah, yeah, cliche, I know), alternate universe

Warnings: swearing, insomnia


Phil works at a 24/7 Starbucks and Dan just can’t get any sleep.

A/N Fic idea from my friend @danielleworld. (The coffee shop au only one person asked for hah.)

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@deals-and-the-chipped-cup gets a starter

His green eyes seem to reflect the red sky outside while he looks out the window. Lost in his own thoughts. His own silent longing. A longing to live again, a longing to smell the world and see it. And above all, a longing to fly and be free from any watchful eye of a God. He had often found himself wandering the town when his shop was empty, and more times than not found himself in the place where one could either pass on or go some place worse. Sitting on the edge and trying over and over to pass on, until he came to the conclusion he couldn’t because unfinished business.. but with what? 

His realization had come days ago when Rumple came with the heroes and they were achieving what he never thought they would. The clock’s hands turned slowly but surely. And he had seen some flowers beginning to bloom. He touched the flower he had picked earlier, allowing him to show weakness to some and humanity to others. He knew Rumple would need his help.. just a matter of time. Hearing the bell and the door opening he turned, placing the flower on the counter. “Do you need something else, laddie?”

Paid to be Popular ~ Pt. 10

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credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: based on this request.

Pairing: tell me here who should be the pairing

My other series: Bittersweet Generation - The Purpose of Love

All the parts here

Description: When Calum, Michael, and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?

The whole school were at the party. It was impossible but with this many students, it seemed like the whole school were at the party. Y/N still didn’t understand why Ashton suddenly wanted to hold a party in the middle of everything. But she still went and partied with him - mainly because she felt bad and wanted to be with Calum but also because she hoped to see Luke there. And she did - just not in the state he was used to being in.

Luke wasn’t just drunk - he was straight up hammered. That wasn’t the thing that annoyed Y/N to death. It was his clothes, the way he acted, the way he walked. The way his hair was styled and how his words were suddenly formed into a big slur of nothings. It wasn’t Luke, the guy she used to hang out with.

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Breaking In Flash Forward Sneak Peek

Okay, so the other other day they released that OQ deleted scene of Robin being adorable and supportive and I was all annoyed by how much he always loved her and supported her and then they kill him, so I decided to sit down and rage write some BIn Robin (or as @beccabumblybee called him, RoBIn, you clever girl) being all supportive and loving to DEAL WITH ALL MY FEELS. But then I got a little, uh, carried away, and it’s 10k words, so I decided, y’know, I was gonna hold on to it until we got to that point in the story.

And then today Adam Horowitz got me ALL FIRED UP and I decided NEVERMIND LETS POST IT ANYWAY so here you go, 10k of BIn OQ. 

Set in early October (ch 25 was late July, for reference). You will see this again within the story itself, but it’s written so as not to give away any major plot points, I believe. NSFW, and trigger warning for disordered eating. You can skip down to the sex and be okay on that front, though. But the first part… proceed with extreme caution if disordered eating might trigger you.

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Dreams (Part 4)

Summary: After dreaming about the same unknown person for many years, you finally meet in person once and for all. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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You had to admit, this party was by far the best one you’ve been to yet.  

It’s not like you were out almost every weekend partying but this one in particular, was pretty rad.

“Can I interest you in a drink?” Peter asked you.

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anonymous asked:

21: best friend's sibling AU :)) #olicity

Surprisingly, the age difference in this is not off the charts. Woo! Go me! This ended up a lot longer than I expected it would… like over 2k words longer. Not even sorry about it.

Step One: Admit You Have a Problem

Felicity Merlyn has a problem. A six foot, one inch problem with chiseled abs and sandy blonde hair. His name is Oliver Queen and he’s her older brother Tommy’s best friend.

It’s a total cliché, she’s well aware and honestly she even judges herself sometimes for it. Oliver isn’t exactly a good guy. He parties, a lot. He gets in trouble with the law and drops schools like they’re yesterday’s newspaper. He also has quite a reputation with women. Well, at least he used to. Lately Oliver’s been pretty clean.

The point is he’s the exact opposite of Felicity’s type.

Only she’s insanely attracted to him. So much so that she kissed Oliver last night. Well, kissed is sort of an understatement. Heavily made out with him in the sand is a more adequate description.

It was a stupid move, so incredibly stupid. So why is she still thinking about it?

It’s the twentieth annual Queen-Merlyn family beach vacation and the kids – that being Oliver, his younger sister Thea, Tommy, and herself – had come up a few days earlier than the adults. Obviously this meant that Tommy and Oliver were going to throw a huge rager at their multi-million dollar beach mansion – not house, mansion – the second night they were there. And that they did.

