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“My hands are stained with the blood of millions

Screw Romeo and Juliet, I think Laura and Carmilla have the greatest love story ever. Think about it, both were star-crossed and Romeo and Juliet killed themselves after like two days because they couldn’t be with each other but Laura and Carmilla made real sacrifices and put their lives in danger so that the other one could be safe, could not be apart, Carm refused to let Laura be fed to the anglerfish, they both literally died to let the other live and Carmilla gave up her immortality to resurrect Laura. Plus there is real relationship development and ups and downs. Want a cute love story GO FUCKING WATCH CARMILLA YOU MORON! Also I could not not mention the yellow pillow.


Hi Friends!

I am frustratingly stuck between jobs at the moment, so I set up a Redbubble account to see if I could supplement my nonexistent income a little bit. 

These are some of the things that I have up there. Right now it’s all ace-themed designs, and I’m working on adding more to it. I’m also open to design suggestions, so if you have a thought feel free to shoot it my way and I’ll let you know if it is within my graphic design capabilities. :)

It would be great if you could check it out! And even if you don’t want to buy anything, I would really appreciate if you reblog to help spread this around! Thanks!

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Now HERE'S a ship I bet you weren't expecting!!!: Gwenvid.

You’re actually the only person who asked for it! I think everyone assumed I’d get it a lot. (That might not be true, actually, but I deleted repeats months ago and have totally forgotten if someone else did.)

I’m afraid I’m the one who won’t have much in the way of surprises.

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hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

and i’ll also tell you who:

  • proposes

Well, I wasn’t sure but now thanks to @directium I’m convinced it’s Gwen. So, Gwen. And it’s a bit of a mess, because she’s awkward and nervous and terrible at romantic gestures but of course David loves it, that big fuckin goober.

  • shops for groceries

Oh, David. Gwen can cook ramen and those awful low-cal frozen meals but that’s this. Sometimes if she’s feeling really fancy she’ll boil some pasta. David, on the other hand, has been cooking since he was a kid because his mom takes night classes and his dad wasn’t around, so he’s a hell of a chef. And he finds the whole thing relaxing.

(When he knows she’s having a bad day, he’ll throw something sugar-filled in the cart for her, though, so sometimes she comes home late from work to find a chocolate bar or cupcake sitting on her pillow.)

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Happy Birthday !

I’m sorry I didn’t get a change to post this yesterday. But I hope you like it!!! I heart you Love @mrsrafaelbarba !!!

Warnings: unbeta’d, birthday NSFW, no accents on the Spanish words.

*Not Sonny, my first attempt at writing Rafael

You were finishing up at work, it was your birthday so you decided on getting home early to have a relaxing night with a glass of wine and a bath. You didn’t expect much from your husband as being the ADA kept him so busy he’s even forgotten his own birthday before!

You’re walk home was nice, a stroll through the park, looking at the street vendors and just taking in the sighs of the city. You didn’t get to do this much with the rush of life always happening.

You got home and you stopped dead in your tracks as you walk into chaos!

The smoke alarm was blaring and there he was, your husband Rafael at the window to your shared apartment trying clear the smoke out. His face has cake batter smeared on it and it was in his hair and tie! He looked at you from his spot and he had the look of defeat in his eyes! Your wonderful husband who was never afraid of a fight against the toughest prosecutors in the city. But in this moment he looked defeated. And the culprit? A birthday cake!

“Mi amor! You’re home early” he says as he shuffles to you.

“Rafi, what’s going on?” You ask you head to the fire alarm with a towel and begin to fan the smoke and the alarm stops.

“Carino, I wanted to surprise you! I had dinner and a cake in the oven!”

You raise a brow. “You cooked and baked babe?” You asked, surprised at his admission.

“Tried being the operative word here mi amor.” He sighed. “I began to look over a case and forgot it was there until I hear the alarm and the place went up in smoke.”

You looked at your dear, loving husband, and you were just happy at the gesture and attempt he made to surprise you.

“Baby, it’s ok, just thank you for trying to put this together for me, you left work early? I thought you had a big day in court?” You asked.

“Carmen reminded me what today was and I’m always missing being with you on the one day I should really be celebrating because it was the day you were brought into the world!”

You smiled and you thought you were going to cry at his words.

“I got someone else to cover and rushed to get things prepared, because you do so much for me, I wanted to show you how I appreciate you and well ..” he gestured the room in an over exaggerated circle. Then he looked down at his feet.

You came up to him and cupped his face and brought it up to look at you as you kissed him, touching foreheads.

“I just appreciate the gesture love.” And you kissed him again.

“Come on, let’s get this place cleaned up and we’ll call for take out!” You say to him as you take the towel and wet it clean off his face.

You ordered Chinese and he ran down to the bodega down the street from your place and picked up a couple of small cupcakes and candles. You lit a fire in the fireplace. You ate on the floor in a pile of pillows and blankets. You both talked about anything and everything, sharing food, drinking wine and him laughing at you because after about your 3rd glass you couldn’t hold your sticks right to grab the food so you just stabbed into it with one stick and ate like that.

Once dinner was done, he grabbed the cupcakes and put a candle in one. With the lights turned out and only the fire lighting the room, you see his silhouette walk towards you. Singing. His voice makes you melt each time you hear him.

“Felicidades mi amor en tu día que lo pases con sana alegría muchos años de paz y armonía felicidad, felicidad, felicidad”

You close your eyes and blow out the candle.

