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So basically you can’t talk to @mittensmorgul about anything, or it just goes all

And in this case it’s trying to explain, like, the ENTIRE tangled web behind the whole “crypt scenes” thing and why we even call it that when it starts with a thread beginning in 1x22 with John throwing off Azazel to save Dean, and ends up with me yelling at my screen when a tan-coat-wearing brainwashed dude answering to a heaven-like organisation is waving a gun at some random hunter whose only crime is being adorable and loosely romantically connected to Sam, and declaring it Prime Destiel Subtext.

This is the wire tangle in my brain that explains it :P 

Details under the cut with the image above just so you can visualise all the bits of string, I guess, unless you can read my handwriting (on a browser, anyway, you can click the image to get it in a pop out, then right click, view in a new window, and view it in life size, and I used a LARGE sketchbook for it so life size is big ass spaghetti ramblings), in which case you get a prize. 

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Top 10 Destiel things that are far too obvious and beautiful.

10. ‘’ He is love…*looks at smudged writing in hand* with humanity.

Too much heart was always Castiel’s problems, and both Heaven and Hell know it. We have seen angels and demons joking about the true nature of their relationship. Cas has a weak spot, they know it and they have used it at every ocassion.

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He likes you.

9.’’Free to be you and me’’ or the ability this two have to cheer up the other despite how bad things get.

That episode is one of my favourites because Dean and Cas hunting together makes my heart sing. 

And of course the little ‘personal space’ problem.

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Dean, where are you even looking at?

8. Forgiveness at its best.

9X10 has a couple of amazing Destiel moments ( Cas losing control with Gadreel and Dean, a simple human, stopping him with just a touch and a few calming words) but I want to talk about something pretty important for me when it comes to Destiel: Forgiveness (I have talked about it here).  Even if Dean failed Castiel in one of his worse moments the angel is able to forgive the hunter, to see the good reasons behind his actions. 

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7. Heaven Can’t Wait.

This episode is gold, that’s it.

Castiel is angry, is hurt, but at the end he doesn’t want Dean to leave and Dean doesn’t want to go.

Even with their ‘’ lovers’ fight’’ their chemistry is so obvious it hurts.

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And I’m not going to talk about the famous fanfiction gap.

6. Cas and Dean + death.

I don’t really think I have to explain this:

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Or this:

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I’m suffering.

5. The crypt scene or how Dean Winchester broke heaven’s control.

Maybe Dean asks but they both know, we all know. Hearing again the words ‘I need you’ from Dean, knowing the hunter is in danger is enough to make Castiel break free from Naomi’s grip. 

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Do you really need to ask?

4. Castiel is Dean’s Colette.

I have said it 100 times, but here we are again. Because it’s the best parallel I have seen this far.

Collete knew who Cain was, but she loved him anyway. Colette only wanted Cain to see the good inside him, even if he was a walking nightmare. 

Sounds familiar?

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He only wanted Dean to stop.

3. What happens in Purgatory, stays in Purgatory.

‘’ Brother I can get you out of here, in any moment’’

‘’Yeah but first let me look for my angel during a whole year in land of monsters that want to bite my sweet ass.

Now seriously, Dean didn’t care about what could happen to him he just wanted to look for Cas. They are so loyal, going to the end of the world if that means they could save each other.

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Nice peach fuzz.

2. First Blood.

By far one of my favourites season 12 episodes. Dean calling and calling Cas, don’t even thinking about calling anyone else. Dean not wanting Cas to know about Billie, maybe because he wanted to see Cas again but not angry or pained, just a moment of peace before midnight.

The backseat scene… *whispers* they were holding hands.

And of course Cas’ speech and Dean’s face at the end of it.

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Magical, iconic.

And before we reach number one an honorable mention:

Bro you give me a boner and all this unresolved sexual tension:

Sometimes, and this two are fucking professionals in this issue, looks can tell us more than words. One day we will understand what’s the point of all those amazing staring contest.

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All of us were happy to see that Cas was alive and back from Purgatory, but we can agree that the happiest one here was Dean.

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And now the moment we were all waiting for:

1. ‘I could go with you’.

