the cry of the loon


When Meribald was finished a profound silence fell upon their little band. Brienne could hear the wind rustling through a clump of pussywillows, and farther off the faint cry of a loon. She could hear Dog panting softly as he loped along beside the septon and his donkey, tongue lolling from his mouth. The quiet stretched and stretched, until finally she said, “How old were you when they marched you off to war?”

“Why, no older than your boy,” Meribald replied. “Too young for such, in truth, but my brothers were all going, and I would not be left behind. Willam said I could be his squire, though Will was no knight, only a potboy armed with a kitchen knife he’d stolen from the inn. He died upon the Stepstones, and never struck a blow. It was fever did for him, and for my brother Robin. Owen died from a mace that split his head apart, and his friend Jon Pox was hanged for rape.”

“The War of the Ninepenny Kings?” asked Hyle Hunt.

“So they called it, though I never saw a king, nor earned a penny. It was a war, though. That it was.”

(A Feast For Crows, Brienne V)

For nothing in the quick,
double-knowing of the pond is ever lost,
though on this night as the wind comes up,
the single cry of a loon falls away

somewhere beyond [this] point
and the reflection of the pines that rim
the pond darken around us, and the ghosts
of you and me, barely visible off our dock,
break apart on waves beside a shifting moon.

Wesley McNair, from “Love Poem,” Green Mountains Review (vol. 18, no. 2, Winter 2005)

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even after all those congrats you got i wanna pitch in and say...YOOO CONGRATS TO YOU!! AAAA - I'm so happy to see that you've been in these fandoms for so long and even after all the drama, you're still here <33 you deserve it!! congrats loons!!

You make me so happy I can´t even say how thankfull I am!!!!

Especially to you guys who´ve been there for ages now!!! You´re the best ♥♥ ILOVEYOUUU!!!!

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favorite things about carrie & lowell:

  • the straining of his voice when he sings “i see the signal searchlight strike me in the window of my room / well, i got nothing to prove”
  • “i forgive you mother, i can hear you / and i long to be near you”
  • the surprising sweetness of “i’m light as a feather / i’m bright as the oregon breeze” in a song so full of regret
  • “my brother had a daughter, the beauty that she brings, illumination” and the way he sings it over and over and points heavenward when he plays it live
  • the little “oooh-ooh”s in all of me wants all of you
  • the percussion-heavy live version of all of me wants all of you which has such a moody feel in comparison to the album version
  • “but in this light you look like poseidon”
  • the sheer heavy sadness of drawn to the blood which makes it almost unbearable to listen to 
  • the impassive and underplayed way he sings possibly the most heartbreaking verse on the entire album: “the strength of his arm, my lover caught me off guard”
  • “for my prayer has always been love / what did i do to deserve this?”
  • the way he pronounces every word in “light struck from the lemon tree”
  • subaru
  • the live version of fourth of july he played this fall which genuinely changed my life
  • the background, the egc line that flatlines every time he sings “we’re all gonna die” 
  • the way he sings that line over and over for what seems like forever when he plays it live 
  • “shall we look at the moon, my little loon? why do you cry? make the most of your life, while it is rife, while it is light.”
  • everything about fourth of july 
  • “the only thing that keeps me from driving this car, half-light, jackknife, into the canyon at night / signs and wonders” 
  • the glorious soaring riff before “i want to save you from your sorrow”
  • the “three, four” at the beginning of carrie & lowell
  • the fact that you can hear the hotel air conditioner in the background of almost every song because he recorded so much on his phone in a hotel room in oregon
  • the vocal layering in carrie & lowell, the way the next line begins before he finishes the previous one
  • how the instrumentals sound the way dappled light and leaves look 
  • the white noise in john my beloved which is probably the hotel ac
  • the parallel to holy communion 
  • “in a matter of speaking i’m dead” vs “in a manner of speaking i’m dead”
  • “i love you more than the world can contain in its lonely and ramshackle head.” i have nothing to say 
  • “jesus i need you, be near me, come shield me from fossils that fall on my head”
  • no shade in the shadow of the cross. the desperation in the entire song, the grief, the hopelessness. the title, which makes me ache 
  • the throat-closing heavy despair in the way he sings “fuck me, i’m falling apart”
  • the “one, two, three” at the beginning of blue bucket of gold
  • the live setup of the song which feels like entering another dimension. like an out-of-body experience.
  • “lord, touch me with lightning.” even more, the way he pronounces “lord”
  • the way the last ten seconds of the album are silence 

My Cottage Friends

My cottage is a sanctuary,

For creatures big and small.