The party was in full swing. People were throwing each other in the pool, the bass from the music was vibrating the stone patio if that were even possible, and tons of sweaty bodies writhed against each other under the influence of alcohol and probably more than one illegal substance. Most of the partygoers were people Tommy and Oliver had invited and around the same age as them, twenty-two, save for Felicity and Thea at their respective ages of eighteen and seventeen. No one seemed to care though as a red Solo cup was shoved into each of their hands.

Things went on as expected for about the first hour and a half of the party. Thea and Felicity sipped their drinks and danced to the beat of the music together, goofing off and enjoying not having a care in the world for the time being. And seeing as their worlds were pretty complicated, it was a much-needed reprieve. Then a boy in a red hoodie who looked like he was sculpted by the Abercrombie gods started flirting with Thea and that was the end of that.

Felicity didn’t mind, honestly. She was starting to get overwhelmed by the atmosphere anyway, could feel the alcohol buzzing in her system and new she would need to take a break soon or risk facing the wrath of Big Brother. So when Thea had asked Felicity if she minded her accepting Abercrombie’s invitation to dance, Felicity had wholeheartedly urged her on, which is how she ended up walking down the beach and stumbling upon one very attractive, surprisingly alone Oliver Queen.

“Hey, I heard there’s a huge party going on back that way. Lots of booze, lots of girls. Sounds like your kind of scene.”

At the sound of her voice, Oliver shifts his gaze from the foaming edges of the sea to the blonde walking towards where he’s seated in the sand. A genuine smile spreads across his face as he beckons for Felicity to join him.

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notenoughgatorade  asked:

"you are a tolerable drunk" orrrrr "don't even bother with clothes" - zimbits :>>>>

omg let me take a stab at writing check please, i’m excited and also v. nervous.

It’s an average Saturday night at the Haus. There’s an epic pong tournament going down (Shitty and Ransom vs Lardo and Holster), and as can be expected Lardo is killin’ it. The Frogs are holding court in the kitchen, surrounded by the girls’ volleyball team and telling big stories about their hockey accomplishments (Bitty loves Dex and Nursey, but they are so competitive and start telling tall tales and it usually ends in a fight). A bunch of other guys from the team are milling about, chatting up the sorority girls that came from who knows where and trading glares with Lacrosse team that seems to think they’re crashing. Bitty invited them himself, so he’s not really sure if it counts as crashing anymore. 

Most importantly, Bitty is sitting on the disgusting couch right next to the one any only Jack Zimmermann. Jack smells like old spice and a little like sweat and a whole lot like winter and Bitty’s consumed enough of Lardo’s dangerously sweet sangria that he’s considering asking him about that. Because honestly, how can a person smell like winter and ice? That’s not actually a thing. 

Instead, Bitty takes another sip of his third fourth fifth sangria, regarding Jack thoughtfully over the rim of the red solo cup. Jack seems to be quietly amused, his lips lifting just slightly and his eyes crinkling in the corners. He smiles across the room at Shitty before turning those baby blues on Bitty, continuing to smile fondly. It makes Bitty all warm and gooey inside, like the chocolate lava cake they had at Winter Screw last year. Good lord, he is so gone on this boy.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write a ficlet of Maximum Victory where Victoria tries to insult Max by saying "I bet you would look ugly without that beautiful make -up covering your face" and Max gets flustered because she isn't wearing make-up.

“I bet you would look ugly without all that make up on.” Victoria said with a smirk. Max looked at the floor and fiddled with the strap of her camera bag.

“I’m not wearing any…” She mumbled, unsure if she even wanted to be speaking.

“What did you say there, hipster?” Victoria snapped making Max flinch back.

“I said I’m not wearing any.” Max paused and gripped her bag tighter. “Make up i mean.” she clarified. Victoria didn’t say anything and Max risked a glance up. The blonde was staring at her, an unreadable expression on her face and a slight blush on her cheeks. Suddenly she stalked off without a word leaving Max to stare after her in confusion.

Max was in her room working on her science homework and texting Chloe when there was a knock on her door. She wasn’t expecting anyone. Slowly rising from her chair Max cautiously opened the door. Victoria was on the other side and before Max could even open her mouth to ask what she was doing here she’d pushed her way into the room and closed the door behind her. 

Victoria only had maybe six inches on her at most but she still towered over the brunette. Max Shrank back under her intense gaze. Before Max could ask what the hell the blonde was doing here she reached out and cupped her cheek making Max blush bright red. “V-Victoria?” she stuttered.