He sits next to you, “what did you wish for mi querida?”

“That I never want this night to end!” You smile at him.

“Hmmm well it doesn’t have to end yet!” He says as he kisses you and pushes you into the pillows.

Cupcakes long forgotten.

His hands trace up and down your curves. He kisses you again. He pushes the hair that falls over your eyes, it seems to keep falling just the same as he keeps falling for you. He smiles at you, looking at you as if it’s the first time he sees you again.

“What?” You ask as your hands trace up and down his back.

“Nothing, it’s just I feel like I’m the luckiest man alive right now.”

You blush, biting your lip. He kisses you again, hands coming to your thighs, pushing your dress up. He lifts it up over your head, you begin to unbutton his shirt and push it off over his arms, then his undershirt is removed as you make your way to his belt. He grinds against your core, causing you to moan against his mouth. His belt comes out and you throw it across the room. He sits up to his knees removing his pants. He sits for moment taking in the sight of you waiting with lust and love your eyes.

“You’re so beautiful mi amor.” He says licking his lips.

Laying gentle kisses on your stomach. He works his way down hooking his thumbs into your panties as he removes them slowly. You sit up removing your bra and lay back down. He begins a trail of kisses down your leg and stops your thigh, picks up your other leg and begins trailing kisses and bites down this leg until he gets to where you want him most. He licks a stride up your core and takes your nub into his mouth sucking hard, taking your fold into his mouth suckling gently, you grab his hair in your hands as you moan. He inserts his tongue into your center, going in and out at a slow pace.

“Oh Rafi, so good” thrusting your hips up as his nose brushes against your swollen bud.

He licks back up to your pearl as he then inserts one, then two fingers. He begins a steady pace and you grip his hair harder and he moans, with that it sends vibrations up your spine and you can’t hold it any longer. He can feel you clenching him tight.

“Si venga por mi mami.” Continuing to suck harder and moving his fingers in a come hither motion and his words were your your release.

He removes his fingers sucking your essence off of himself and come up for a kiss. Your breathless and your in a high, he removes his boxers and settles in between your legs.

“You ready carino?” He asks as he kisses down your neck, sucking a bruise just low enough to cover but that can be seen if your shirt moves just right.

You nod at him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

He lines up with your entrance and inserts himself, slowly, he’s driving you crazy with the snail like pace. He lets you adjust to size once he’s completely seated.

There is no rush tonight, he starts moving, slowly, and it’s overwhelming your senses. You move your hips up to meet his, scratching down his back as you take his earlobe in your mouth, causing him to growl. He hitches your leg up against him so he can go deeper into and you moan loudly as he hits your spot over and over again.

“Right there, harder Rafi.” You say kissing him again, biting his bottom lip.

He picks up a faster, harder pace. The noises you are making cause him to smirk. He likes watching you squirm underneath him.

“Te gusta eso mi vida, hmmm?” He asks.

Oh how you love when talks to you in Spanish.

“Mmmm, si papi!” You growl in his ear.

He growls, making gentle but fast circles on your clit.

He feels you clenching around him.

“Aye mami, venga otra vez para mi.”

And again just like that you came undone, milking him through his orgasm.

He lays on top of you as you’re both catching your breathe. He looks into your eyes, then kisses you again. You smile against his lips.

“Mmmm, happy birthday to me!” You giggle.

He chuckles and begins to tickle you.

“S-stop! Rafi!” As you try to wiggle away from him, but he keeps you close pulling you to his side and pulling a blanket over both of you, wrapping his arms around you.

“Thank you for the best birthday ever Rafi!”

“Even if it was a disaster, mi vida?”

“I now have a wonderful memory and you made this birthday unforgettable. Just you attempting to make is special, did make it quite special to me.”

“Te amo mi amor!”

“I love you you Rafi.”

Cuddling against him, you drift off to sleep smiling and even more in love with your husband.


duggar girls as taylor swift albums: jill as speak now

reasoning: speak now is so happy and soft and charming. Even the sadder ballads have an uplifting vibe about them. It also feels very…not young but not old. Jill has always had a youngness about her even as she’s gotten older and had kids. She’s also hopelessly in love with derick (smh) and forgiving (if you listen to innocent and think jill and derick instead of taylor and kanye…its a lot to handle especially right now with all the jazz drama). It’s a sweet album with a sorta fairy light, home made cupcakes and fuzzy pillow vibe while also being lyrically mature and very smart. Key songs: innocent, ours, never grow up.

things i associate with the signs
  • Aries: bass drops, slam dunks, rave concerts,
  • Taurus: first flowers of spring, coffee brewing, piano solos
  • Gemini: bon fires, scary stories, late night phone calls
  • Cancer: subway rides, walks in the park, waves hitting the shore
  • Leo: fireworks, swan dives, melting ice cream
  • Virgo: hysterically laughing, cartwheels, neon lights
  • Libra: tea lights, vanilla cupcakes, fluffy pillows
  • Scorpio: action movies, cuddling, football games
  • Sagittarius: love stories, dinner cooking, soft rain
  • Capricorn: movie nights, pizza bagels and lemonade
  • Aquarius: strawberries, dress shopping, intertwining fingers
  • Pisces: all nighters, long hugs, deep talks in the middle of summer

I Worry About Him In My Body Sometimes…