I like to stop and talk to them -

Yup!  I’m crazy after all.

The red squirrel chases chipmunk,

Across my wooden deck,

Three peanuts shoved into his mouth,

He escapes without a peck.

The butter and the dragonflies,

Drop by my patch of bee balm.

Their colorful wings are splendid things -

It’s my garden phenomenon!

The beaver smacks his tail,

The otter barks for me to play,

When I go out in my canoe,

And visit them in their bay.

The hummingbirds chatter to the faeries,

Throughout the forest deep,

While common loons cry out at dusk,

Lulling us all to sleep.

The birds sing songs of gratefulness,

For the seed I’ve spread,

And the frogs chirp out a lullaby,

As I go to bed.

But one thing I am curious,

And wonder what they do.

When I’m away I miss them all,

But do they miss me too?

Poem & Photos by: Todosey

got up this morning to my mom crying over the fires. apparently Loon Lake is completely burned down and like. I spent the last two summers there and my uncle and aunt have been going there since their kids were born and the people that owned the site were just trying to sell it and now. it’s just gone.


The Sirenik tale of Yari, the girl who was kidnapped with a reindeer herd and got rescued by her brother, a wolf and a loon.

A man lived together with his daughter, Yari. Yari had also a little brother. They had many reindeers, and Yari herded them. One day, strangers took all the reindeers together with Yari. The father remained alone with the little boy and they fell upon the parish. The boy became a hunter. One day, a wolf waited for him: the beast recommended him to find out whether they had to own ever any reindeer, the origin of their poverty from the father. The boy followed the council, but his father denied the past, claiming that they have never had any domestic animal and they have always lived from wild deers. Soon, the boy, while hunting, met a loon waiting especially for him, and the bird gave him the same council as the wolf, but the father denied the truth again. Both animals revealed the boy the truth and promised him that they help him to retrieve the reindeer herd. They had a long way. First the boy rode the running wolf, then he rode the flying loon. They found the strangers who kept their former reindeer herd, and also the sister of the boy, Yari. The loon made rain with its cry, and the wolf called the reindeers together. The boy managed to speak to Yari, and all they began to return home, together with the herd. The boy and the girl returned home with the two helper animals and the herd. The family of the boy and of the wolf established reciprocal intermarriage link. The father of the boy felt joy upon their return, but he died later. The wolf helped to herd the reindeer regularly, and the family helped the loon to hatch her eggs in safety.


Band Member: Calum, Michael moments also.

Type: Shadowhunter AU

Description: Calum arrived at a bad time at the Institute, a period of mourning for you Parabatai. But mourning time is cut short when something impossible happens.

You turned the collar of your jacket and prayed that the guy would just fucking show up already. You’d been stood outside the Institute for over half an hour waiting for the newest resident who obviously had trouble with timing and you were already sure you hated him. Megan had been begging you to leave the Institute for months now, but you only surfaced from your room when you had to and when Michael carried you across the hall to his room to play video games that you got far too angry with. The red mourning Marks poked out of your sleeves but you brushed the tips of the runes softly. The gesture brought tears to your eyes so you looked away and coughed a little, thanking the Angel that the mundanes couldn’t see you. You sat on the old grey wall that surrounded the Institute and looked out into the busy city square. You watched the mundies live their normal lives and wondered what it was like to be like them with no knowledge of the Night Children or the Fey. You wondered what it’d be like to have never killed a demon and be covered in the black ooze. You saw two girls crying about how it had been too long and hugging like loons the street. Part of you wanted to join in but the other wanted to laugh at how happy they were, you knew how it felt to have a person make you feel that happy to live.