Speaking seemed to break the semi trance she was in because suddenly Victoria was moving, spinning her around and pressing her back against the door and kissing her.

Max’s hands hovered in the air at Victoria’s sides. Holy shit Victoria was kissing her. Chloe had teased Max that Victoria was only mean because she couldn’t find a healthy way to get her attention but never in her wildest dreams did she think Chloe could be right.

Victoria lightly nipped her lower  lip and the action jolted Max, bringing her focus back to the kiss. Throwing caution to the wind Max reached up and tangled her fingers in blonde hair and kissed her back. There would be a lot of talking to do after this but for now Max was more than content to let herself get lost in the kiss.

[TaeKai; PG-13] "Over My Head (Out of My Mind)"

vague college au >> wc ~700
a/n: i wrote this a few days ago and can’t remember where in the world i was going with it, so here it is now, in drabble form (lol).

also, someone help me credit the artist of that taekai fanart because it inspired me to write this. i tried googling but i only drew blanks :’(

I wanna thrill you like Michael

Taemin had been the one to corner him, smile bright and eyes even brighter, glittering with excitement as a laugh escaped from his mouth. He wet his lips with his tongue, a sliver of tantalizing pink dancing across a bit of soft skin and leaving behind a glossy shine that had Jongin’s stomach in the vicinity of his shoes. “I want to try something,” Taemin whispers, voice breathy, nearly swept away by the pounding music despite how near their faces were.

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Preference #459

Frat boy time.

Author’s Note: Okay okay, so I know this probably isn’t exactly what everyone was looking for. You were probably expecting the who “bro” fraternity typed thing which all of them aren’t. I just wanted to give different perspectives perhaps on the whole frat boy stereotype. I do know quite a few frat boys and have been to some parties thrown by fraternities so I might know a little bit on that. By the way, I just made up most of the frat names though I’m sure there are some with those names out there. These writings are in no way related to any of those real-life fraternities though. Anyway, happy reading!

Harry: “Well, there they go again.” Your classmate nodded towards the entrance of the cafeteria, turning her head from her book and sandwich just as everyone else in the room seemed to be doing. You hadn’t even noticed that you were rolling your eyes. “And why exactly do you hate them so much? Would it be the popped collars, the constant need to walk in packs, or would it be the insanely hot and cocky president and leader, Harry Styles himself?” She laughed, raising her eyebrows quizzically. Just as you were beginning to go into answering her question you were interrupted by the sound of palms pressing to the table, none other than Harry himself leaning forward as he spoke to both of you. “Did I hear my name?” He cocked a brow, giving you both that smile that every girl at your school swooned over. “You did. I was just asking (Y/N) why is it that she doesn’t exactly like you and the rest of your frat brothers when everyone else seems to.” Harry was amused by this. “Probably because she likes to go against anything that’s remotely popular and liked by everyone. You know she always has to be different than everyone else.” He insulted you though you didn’t take it to heart as you were always doing the same to him, shrugging nonchalantly as he spoke quietly into your ear, struggling to keep your composure as everyone’s eyes fell on you in the large cafeteria, the university’s golden boy speaking to you. “Or maybe it’s because you know you’re just as weak for me as everyone else around here. I think that could be slightly true on account of you screaming my name, trembling last weekend.”

Louis: The boys of Pi Alpha Alpha were known for their outrageously packed parties, beer kegs littering the yard along with other hormonal college students. You walked shyly through the house, finding a spot against the wall alongside your friends, gripping your cup of beer that honestly tasted of vomit. “Having a good time?” Looking to your right you noticed a guy approaching you and your friends, wearing a sweaty black t-shirt with his too long hair pulled back by a headband, nearly scraping his shoulders. You shrugged, nonchalantly sipping your drink. “It’s okay. It’s my first party.” You admitted, his eyes widening in shock. “But it’s the middle of the semester. How could you not? Come on, let me give you a little tour then. I’m Louis.” He nodded, completely polite and fixing your skewed view on frat boys, that they were only drunken, probably assholes only looking to hook up. In fact, Louis seemed all about service and he was even kind, though he did like a nice party.

