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At the beginning of February, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Something had to be done because I knew deep in my heart I wasn’t happy and couldn’t continue like this. I slowly changed my eating habits and implemented exercise into my life. I started off at 329.6 lbs… 12 weeks later and shedding 32 lbs, I now weight 297.6 lbs! Still have a long ways to go, but I’ll get there.

@visambros basically, that Loki had or was supposed to have a dagger that was an equal and counterpart to Mjolnir –Mistilteinn, mistletoe.

Lightning resistant, more amenable to magic than Mjolnir, a weapon that really *suited* Loki the way the physicality of Mjolnir suits Thor. The weapon of a prince. A king.

(But why doesn’t he have it now? Why does the Loki of *Thor* and *The Avengers* wear a pauldron, but only carries throwing knives?)

…Thor and Loki were raised together, ostensibly as equals. Odin often told them that both of them were born to be kings.

No one really ever made it clear, to either of them, that Thor was Odin’s heir, though Loki slowly began to figure it out.

It was confirmed when Thor came of age. An honor, to Thor. A cause for celebration.

Loki didn’t take it well.

There was a party. There might have been alcohol involved. Loki might have stayed only long enough to make sure he wouldn’t be missed.

Baldur followed, worried for his friend

(They’d always been good friends, at least on Baldur’s side –they were built much the same and had the same fighting styles, and so their teachers had paired them up since childhood.)

…and made the mistake of asking a distraught, definitely angry, and possibly inebriated Loki what was eating him.

They stayed good friends.

On Baldur’s side.

Prince of Asgard or no, impulsive action or no, Baldur had the right to ask for Loki’s life.

Instead, he asked for the blade that nearly killed him.

He asked for Mistilteinn.

Baldur and Loki grew up together. There is –here’s the thing: children know things. Baldur never feared himself. Baldur sought self-knowledge like it was water to a thirsty vine. But Loki, oh, Loki. Loki always suspected that there were things about himself he wouldn’t want to know.

Baldur knew this, too. Knew that Loki shoved his regrets and anxieties deep down to become resentments. Knew that expecting Loki to be sorry for what he had done –not sorry for the consequences, but sorry for the pain which he had caused –was Asking A Lot.

A consequence it would have to be.

But with a caveat.

No one really noticed that Baldur carried Mistilteinn. He didn’t flaunt it –it was never meant to shame Loki, though that is exactly how Loki took it.

(A second piece of his birthright, stolen.)

Even Thor, to his shame, never noticed until after *The Avengers*.

But if you were to get a good look at Mistilteinn, and look at it with the eyes of a sorcerer, perhaps you would see the enchantment on the blade.

If something were to change, if Loki were to truly understand and regret something he had done –not for the sake of consequences that affect him, but for the sake of another, then Mistilteinn would not fail to return to its true owner.

Chase likes cats

Not just, likes them he LIKES CATS

not just the big ones the small ones too

One time, while watching a Showdown like his usual typical Chase self does, he sees a little stray cat and not only does he ignore literally everything around him, his pupils EXPLODE, HIS EYES ARE SO WIDE HE HAS GAZED AT PURITY AND NOBILITY

He drops everything he’s doing, he’s going to fucking pet that cat. In New York City? You need a fucking leash on him, he will have a hoard of fucking cat’s surrounding him like a fucking cat cult. He pets every stray, picks up every kitten.

He treats them like treasure.

His feline warriors have cubs? Fuck, he loves em. He low key spends several hours a day just laying around his palace basking with cubs. No way in hell could he ever dislike one or be mean.

He loves them, he loves cats

Happy belated birthday, @ir0nshield! I hope your birthday was filled with so much fun, excitement and I also hope it was fantastic! I really wanted to write something for you since you’re just so incredibly kind and such an amazing person. 

So I do hope you enjoy a small dose of IronPanther!

T’challa breathed a sigh of relief as he exited the last meeting of the day, tired but pleased with the progress they had made. It had been a tough couple of weeks but it seemed like everything was under control. 

The citizens were happy and vibrant while the country’s resources remained well stocked. This was good news to T’challa as it meant that the country hadn’t gone under any drastic changes since he became king. He had always doubted that he would never be as good as his father and it was true that he would never be. 

But he knew that he was doing something right due to the various compliments that he received from his people. It was right that he’d never be like his father but it meant that he was becoming his own king, creating his own path. 

He was tired now and all he wanted to do was to find Tony so they could walk to dinner together. It had been a while since they had spent proper time with each other as their schedules had been hectic. T’challa had been attending to royal duties while Tony was working with the R&D department, making good headway with Bucky’s new arm. 

It was frustrating that the only time they did have with dinner and when they got the bedroom, they were too tired to talk or do anything that was physical. But holding Tony in his arms as they slept was enough to quench T’challa thirst for another day, smiling softly at the man curled up against him. 

T’challa happened to find Tony in the gardens and couldn’t help but chuckle as he saw him playing with the baby panther cubs, such an endearing sight. The sight was highly endearing as the black cubs pranced around Tony, who cooed happily as he playfully grabbed at their tails and scratched behind their ears. 

One cub had made itself at home as it lounged peacefully on Tony’s lap, not paying any attention to any of its siblings. Tail flickering leisurely, it purred as it rubbed its head against Tony’s stomach. 

“You’re the peaceful one, huh?” Tony asked, eyes soft as he scratched at its ear causing the cub to push into his hand. “I wonder why your brothers and sisters can’t be like you.” 

As if offended, one of the cubs yowled at him before gently gnawing on one of Tony’s fingers. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Tony apologized, laughing as he rubbed the cub’s head. “But I mean it, you are all trouble.” 

That seemed to be the last straw as all the cubs then pounced on him causing Tony to yelp out in surprise as he fell onto his back. “Hey!” He chuckled, scrunching at his nose as he was licked from all directions. “I expected more of you all!” 

T’challa laughed joyfully as he strolled towards Tony before kneeling beside him and gently taking one of the cubs. The cub struggled for a moment before recognizing him and mewling happily. “Hello to you too.” He greeted, grinning when the cub pushed up against his hand. 

All the other cubs immediately looked his way and changed their course from Tony to T’challa who found himself being attacked by little cute furballs. 

Tony sat himself up before smiling at the adorable picture it made. “It seems like they can just sense you.” Tony said, gazing at them fondly. T’challa nodded as he nuzzled his nose with one of the cubs and Tony felt himself falling for the king a little more. 

“Well, I am the Black Panther.” He reminded Tony, rolling his eyes playfully when Tony stuck his tongue at him. “You don’t need to remind me.” Tony shook his head before asking, “How was the meeting?” 

“Why don’t we talk about it on the way to dinner?” T’challa offered as he gently removed the now peaceful panthers from his lap. “I’m starving.” 

“Sure.” Tony agreed, smiling when T’challa offered him a hand up which he took. He did let out a small yelp when T’challa strongly pulled him closer and captured his lips in soft kiss. 

Tony was more than happy as he melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around T’challa’s neck, bringing him even closer. It was T’challa who reluctantly pulled back but he landed a kiss on Tony’s nose, finding it so adorable at how Tony scrunched it up. 

He was so gone for this man.

Holding out his arm for Tony, who took it almost happily, the two of them strolled down the hallway towards the dinning room, talking about each other’s day and grateful to be in each other’s presence.