Or how Cas was ready to die if that meant Dean didn’t do it alone. I don’t think words can explain how heartbreaking it was for me to see how Castiel’s life seemed to have reached and end if he couldn’t save Dean, or how he couldn’t continue without Dean. (I have talke about it here)

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And the hug of course:

Let’s keep it real guys.

official confirmation Robbie ‘crypt scene’ Thompson wrote the upcoming and in-production episode “Angel Heart”

and these photos were taken while shooting angel heart:

Read the tweets. If that’s not sarcastically talking about manliness after having to kiss your best friend on camera I don’t know what is.

Also this happened: [x]

so um yes. Destiel is happening at sunset on a lake April 29th. Season 10 Episode 20. Courtesy of Robbie Thompson. Pass it on.

Anyone ready for some wild SPN season 12 speculation?

OK DISCLAIMER: this is just my opinion and I know nothing more than anyone else OK and I’m more than happy to be proved wrong or have lots and lots of opinions on this, please do, its just fun and I wanted to write down my thoughts as I flailed about this a lot today, lets be honest :)

Foreshadowing points through the season and Speculation under the cut.

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spacecomrades  asked:

Ok so I'm re watching ep 8x22 and I'm kind of annoyed/confused. I get why dean was pissed at cas but am I alone in thinking he was being way too harsh? Am I just looking at it the wrong way? Like I don't understand why he was so cruel this ep, maybe it's just me

Ah 8x22, Ah the end of season 8… Ah season 8 in general how I love it…

The answer, dear friend, is destiel.

8x22 was the first time that Dean had seen Cas after the infamous crypt scene. It was the first time that he was able to confront Cas after Cas flew off with the angel tablet… leaving Dean alone in a cold crypt, confused and… well… heartbroken.

Because in 8x17 Dean made a big leap. He confessed. He opened up to Cas and told him how he felt. Yes it was still all very subtextual and there is a main text reading of ‘they are just friends being super close friends’ hahaha yeah right. Nope. Dean basically confessed his love for Castiel in the only way he knew how and how does Cas react to that? 

…well, he doesn’t really. He just refuses to admit it. Dean’s question of ‘what broke the connection?’ is a prompt to Cas to talk to him about it, to give Dean a response to his confession. Dean already knew what broke the connection, that much was obvious. As it was to everybody else. You don’t need to ship destiel to be able to see plainly and clearly that it was Dean’s heart wrenching confession of “I need you” that pulled Cas from Naomi’s grasp.But Cas didn’t answer the way Dean wanted. The correct answer of course being “You did.”

Nope, Cas instead says “I don’t know” then goes on to talk about how he needs to protect the angel tablet from everyone including Dean because he basically doesn’t trust Dean with it. Now consider how you would feel if you had basically just admitted your not quite platonic feelings for your best friend whilst he was beating you to death only to have that confession be what stopped him from making the final blow… and then after that and possibly getting your hopes up for all of 0.001 seconds have him basically say he doesn’t trust you and then go and abandon you in that crypt??

Now imagine that your name is Dean Winchester and you have been forced your entire life to swallow down your emotions because manly men don’t show emotions or talk about feelings oh no we are MEN and we do NOT do feelings. Especially not big GAY FEELINGS for Angels of the Lord.

So your internal heart break over the dude you are in love with abandoning you right after you have confessed said love is gonna be pretty fucking epic.

Therefore when you next see the object of your affection.. you are probably gonna be a bit angry with them to say the least. 

Dean was hurt. He was hurt that Cas didn’t return his feelings, he was hurt that Cas didn’t trust him with the tablet. He wanted Cas to stay at the Bunker and recover and then he found out that once again Cas had left. (if only he knew that it was to get him pie as an apology) 

Therefore I don’t personally think that Dean acted too harsh in his anger towards Cas in 8x22 simply because it was anger brought out by heartbreak and Dean trying to close himself off again, because Cas’ ‘rejection’ was still an open wound for him at the time.

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Hello dear, I gotta admit that to me, Mick's story felt like a rushed version of a concept they already used for Castiel. This whole thing about coldly following orders, being a 'friendly antagonist', then he starts growing close to the Winchesters, starts doubting what's right and chooses free will over obedience. He even got that Bmol chick to reinforce his training, which reminded me a lot of Naomi. I would love to hear your opinion on this :)

Hey sweetie, I’m afraid I’m going to be annoying again, because yes, I do think that’s how his character was conceived and I agree with people who see Mick as a Cas mirror, but at the same time I’m uncomfortable with it.