Niall: You heard his laugh from where he stood at one end of the table that had been lined with red solo cups. His eyes were red from intoxication but he still seemed alert as he pulled you by your waist to his side. “Blow on this for me babe.” He held his hand up to your lips, the small white ping pong ball still wet from being inside a cup filled with beer. “How about I play?” He shrugged, pressing his lips to the unsanitary ball before handing it back to you. You tossed it easily, having little practice at beer pong but a lot at tossing scraps of paper into your trashcan while you wrote, cheers sounding all around you. Again and again you made your shots, Niall pressing his lips to yours in victory once you’d won the game for the both of you. A single kiss lead to you upstairs in a bedroom of his fraternity house for a night he probably wouldn’t remember and that you wouldn’t let him forget.

Liam: Liam had been distant lately, your relationship on the fence as the semester wore upon the both of you. Though you were busy with classes Liam seemed to have more going on, always claiming to be studying even into the latest hours of the night. The times you’d been together his mind seemed preoccupied and he left early. Will you meet me in the quad at 7 tonight? He texted you. Of course, a public place to break up so you’d have to hold yourself together. Still, you went to the quad at the time he requested, Liam nowhere in sight and a small crowd gathering, forming a circle where you stood at the front, turned away so that you could try to find Liam somewhere. You turned, facing seven guys, all masked and standing in a line, making you realize you’d stumbled upon a probate. You looked around, trying to move your way out of the circle until you heard that voice that you’d recognize from anywhere, belting out as he began his first stroll along with the other members of the fraternity, making you not only forgive his absence while he was pledging, replaced with a completely proud feeling, but also making it up to you in the months to come.

Zayn: “Oh my gosh. There he is.” The tapping at your shoulder let you knew that he was there. The boy with the thick-rimmed glasses who’d always found himself with headphones plugging his ears. Looking up with a smile you took notice of his shirt, three Greek letters printed across the front. “What is that? Kappa Kappa-” You hadn’t noticed how loud you were, or that he hadn’t had actual music playing until he finished for you. “Psi. Kappa Kappa Psi.” He cocked a grin at you, leaving the empty table he’d claimed to join yours, smirking as your cheeks reddened a little. “It’s a professional fraternity, music based to be exact. I’m a double major in music and art. We actually have Art Appreciation together. It’s (Y/N) right?” He nodded at the same time you did, leaving you speechless as he exuded power, controlling the room with just his presence and a simple conversation. “I want to say that you’re a business major so we probably ended up in class together because you’re taking it for gen-ed or because you just take interest in the arts but that’s just me remembering you from when you introduced yourself on the first day of class. My next move to get your number would be counted as networking.” He winked, letting you know that he wasn’t simply networking, just as someone called from across the room, “Shutup Malik, it’s called flirting.”

Rave || Derek Hale

Prompt: Would you make an imagine based of season 3B the episode where they throw a rave in Derek’s loft and when he and his fiancée get home, she wants to dance and party and convicted him to with her? (Sorry f that doesn’t make sense) thank you!! 

Pairing: Derek x reader   

Words: 1,269

A/n:  It does makes sense :] I did my best. I don’t like the ending but I ran out of ideas. Sorry. Hope you enjoy it anyway !

gifs not mine i’m not that good yet lol 

“We are totally watching that movie again” you said from the passenger seat, still laughing at the jokes on the movie you had just watched

“No, we are not” Derek said  

“when was the last time you laughed this hard? at least I don’t remember you laughing like that since you met my brother”

“hey! in my defense, your brother is a really funny dude, it’s not my fault his jokes are terrible that you have to laugh because they are that bad”

“Whatever. I’m starving, can we please get something to eat before going home?” You looked at him with puppy eyes, something that never failed

“Sure, are you in the mood for pizza or what?” Derek asked you, his eyes focused on the street

“Hmm, I don’t know. Surprise me!”

You were happy you got to spend your Saturday night with your fiancee, most of the time he was busy trying to catch Kate or helping Scott with pack stuff, so a movie and dinner outside were things you had learnt to enjoy at the fullest. Derek took to you to the same place where he proposed, it had been almost a year ago, but none of you were in a rush and with all the stuff happening in Beacon Hills, a wedding wasn’t a priority.

It was a small café with a patio in the back, lights glistening hung from the wooden structure. The night was warm and the sky was clear, allowing you to admire the millions of stars shinning above you.

“ I was not expecting to be brought here” you said sitting down

“ I think that’s the point of surprises, you don’t expect them”  Derek smirked

For the rest of the evening, you and Derek ate and laughed until tears were coming out of your eyes, it was nice to fully relax; he told you abut the time Stiles said he was his cousin Miguel and how none of the skinny boy’s clothes fitted him. You paid and headed to the loft, tons of cars were parked outside of it and teenagers were everywhere, you had totally forgotten about the party that was taking place in your house, a few days before one of twins had asked you if you could rent him the loft for a black lights party, obviously you said yes having in mind that you wouldn’t be home tonight; Derek parked the car and sighed.

