the cuddle jumper

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Flinthamilton and 14 and/or 16? ((As long as you keep reblogging these prompt thingies, I'm gonna keep sending asks))

14; a shrunken sweater and 16; rainy day cuddles

“That’s my jumper.”

Thomas hummed, turning the page of his book and not bothering to look up.

“Thomas. That’s my jumper, why are you wearing it?” James tugged on the collar.

“It shrank in the wash, in stretching it out;” he turned another page, as though it was a normal thing to happen.

James sat down and looked at the man he loved sat on the sofa beside him. It was his favourite jumper, dark blue with a little ship on the front. He got it on their first proper date. To see Thomas in it wasn’t that uncommon, but to see him wearing it with the arms halfway to his elbows and the hem reaching to just below his belly button… that was more unusual.

“Stop staring and come here;” Thomas curled an arm around him and drew James in close, letting him move himself into the space Thomas’ body formed.

Thomas began reading aloud as the rain outside grew louder. He ran his fingers through James’ hair as James traced the little square rigged ship on Thomas’ chest.

It was one of the small things James loved about their relationship, how it was simple to sit back and just listen. He could listen to Thomas read all day and just relax into the feeling of bliss. It made him giddy sometimes. He and Thomas would sit for hours resting on one another and he would never tire of it.

Jughead Jones Ship

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Dating Chen would include:

- Always planning pranks to play on the other members

- He’d be a constant tease (Playfully and most probably sexually too)

-Puns…just so many puns

-Surprise kisses 

-Loads of long cuddle sessions 

-Wearing his jumper when you’re cold 

-Random bets about everything

-Him trying to style your hair but getting it knotted 

-Cute couples accessories for the two of you that he got on tour or when he was out shopping

-Him singing to you so you’d accept his apology for the pranks he pulled on you

-Chensing machine 24/7 

-Singing battles, he’d always challenge you to who can hit the highest/lowest note and who could sing a certain song better

-Sneaky sabotage during singing battles and during the occasional bet

-Cute sarcastic arguments which are normally about who’s cuter and would have a lot of sarcastic insults which none of you take seriously

-Being tangled in his arms while watching a movie 

-Innuendos out of nowhere and from something simple like the way you eat something

-Him telling you how much he loves you and how time with you is so precious to him and him never letting go of you since he loves the feel of you next to him


2016 Fic Roundup

wowow 2016 is dead and gone. here’s all the narry shit i wrote:

something about the new year – 2.4k

“Have you gone home for the holidays?”

“No,” he jumped. “No. Well, yes. I’ve come back since, though. I’m… I’m in London, too.“

“That’s good,” Niall paused, briefly weighing his next words on his tongue, “Suppose I could stop by sometime?”

(It’s New Year’s Eve and they’ve only seen each other a handful of times throughout 2016, and really, that’s about 360 days together too little.)

songs we wrote when we were drunk – 4.8k

“That was…that was really good and all Haz, but is this gonna make shit weird?” Niall asked, lifting himself onto one elbow to peer down at Harry who, though technically larger than him, was curled up quite neatly into a ball like he was ready for a nap.

“Us? ‘Course not.” He closed his eyes while talking, leaving Niall to wonder if he’d only said it so that he could sleep or if he actually believed it.

“‘Course not,” Niall copied, lying back down. “Guess we’ll find out.”

(A quick piece exploring Narry getting drunk, getting off, getting ignored, and getting together.)

for years or for hours – 8.7k

“Do you really think people marry for love these days?” his father scoffed. Harry merely shrugged his shoulders, casting his gaze out the carriage window to a puddle that spanned the width of the street, reflective surface shattering as the wheels spun through it. “We can’t afford that! Besides, that’s a ridiculous notion. Where would you get such a nonsensical idea?”

“Nowhere, Father,” Harry sighed. He longed to be anywhere else but on his way to his wedding rehearsal, but short of throwing himself from the moving carriage and hoping he either died or was well enough to run away after landing, he had no choice but to stay.

(A Corpse Bride AU in which Harry wants to marry for love, and does, after The End.)

it starts like this, harmless and simple to fix – 12.1k

Harry wasn’t sure when he’d see Niall again–he knew of course that he would see Niall in the morning when he delivered breakfast, but he didn’t know if he’d have another chance to just sit and talk. He realized that Niall was the only person he’d had an actual conversation with since he’d gotten to Earth. He had too much to do in North America to stop and talk, moved around too often to meet people, but he realized now that he missed the interaction. He wasn’t made for people, but he liked people–at least he did now that he knew Niall.

(In other words, Niall and Harry easily become infatuated with each other when Harry starts staying at Niall’s family hotel, but their love is condemned to be…seasonal.)

we let our love ignite – 1.1k

“Do you think we’re in love?”