To me, Dean’s heart and Dean’s soul were the fundamental part of Cas’ rebellion. His entire arc is a love story. Sure, Cas did rebel before, because he ‘came off the line with a crack in his chassis’ or something, and therefore he sometimes had doubts, and wondered about right and wrong, but we also know those things didn’t last. Cas was (brutally) reprogrammed, and then sent back out in the field. In fact, his superiors’ trust in his capacity to obey orders was such he was even sent on a very important mission: he was the one who rescued Dean from Hell and kept a close watch on the Righteous Man - something that never really made sense to me (did Michael consider himself too important to take a personal interest in Dean? and, in any case, why pick an angel who had caused so much trouble for such a crucial task? was Heaven following some kind of prophecy? or was Cas really their best soldier, despite the fact that at the time they had not one, but two functioning archangels up there?). So, you see, while it wasn’t Dean, exactly, who changed Cas - since, as I said, Cas had rebelled before and he was nurturing a kind of free will withing himself long before meeting Dean - it was Dean who allowed Cas to take that final step and finally break free of his corrupted and blind commanders. As we saw most clearly in the infamous crypt scene, but also in countless other moments, both textual and subtextual, it was touching Dean’s soul that truly made Cas into what he is today. It was Cas’ love for Dean which made everything possible, and it was perhaps Dean’s complicated feelings for Cas (or whatever happened between them in Hell) that made it so that Cas couldn’t be reprogrammed any longer.

Mick’s story doesn’t have any of this. The whole way the BMoL was conceived of is a bit wonky and out of balance, but Mick is particularly wonky and out of balance himself. 

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10x22 “The Prisoner”
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dadstiel-n-sammy  asked:

I loved your meta/breakdown of 12x10 so much. Since you seem to ship destiel too, the only tiny thing I would add to it is that you should look at the framing of that gif with Cas and Ishrim after Cas is beaten up. It's framed to look just like the reverse crypt scene where MoC!Dean beats up Cas, stabs the books near his face and walks out on him while Cas looks after him. Except this time Dean is experiencing this memory as an onlooker.

Hey and thanks! I do indeed ship destiel. What gave you that idea? lol!

This is crazy because I have been struggling to get to my ask box because I’m *still* half way through writing part 2 of my review I missed this when I added on my thoughts to this post which should interest you. Main credit of course goes to @destielonfire and @elizabethrobertajones as my comment around the framing was that I saw the two scenes as mirrored book ends to a very dark period in Castiel’s life and emotional arc that we have now come to the end of. 

10x22 was horrific both for Castiel’s self esteem (he had literally just pledged himself to Dean forever and got rejected) and for Dean and Cas’s relationship. They were at their worst point and the repercussions of this on Castiel’s mental state rippled throughout season 11 and were partly to blame for his accepting Lucifer. We only really started to get any recovery from this in 11x23 when Dean actually took Cas aside for a so called beer run to tell him how important he was. But Castiel didn’t really take it in properly.

In season 12 they have finally built on their relationship and are on a more equal footing, but 12x10 was the first time that the Winchesters have actually sat Castiel down and told him just how much they care properly and sincerely.  (I was screeching about that final scene for ages it was wonderful). In the mirror scene to 10x22 where Castiel is lying hurt on the floor, Dean is once again presented with a choice. Castiel gets to watch as Dean chooses to risk his own life rather than risk Castiel’s. Proving just how much Castiel means to him by that one small action of lowering his hand. 

This is such an important moment, not just for destiel but for Castiel’s self esteem and understanding of how Dean views him. This is Castiel learning to believe that he may actually be just as important to Dean as Dean is to him. 

And yeah, another thing this episode has done really well is show Dean things that he may not have been aware of before. Here is a comprehensive list:

  • Reminded him that angels don’t have gender.
  • Reminded him that angels treat Castiel like shit (and Dean doesn’t like that one bit).
  • Therefore made him reflect on his own attitude towards Castiel sometimes that he may not have been aware of previously.
  • Reminded him of just how much Castiel has done for him.
  • Reminded him of how much he takes Castiel for granted.
  • Reminded him that Castiel chooses him everytime.
  • Reminded him that he has previously hurt Castiel badly, and that he needs to make amends for that. (via this scene and the framing which was mirrored with 10x22).