“What the he-” Derek said stopping mid-sentence “why are there so many kids outside of our loft?” he asked, anger and confusion irradiating from him; he took off his seat belt and got out of the car

you did the same but he was already inside the building  "he’s gonna kill me“ you said with your eyes closed

You ran inside and started looking for Derek, the music was loud and you could feel all the body warmth in the room, teenagers were all painted with amazing patters and some even had animals painted on their faces. Before you met Derek, you used to go out to parties like this every once in a while with your friends. The atmosphere was electrifying and you wanted to share it with your boyfriend. You found him near the DJ and you ran to him and grabbed his arm, making him turn around

 "What do you think you’re doing?” you asked

“I’m gonna end this…party” he was annoyed, Derek was a private person and really careful with his things, so a bunch of strangers dancing in the middle of his loft with drinks and paint weren’t exactly his favorite things in the world.

“don’t,” you looked at him biting your bottom lip “let’s have some fun, besides all of this is kinda my fault” you whispered the last part of the sentence

he looked at you with wide eyes “What?”

you showed him an innocent smile “Ethan asked me to rent him the loft for tonight and I said yes but apparently I forgot to tell you, please don’t be mad”

he looked at you with his gray eyes and took a deep breath “ this is not fair, you know I have a weakness for you”

You smiled “then it’s decided, we are gonna dance but first, we need to paint each other. Let’s go” you took his hand and walked him to where all the paint and brushes were.

You took off your jacket and put it around your waist, leaving you with a white crop top, you made Derek take off his jacket too and handed him a brush.

“If you expect me to clean up this mess I wi-” He started talking but you cut him

“you either use that mouth for something more entertaining than ranting or someone’s gonna regret it” you smirked

he blinked a few times before placing his hand on your waist pulling you closer to his body. The music was loud, the lights were flickering and there were dozens of people around you, but that didn’t matter, it was just you and Derek; He brushed his lips against yours and his arm was surrounding your waist firmly, you pulled the collar of his shirt and kissed him. You put your arms around his neck and ran your hands through his hair; you were so lost in the kiss that you didn’t notice Derek had a brush with pink paint until you felt something wet and cold against your skin. You immediately took a step back and touched your face.

“are you kidding? that was not fair” you said, pink all over your right cheek and hand

“you wanted me to do something more…entertaining” he winked, Dark in my imagination started playing and you felt your mouth drop.

“Oh my god! I haven’t listened to that song in years, let’s dance!”  

“Y/n you know I’m not very good at dancing”

“Do I look like I care? No, I don’t. So bring your butt to the dance floor with me” you danced your way through the crowd

A few seconds later, Derek was right in front of you. In the heat of the moment, you grabbed both of his hands and placed them on your waist. You placed your arms around his neck and closed your eyes. You wanted to enjoy the moment moving your hips to the rhythm of the song.

Derek  pulled you closer to his body. He could smell your perfume: it was sweet and strong just like you. Her scent was… intoxicating, something about it made him want to kiss every inch of your skin. He turned your body, so now your  back was facing him. Without opening your eyes, you ran your fingers trough his messy hair; Derek leaned in and started to play with your earlobe with his lips; at first, he would just exhale to make you shiver, but he moved fast, kissing your neck line all the way to your collar bone. You let out a small moan and that was all it took before he turned you again and pulled you closer. You just smiled and let him lead the game.

The moment was ruined by Stiles calling Derek’s name, he approached to both of you with a red cup in his hand and what it seemed like a kiss on his cheek.  Derek sighed in frustration making you laugh.

“What do you want, Stiles?”

Stiles started rambling about how he wanted to have his birthday party in the loft, but you didn’t hear what he was saying. You were focused on your boyfriend and how amazing he was, you were definitely lucky and glad you had him.

The loud, pounding music bounced of the walls. Declan had been to some house parties in his time, but never one to this extreme. It seemed like the host had invited the whole school and the blond didn’t know if he should feel comfortable or uncomfortable in this situation.  Young girls were wondering around in short dresses and older guys were following them like lost puppies. The thought of a younger person and someone his age hooking up seemed somewhat strange. Declan had a red plastic cup clasped around his hand, bringing it to his lips taking a sip of the alcohol that his mate sneaked in, since he didn’t get any affect from cheap alcohol that was passed around at parties like this, he was somewhat immune. Declan made small talk with the male he was standing with, before double taking towards the door before noticing the familiar brunette passing through the door. The blond smiled in her direction before miming a quick ‘hi’ while his friend nudged him in the arm, noticing him get lost with what was being said. The blond rubbed at his arm, smirking.