“The fuck are you talkin’ ‘bout, Haz?” he laughed again but this time it was strained. Harry took a step closer and Niall straightened his posture to try to stand at Harry’s height.

“I mean, we could be. Right? Like, why couldn’t we?”

all i ask – 1k

In which Niall and Harry have a night together but that’s it.

to get you off my mind – 1k

In which Harry tries to get over Niall.

secret love song – 1.3k

In an alternate universe, Niall is a solo singer-songwriter who keeps himself in the closet, and Harry hosts the breakfast show with Nick.

when we were young – 1.3k

In which Niall constantly runs charities and Harry shows up at one.

you will find me with a kiss – 2k

In a world where you find your soulmate by kissing them, Harry tries to only kiss people when he thinks that they could be the one. 

colors fade to gray ii – >1k

A sister-drabble to adopt-a-prompt with @basement-hero where you see in color while your soulmate loves you, but not any longer than that.

the cuddle jumper – >1k

Niall and Harry get into a two-headed jumper.

prompt fill – >1k

Harry worrying about Harry 2.0 (Conor) basically.

there were some things I didn’t include bc i don’t like them anymore, but they total about another 3k, then there’s 31k of a few WIPs that i hope to finish in 2017, so all in all i wrote like… 71.5k this year (even tho literally almost exactly half of it is thus far unpublished) daaaang, well here’s to a great fic-filled 2017

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Could I have a Riverdale ship please? I'm a straight, 5"5 British girl with kinda short dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. I sing and play the violin (With an Orchestra too), I love to read and write and I'm huge Classical Music and English lit trash . I'm a fairly loud person but I can become quiet and I'm known as the crazy girl of my friends. I don't like my body, I adore cuddles, wearing oversized jumpers and people playing with my hair. I love to learn and I'm told I am smart. Thanks x

I ship you with… Archie! 

He would high key want you to play the violin with him while he plays the guitar because it’s such a different but amazing sound. He would be obsessed with your knowledge of English lit. He would love to wrap you in cuddles, telling you how amazing you look all the time, and you would so totally steal his jackets all the time. You wearing his clothes is actually his favorite thing in the world though.

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(Ships are now closed!)

okay but like i want cute even/isak fluff for when its almost christmas plz can u imagine those 2 at christmas IM CRYING i WANT soppy fucking mistletoe kisses to make up for this angst we’re going thru now.

littlemisscaptainfandom  asked:

Could I have a Riverdale ship please? I'm a straight, 5"5 British girl with mid-length dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. I sing and play the violin (With an Orchestra too), I love to read and write and I'm huge Classical Music and English lit trash. I'm a fairly loud person but I can become quiet and I'm known as the crazy girl of my friends. I don't like my body, I adore cuddles, wearing oversized jumpers and people playing with my hair. I love to learn and I'm told I am smart. Thanks x

I ship you with… 

Archie Andrews! 

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Napping on and off all day with Harry while it rains, and you’re in one of his jumpers. Cuddling, his hair is messy, his eyes are puffy, and he keeps letting out obnoxious yawns

What Christmas with Steve would include…

• Snowball fights.

• Steve wanting to cut the Christmas tree himself.

• Making a full day trip out of cutting the tree down.

• Decorating the tree together.

• Sitting on his shoulders to put the star on the top.

• Begging Steve to bake gingerbread men with you.

“Come on Steve, it’s fun,”

“Okay then, but only because it’s you,”

• Steve talking about how Christmas was in the 40’s.

• You loving when Steve talks about Christmas in the 40’s.

• Cuddles.

• Matching ugly jumpers.

• Hot chocolate and movies.

• Showing him all you favorite Christmas movies.

“Omg we have to watch How the Grinch stole Christmas,”

“What the heck is a Grinch?”

• Steve really liking all the Home Alone movies.

• Building a snowman together.

• Having Bucky over for Christmas.

• You sneaking up behind Steve and placing a Santa hat on his head.

• Making a Christmas playlist to Steve.

• You bursting out the lyrics to ‘All I Want for Christmas is you,’

• Having a Christmas dinner with the other Avengers.

• Steve dragging you under the mistletoe.

“Omg you’re so cheesy Steve,”

“Gotta stay with the traditions,”

• Going ice-skating.

• You being really bad at it.

• Steve holding you close to him so you don’t fall.

• Taking long walks in the park.

• Going to your local Christmas market.

• Drinking eggnog.

• Playing board games. 

• Taking a small trip to visit Peggy’s grave.

• Steve crying at the grave.

• You letting him cry on your shoulder.

“It’s okay Steve,”

“No it’s not I made a promise to her back before I went under the ice,”