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god, do i miss homestuck. 

 and i KNOW that’s standard fare, i know most of us are over it, but i still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s been a year already? because homestuck had been such a big part of my life for so long, and suddenly- it’s gone.

homestuck redefined fandom for me, and i know that there won’t ever be something quite like it again- the way we came together, the upd8 culture and the cons and the panels, the lyricstucks, the fansongs and animations and meetups and the way we were a family, of sorts, united by our love for this dumb webcomic that brought us together- there’s never going to be anything like that. homestuck was a cultural masterpiece, a revolution in and of itself, and i honestly don’t think anything can top it in terms of impact. 

 homestuck was just so big, so much, for so long, and it’s hard to believe that- it’s not anymore. and it’s hard to believe that everyone’s moved on from something that we loved so much, that shaped us so much, that brought us together like nothing else before. 

 and maybe there will be no more spin the faygo games at cons. maybe there will be no more lyricstucks or fansongs, no more bucket full of homestuck-style panels, no more rush to make upd8 art and cosplay new characters and update shipping charts with all new quadrants. maybe it really is over. but we’re all still here, whether we like it or not. 

we’d use to joke that “the ride never ends.” and it doesn’t, not really. because homestuck is something that sticks with you no matter what. so this is a love letter to my favorite story, the story that made me who i am. happy 4/13, everybody. thanks for eight fantastic years.


Warrior Culture : Mongol

The Mongolian Empire is perhaps the most underrated of them all. Ironic since at its hights it controlled more land than Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler combined. They were predominantly a nomadic horse warrior people, able to ride for days and outwit, out maneuver, and out survive their enemies. Brutal and effective in battle with enemies, but magnanimous in peace with friends, as it should be.



[Sarek] believed I could serve as humanity’s potential. 

But not everyone agreed with him. A group of logic extremists, they didn’t want humans in their culture, they tried to stop him by killing me.


I was very honored to meet and talk with my powerful brother and Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar. The Cultural Revolution is On. The artistic community has historically been in the vanguard of social change. • #Farrakhan #KendrickLamar

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I'm terrified of the rise of leftwing militants across Europe. Lord all the castles, the historic architectures, the beautiful natural scenery, all of it will be destroyed by these militants as they plan to have a European styled Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward.

whom else here a left wing militant whos gonna destroy all the castles, the historical architecture and the beautiful natural scenery

The first century BC can properly be described as the Age of the Political Matron. Where previous ages had thrown up a few women whose status and abilities had enabled them to influence public affairs, the last century of the Republic saw the emergence of the influential woman almost as an institution. In the private law sector she was as emancipated as she ever would be, with manusfree marriage the general rule and guardianship little more than nominal. In the public sector she foreshadowed the great imperial women, and in some respects outdid them, for the liberal climate of the time allowed her, like her male counterpart, to address a wider range of goals than would be possible later on. A Servilia was able to influence the proceedings of the senate without an elaborate comedy of curtains and concealment. A Fulvia did not need to wear an imitation of a military uniform; she commanded an army.
—  Richard Bauman; women and politics in ancient Rome

Fidel Castro and Malcolm X at the Hotel Theresa in Harlem on September 19, 1960. 

Castro was visiting New York City to address the United Nations. He had checked into the elite Shelburne hotel in Midtown but it allegedly demanded an exorbitant fee in hard cash. Tabloid newspapers fumed that Castro’s “uncouth primitives” had “killed, plucked, and cooked chickens in their rooms at the Shelburne and extinguished cigars on expensive carpets”.The president and his entourage of 50, almost all dressed in combat fatigues, were said to have considered sleeping in hammocks in Central Park and threatened to march to the UN and set up camp on the grounds.But Malcolm X and other civil rights leaders arranged for the Cubans to stay at the rundown Hotel Theresa in predominantly black Harlem. Malcolm X wrote in his autobiography that Castro “achieved a psychological coup over the US State Department when it confined him to Manhattan, never dreaming that he’d stay uptown in Harlem and make such an impression among the Negroes”.

“Castro’s first words were lost to us assembled around him,” the New York Citizen-Call reported. “But Malcolm heard him and answered, ‘Downtown for you, it was ice, uptown it is warm.’

“The Premier smiled appreciatively. ‘Aahh yes, we feel very warm here.’

“Then the Muslim leader, ever a militant, said, ‘I think you will find the people in Harlem are not so addicted to the propaganda they put out downtown.’

“In halting English, Dr Castro said, ‘I admire this. I have seen how it is possible for propaganda to make changes in people. Your people live here and are faced with this propaganda all the time and yet, they understand. This is very interesting.’

“’There are 20 million of us,’ said Malcolm X, ‘and we always understand.’”

Malcolm X was later quoted as saying Castro was the “only white person he ever liked”.

(via The Guardian)


21st January 1962: Stripped to the waist, Argentine-born revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara (1928 - 1967), who waged guerrilla warfare with the Castro brothers, helps workers on a low cost housing project near Havana. At that time he was the head of the Cuban National Bank as well as Minister of Industries. 

Photos by Alan Oxley


1. Fabergé, First Hen Egg or Jeweled Hen Egg, 1885

2. Fabergé, Danish Palaces Egg, 1890

3. Fabergé, Rosebud Egg, 1895

4. Fabergé, Blue Serpent Clock Egg, 1895

6. Fabergé, The Winter Egg, 1913

5. Steel Military Egg, 1916

6. The Pearl Egg, 2015

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“The workers must be armed and organized. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.” — Karl Marx

This should be a very pressing issue for the far-left. We need to start pulling a lot more Black Panther shit, waltzing around the capitol building locked and loaded. As a tendency and a movement, we need to flat-out steal the “gun culture” from reactionaries.


American novelist Ernest Hemingway presents Fidel Castro with a trophy after he won the individual championship in The Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament on May 15, 1960. Castro caught five fish weighing 286 pounds to take the crown.