July 4th, 2014 - Fireworks

ARTIST: stephyhime

AUTHOR: cecemonet-alias

July 4th, 2014 - Fireworks

Author Note: Intense fluff, Canon AU. Arthur finally decides to spend fourth of July with Alfred and does not regret it.

The silence that hung in the house was only broken by the pitter-patter of rain on the roof, and the ticking of the old, golden grandfather clock. The room was large, with white walls held up by the occasional wooden column, and a ceiling ten feet high. There were a few paintings that hung along the plain walls, dating back to the early Northern Renaissance. The floors were carpeted with soft, white material that had adapted shades of light gray and a slight beige-ish tint from years of use. A glass coffee table with a gray metal frame sat upon an old rug all the way from India. There was a leather couch, colored in rich brown and shaped like an “L” in the very middle of the room, facing a very out-of-place looking flat-screen TV.

The TV sat atop a small row of cabinets with glass doors, colored the same shade of brown as the couch. The cabinets contained three rows of movies, two rows of video games, a box with a bunch of chords and game controllers, a Wii console, and an under-used Xbox 360 with a Kinect attached. The old grandfather clock sat along the far wall near the only window, directly across from the only other seat in the room. It was a chocolate-colored chair, like the couch, and was angled towards the window.

Sitting in the chair next to the window, the only occupant of the house was curled into himself, his body all tense. He was completely stiff. Arthur Kirkland, the owner of the house, was sucked into a book.

He aimed the gun at Maggie’s heart and fired. A stain, like a dark red rose, bloomed through the silk of her dress. And in that instant, she focused, aimed, and squeezed the trigger three times. As she’d been trained to do, she shot the boy once through the forehead, then twice through the heart.

He staggered from the impact of the shots. Life left his eyes. Then he fell to the floor.

Maggie’s once-white dress was now stained red—with her blood, and with his, which had sprayed her. There was so much blood. Who knew humans contained so much blood?

Arthur’s eyes darted over the pages. His hands were gripping the book so hard he was afraid he was going to rip it in half. This was what he loved about reading: even if he was safe at home, he could feel the excitement captured in the ink on the page. He knew what it was like to be at gunpoint—hell, having been through hundreds of years’ worth of wars, he’d even been shot a few times—and even just reading about it sent adrenaline pumping through his veins. Questions flew through his mind like a flock of crows:

Was Maggie going to be okay?

Doo wee oooooo!

What would happen next? How would she get out of this one?

Oooooo-oo-oooo~ Dooo dooo doooo ooooooo!

…Was that the Doctor Who theme song?

It took Arthur a second or two to realize that his cell phone was ringing. He marked his page and reluctantly set his book down to go answer it.


“Britain! Dude, it’s me!”

When is it not you? “What is it, America?”

“Well, as you know, there’s a super-special really awesome holiday coming up at my place, and—”

Arthur sighed and pinched his nose. “America, you ask me the same question at this time every year, and every year I give the same answer. What makes you think I’m going to change my answer this time around?”

There was an uncomfortable pause between them, then he heard Alfred sigh on the other line. “To be honest, Arthur, I almost didn’t call you this year.”

Arthur’s stomach clenched. Alfred never used a serious voice. Ever. The fact that he was using it now made him sound sincere, and… it almost made him sound heartbroken.


Because I knew you were going to say no.“

Arthur’s breaths shortened. He didn’t like feelings—he always tried to hide them. So when he started worrying that Alfred had gotten upset over this, the first thing he wanted to do was try to keep his hopes up. It was almost his birthday, after all. It was the one day Arthur had been avoiding for two-hundred and thirty-eight years. It was high time he faced it like a man.

”…Well, you’re wrong.“

”…wait, what?“

"You’re wrong. I was going to say yes.”

“…is this a joke?”

“No, I’m serious! I’ll come to your birthday party.”

Arthur could practically picture the young blonde lighting up as he heard this. “Wow, seriously?! That’s awesome, man! Thanks, Britain! Dude, I’ll even pay for your plane ticket! This rocks!”

He could’ve babbled for ages, and Arthur really wouldn’t have cared. It had been a long time since he’d heard the American sound so happy, and it made him smile. Arthur finally got Alfred to hang up, and only then did he start to worry that he might’ve just got himself in way over his head.