Because whilst we argue that they have been acting like an old married couple having a lovers spat, and have been snapping at each other for quite a few episodes now, we need Dean to experience moments like this so he can get some perspective on his own situation with Cas. Do I think it brought back memories of 10x22? Yes of course. That much is obvious. Going forward I predict that we will see more care from Dean, and start to get more of Dean’s point of view on Cas and his current emotional arc. Which we have been greatly lacking in for a while. I am hopeful that this episode has taught Dean some lessons, because as far as I can tell that was intention. Otherwise we never would have got a blatant explanation of behaviour from Dean at the end. The guy actually used his words for once, and the only reason this was possible was because of what he witnessed in this episode.

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Interesting! A real reprogramming? Because I've felt like this is more about choice now, so while I do think we're probably going to get something similar to a crypt scene, I hadn't considered that it would be in the same way as it would have been in the past, where they were supernaturally (ha) influenced? But idk! I've definitely been thinking about your suggestion of a break-up of sorts happening since the past few episodes and Dean's escalating worry.

Yeah, I mean, the thing with speculation is any one flip of the script or slight change in canon can throw it off, but the break up thing, and the separation thing I think seems to be making the most sense right now.

As for the reprogramming, it depends how they want to take it. They could have Cas ‘killed’, captured, reprogrammed or anything, including potentially a conscious choice (but if there is it will clearly have to be based on lies or Dean pushing Cas away due to his own feelings) which basically leads to them being separated at this point…

Dabb loves subversion and mirrors, the whole of season 12 has been a mirror of past seasons, most specifically season 6 and I have really strong feelings about 6x20 seeping into 12x19.

Originally posted by castielamigos

And we all know how season 6 ended and the start of season 7 started - separation, pining and pain.

So personally, unless something changes in the canon script that I wasn’t expecting this is where I see this leading. Because as we keep saying it has been written and built up so much this season that is just TOO obvious that they are in love with each other at this point, that Cas wants to be with and loves them both, but is in love with Dean. That Dean is struggling with his feelings towards Cas but now knows them for what they are and just misses him terribly, even quite openly worrying about him and Sam trying to support him. It’s time for a flip and some drama.

At this point nothing but a separation is going to stop these two from finally addressing it and SPN loves pain, pining and drama and lbr, they can’t just talk it out and become lovey-dovey hunter husbands at this point, it doesn’t fit the overall story.

Aside from this we have all the subtext leading us to see Cas as a Jesus type sacrificial character and the fallen Angel, Dean as Humanity, both as the embodiment of Free Will (and what shouts free will louder than A. telling God you’re not following his plan because the man you love taught you not to and  B. breaking your programming because of the love of said man...). 

So it’s a possibility, but as I say, the important factor for me is the separation (whether it just lasts 2 episodes or they reconcile and are forcibly separated at season end is another matter, one which I have strong opinions on too, I’m leaning towards the latter). 

For me the emotional toll it takes on them both is more important than the actual way in which it occurs and the way they break that separation should be pretty dramatic.


Please, no. I know that I promised I would, but I can’t. Don’t make me hurt you. I will stalk the Earth behind you, watching as you burn the world to embers. I will feel the tattered edges of your soul slipping away with each new kill. I will listen as your longing and your fear ebb away into static. I will mourn the loss of your prayers, but still I will remain. Do not make me hurt you. It is the only thing I cannot do.

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So you always tell stories of how something went wrong on stage for you but have you ever been to a play where something went horribly wrong?

So, so many times. I once assistant directed a production of Playing for Time where one of the girls in the madhouse scene was pretending to bang her head against the floor and then on opening night she actually smacked her face on the stage and had an explosive bloody nose in the middle of the scene and I had to vault out of the fucking mezzanine like an Olypmic gymnast and sprint backstage and long story short I spent the rest of the show in the dressing room holding a cold can of Pepsi to her face because we couldn’t find any ice. 

Once went to a production of R and J where Tybalt sneezed in the middle of the crypt scene when he was supposed to be dead and Romeo laughed so hard he had to fling himself over Juliet’s body and act like he was sobbing. 

Once went to a production of Evita where Eva finished her big number right before the end of act one and then turned around and walked right into the curtain and couldn’t find her way out. 

Once went to a production of Triassic Park where the guy playing Mama fell off a chair and took two other dinosaurs out with him in the middle of his big number. 

Once went to a production of You Can’t Take it With You where one of the kittens escaped and the director had to chase it around the house for twenty minutes while the audience watched and completely ignored the action onstage. 