Arthur was surprised to find that he was flying into California instead of Washington, D.C. The flight was long and exhausting, and he finished his book before it was even halfway over. Disinterest in the movie selections the plane had made him decide to take a nap until they landed. He couldn’t get off fast enough.

Alfred was waiting for him at the baggage claim, a bright smile on his face (which, Arthur noted, looked much tanner than the last time he’d seen him). His hair, usually the color of wheat, had been bleached lighter from being exposed to too much sun. The overly tanned fool was wearing some sort of sports jersey (Arthur never paid as much attention to sports beyond Football (“soccer”) and rugby), a pair of cargo shorts, and sandals.

“Britain!” He waved at Arthur.

“Shut up, fool!” Arthur hissed, “I told you to call me Arthur when we’re around normal people.”

“Artie, then!”

“I hate you.”

Alfred let out a bout of loud, annoying laughter. “Good to see you too! Which bag is yours?”

Much to Alfred’s protest, Arthur insisted on getting his own suitcase. In response to Alfred’s comment about the size, Arthur huffed at him.

“What? It’s not like I’m staying more than a week." 

Alfred shook it off and lead the way out of the terminal with a certain bounce in his step. "Dude, I know you’re gonna love Cali, man! I’m having this wicked awesome beach party for tonight… you brought a swimsuit, right?”

“The only one I own.”

“Ugh, not that old thing from the nineteenth century!”

“Wha— It’s not that old!”

“Might as well be. Dude, I’m not letting you go to my party in that thing.” Arthur scoffed as Alfred tossed his bags into the bed of the American’s massive pickup truck.

“Then what the hell am I supposed to wear?!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got something that’ll fit ya.”

“How?!” Before he could get an answer, Alfred’s door slammed.

Alfred nearly died laughing. Then, he nearly died from being strangled by a Brit in a bright green bikini.


“Dude—” he could still barely breathe, even if Arthur had already let go of his throat, “It was a joke! I didn’t think you’d actually put it on!”

“I was naked in your bathroom with nothing else to wear.”

“You could’ve waited; I would’ve brought you the right one eventually.”

“How else would I have come out here to strangle you?” Alfred was too busy laughing to answer him. He held up a wad of green fabric, and Arthur snatched it from him, growling, “Wanker.” Before marching back to the bathroom.

Arthur quirked an eyebrow as he looked the trunks over. What was that embroidered on the left leg? Upon closer inspection, his eyes widened. It was exquisite work, but that wasn’t what surprised him. It was his crest, and beneath it was the name Kirkland in flawless cursive. Quickly, Arthur rid himself of the stupid bikini and tried them on. He made a startled noise when they fit perfectly. No gaps, no awkwardly tight or awkwardly loose places… Then, it dawned on him.

“I’ve got something that’ll fit ya.”

Alfred wasn’t kidding. Somehow, he’d gotten Arthur’s exact measurements for this bathing suit, and had it embroidered with his crest. Needless to say, Arthur was impressed. He stood in awe, staring at himself in the mirror for a long time. He jolted out of his stupor only because of a knock at the door.

“Britain! Come on, dude! Party’s gonna start without ya!”

“…I’m coming…”

This party was unlike any Arthur had ever been to. And he’d been to some pretty wild parties. (He made the mistake of happening to be in Paris during the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille one year—never again.) As much as he loved to ridicule America for throwing the loudest, most obnoxious parties, he’d never been to one himself. It was barely eight o’clock, and most of these partygoers were already drunk. He’d been drunk many, many times before, but never this early.

Besides, this time, he was going to abstain from having too much to drink. He would rather take in the party sober and relaxed than drunk and stupid. The party was held on a beach, near the pier at Santa Monica, which seemed appropriate. A lot of people were fooling around in the water, while on the sand a DJ had set up a massive sound system complete with lightshow. Arthur just hoped that no one at the party had problems with seizures. He barely recognized most of the songs played, but maybe he didn’t need to. He wasn’t apt at modern dancing anyway.

“Artie!” Alfred seemed to come from nowhere, two red solo cups foaming over with beer in his grasp, “Dude, I got you a drink!” Not wanting to spoil Alfred’s mood by telling him he didn’t want another drink, Arthur took it.

“Thanks…!” He shouted over the music, “Who are all these people?”

“Dunno!” As if it wasn’t a big deal, Alfred grinned, “I kinda just invite a couple people and tell them to invite all their friends. Then they invite their friends, and their friends invite more people, and everyone just kinda shows up!”

Arthur had to let out a laugh. “So it’s a Gatsby party!”