Once went to a production of Pericles where the two leads’ wigs got stuck together while they were kissing and they were conjoined at the scalp like Siamese twins for the rest of the scene. 

Once went to a production of Dracula where Dracula went to kiss Mina and the whole coffin flipped over backwards. And this is probably my favorite ever–in the same production a techie dropped a fruit bowl in a really fast quick-change and didn’t have time to pick it up so there were just fucking bananas all over the stage for the rest of the show.

I could go on.

What Really broke the connection with the MOC..

Well , I dont think this was quite like the crypt scene. Like when Dean said “We need you , I need you.” 

That’s what broke the connection there , we all know that…

But what broke the connection vice versa?
 I don’t think just one thing broke it. Cas told Dean , that he’d be the only one left standing when no one else would be around. He’d stay with Dean through thick and thin basically. 

All the touching in these scenes.

This is what I believe made Dean’s mind start to clear. In the second gif you see he looks at Cas’ hand on his shoulder as if to be like “Oh i can really feel that.” They rarely ever make contact anymore. So I guess Dean was somewhat shocked at the touch.

Then he gives Castiel this look. He does look somewhat offended which is why i believe Cas took his hand away to begin with. or maybe Cas felt to awkward about it and thought it was better for him not to touch Dean while they were speaking.

Then again. Stopping him from leaving.

The fighting starts soon after that because Castiel refuses to let Dean leave because he wasn’t him to understand that He and Sam are just trying to help.But Dean doesn’t want to listen , stubborn as always. But Castiel refuses to hurt Dean in anyway.

So Dean makes his own mind up and starts taking his anger out on Cas. I believe he did this because he was hurt.Hurt that Cas sided with Sam in betraying Dean; Lying to him.

We can literally see the rage as Dean pretty much beats the crap outta Cas. Note that Cas isnt fighting back. He’s and Angel. He has his grace back , he could hurt Dean , but he doesn’t want to. He put his heart out there for Dean to see but got it stepped (More like Stomped) on.

Dean Beats Cas until he’s barley able to move.

And Has him on the ground , Grabs him and is ready to strike. But Castiel grabs his wrist and pleads. Well that’s not the correct term for it but that’s what im gonna use. When He says “Dean,Please” It’s not ‘please stop’ or ‘please don’t do this’ It’s ‘Dean Please see this is wrong and you’ll regret it, I was only doing what I thought was right. Trying to save you.’ 
When Cas Grabs Deans wrist and looks at Dean and said those words it breaks him , the connection. Much like when Dean said “I need you” 
Right then you can see Dean process this.

The MOC is trying to take over , but he isn’t letting it.His hand is shaking , he’s holding back so much. Yes he is furious , but only because of betrayal. Which in turn is Sams fault for asking Cas to lie. So he makes his decision right then , to kill or not to kill. He loves Cas. Castiel loves him.This is when he realizes that. Cas’ heart to heart with him was His confirmation for Castiel’s feelings towards him. So he strikes.

Everyone’s heart dropped here , we didn’t see a flash of grace , a noise. Nothing. His decision was to not kill Cas but if he didn’t do something with that angel blade , i’m afraid of what he might’ve done.

.We get this sigh of relief , but the pain in Castiel’s eyes really hurt. He thought the end result of what he said would have been different than getting the crap beat out of you by someone you love.
  So what do i think really broke the connection?
I think it was The talk , the touch to the wrist and Cas saying “Please , Dean” And I think it was Deans love for him. Not much was said , but a lot was said between the lines.
Cas didn’t even fight back.He wasn’t gonna hurt Dean.I have a feeling he knew Dean wasn’t going to kill him..
So , those are my thoughts , you guys can add to this if you’d like.

Does anybody else find it a little weird that, in episode 17 of season 7, when Dean finds Cas- as Emanuel, of course- he doesn’t question that it’s actually Castiel?

I mean, he realizes something’s off: Cas can’t remember anything, and, well.. He’s got a wife.

But, still. When Sam escaped from hell, he questioned it. He needed proof that he wasn’t a demon or a shapeshifter, or whatever. Same goes for whenever their hunting down said monsters.

But, no. He doesn’t use salt rounds, a silver knife, holy water- the works. Dean tells him what he needs Cas- erm, Emanuel- to do, and just road trips with him.

This may just be my shipper heart reading into the subtext- but, seriously. Dean is a smitten kitten and nothing shall convince me otherwise.