“You know, it kind of is! ‘Cept I don’t have a Daisy to throw it for.” That grin ever present, Alfred locked eyes with Arthur and for an instant, Arthur could swear he saw something other than hyperactive excitement twinkle in his eyes, but it was gone before he could figure out what it was.

“I mean,” the American continued, “I don’t usually invite countries to my birthday parties, cos no one really wants to come, and the people that would want to come, and the people that would want to come are either creepy or my brother.”

Brother? It took a second to click. “…oh! Is Can—is Matthew here?”

“Should be, somewhere,” Alfred shrugged, drinking his beer down and tossing the cup before continuing, “Hey, you wanna come see my favorite part of the beach?” this time, Arthur didn’t bother to try to answer, because he knew Alfred was going to show him anyway.

Once the crowd thinned out, Arthur realized they were headed for the pier. Instead of leading him up onto the boardwalk, Alfred led him under the suspended platform. Arthur grimaced as they passed the barnacle-encrusted support beams that reeked of salt and brine. This is Alfred’s favorite part? Just when Arthur thought he was going to stop, Alfred kept going under the pier.

“Where are we going?” Arthur asked. Alfred paused for a moment, falling back to walk side-by-side with him.

“Just down the beach.” Alfred’s voice had fallen from an annoying, grating pitch to one more mellow, and calmer. Arthur wasn’t shocked, but he made a mental note of how much he liked it better when Alfred wasn’t trying too hard to be heard.

“What for?” Arthur’s voice was soft.

For a second, Arthur was convinced Alfred wasn’t going to tell him. The American just smiled warmly for a second, looking down at the sand while he walked.

“I, uh… found out recently that we could get a better view of the fireworks from this side of the boardwalk.”

Arthur nodded. He’d forgotten the American tradition of shooting off fireworks on their Independence Day. Judging by what he’d heard, the show was supposed to be better and better as the years went on. He would never admit that he was actually excited to see it in person.

“Right here! Come on, let’s sit down. It’s about to start!” Alfred sat down in the sand, gesturing for Arthur to sit next to him. Carefully, so not to get sand in his new shorts (or spill his beer), Arthur sat next to him.

“A bit early, isn’t it?” Arthur looked at the sun, that had yet to completely vanish below the horizon.

“Nah, dude. It starts right after the sun goes down.”

“Well, the sun hasn’t set, now has it?”

“Yeah, but…” Alfred was suddenly interested in his feet. Arthur couldn’t tell if it was the sunset reflecting off the water, or if Alfred’s face had gone bright red. “I guess I just think the sunset is kinda pretty, you know?”

“You could’ve seen the sunset from the party, yeah?”

“Yeah, but… I dunno, I just wanted to make tonight special cos you’re here…”

Arthur’s eyebrows furrowed. “But it’s your birthday, not mine. Why bother to do nice things for me?”

“I’ve had 238 birthdays, Artie. And every year, I get hundreds of people that come for the party, not for me. I don’t want to get gifts from people—though I usually love the gifts I get—cos for my birthdays, I really only wanted one thing, and I got it.”

“And what’s that?”

“I wanted to spend my birthday having the best night ever with you. So no matter what I get for my birthday, you already gave me all I wanted.”

Arthur’s heart rose to his throat. His eyes widened, and he blinked furiously down at the sand. He tried to form words, but he was too confused. His stomach was twisting in knots.

“Alfred… How am I supposed to react to this? I don’t know what to say…”

“Then don’t bother,” Alfred gave him a wry little smile, and Arthur could swear his heart was going to leap out of his throat, “It’s totally fine, I just wanted to say thanks…”

“…god, I could bloody kiss you.”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Their lips touched, and Arthur’s brain melted. His limbs were numb. All he could really remember how to do was breathe. Was it love? It seemed too simple to be love. Or was it? Love was just wanting to spend time with each other, and they both definitely wanted that. It was the little things: sharing an umbrella, staying up all night talking, watching horror movies together, taking a long drive at 2 AM, falling asleep in each others’ arms and waking up with his head on his chest. Little things like that.

Love was right there: the two of them sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, and forgetting the past. Now, there was just the two of them, and Arthur didn’t have a single care in the world. They broke apart at the sound of an explosion—the fireworks had started. Arthur gaped as the rockets screeched into the sky, then burst in reds, whites, and blues. This was the happiest he’d ever been on a Fourth of July, and he never wanted it to end. Alfred, his glasses twinkling with a reflection of the sparks and his eyes twinkling with something Arthur couldn’t explain, voiced his thoughts exactly:

“Best birthday ever.”