“Remember when—” you turned to where you’d expect Luke to be but you were met with the empty space and cold wind. You sighed and whispered. “I keep forgetting you’re not here.”

“Forgetting who isn’t here?”

You looked up to find the tattooed guy you must have been waiting for. The black Marks jutted out of his t-shirt and twisted up his arms, mingling with colourful mundie tattoos. Megan’s parting words were what kept you biting your tongue about the time.

“You must be Calum,” you said as you stood back up. “I wondered if you were going to show up.”

“You look ecstatic to be here,” he said in his accent. “I thought the welcoming party would have been a little happier to see me. Who pissed on your strawberries?”

You just looked at him and questioned how Megan had agreed to this so soon after Luke. The cocky little shit in front of you was waiting for an answer but the prospect of walking back inside and telling Megan to forget making you do any more of her errands.

“Do you need any help with your cases?”

He shook his head, picking them both up like he was already desperate to get out of your company. You noticed the fresh iratze on his wrist but decided not to say anything. You gestured to the building behind you. To the mundanes, it was just an ancient Catholic church that was incredibly run down but if only they could see through the Glamour, they’d know it was so much more than that. The Angel held his arms out over the doorway, welcoming his children inside to safety. It was your home and you had never been anywhere else, you’d refused the traditional travel abroad when Luke had come up with his crazy theory. Since your father had never owned up to you and your mother had been killed when you were a child, not that she was a great loss when you hardly knew her, she had passed you off to Luke’s mother anyway. Your mother had let Liz raise you as one of her children and you couldn’t have asked for a better childhood with three brothers. When his parents had decided to move back to Australia to head the Sydney Institute, you’d been heartbroken at losing Luke but you’d found him sat on your bed with a grin that said he wasn’t going anywhere and that was when he’d come up with idea you should be his Parabatai.

“Are we going inside or do you like standing on the street?” Calum asked you after you’d been staring at the two girls in the street a little too long.

You turned on your heel and began to walk up the doors. You pushed it open and looked at Calum in the eye properly for the first time.

“Welcome to the Institute,” you said before you gestured for him to go inside.

The ride in the lift was awkward, you watched him frown at the oil painting Megan’s grandmother had sent. It was an ugly thing, but it had been a running joke that Megan wanted everybody to be subjected to the grotesque picture of an early Shadowhunter with a sour expression so she’d had it mounted on the wall in the elevator while you were all in Idris. She’d stuck a speech bubble on with welcome home, my pretties. Michael had lovingly dubbed the portrait Aunt Mildred despite the plaque reading something entirely different.

Calum pointed to the painting. “Dare I ask?”

You shook your head. “You’ll get used to Aunt Mildred.”

“You’ve named that thing?” he asked when the lift came to a gradual stop.

“I didn’t,” you said as you stepped out, “Michael named her.”

“Michael? Who is that?”

As if on cue, the lights flickered since the Institute was built just after World War I and the electricity occasionally cut out, especially just after the lift has been used. You bit your lip and counted down five fingers on your hand then pointed in the direction of the sleeping quarters.

“Fucking thing!” Michael yelled as he stormed down the corridor. “I was in the middle of the game and it killed me! Fuck this whole thing, Megan needs to do something about it. I’ll ruin my – oh, you never said we had a guest.”

He stared at you but you simply shrugged with a smirk.

“I thought Calum needed to get to know the real you, Mikey,” you teased.

“You seem brighter today,” Michael said hopefully as he slung an arm around your shoulder, ignoring Calum.

Calum raised his eyebrows. “If this is her version of happy, I’d hate to see her annoyed. She welcomed me with a scowl. I commend you for putting up with it, Michael.”

You knew he was probably joking around but after waiting outside in the cold for him and the frosty exchange earlier, you were done being the butt of his jokes already.

“If we’re going to live together, I’d like to get one thing straight,” you said with an accusing finger, “you don’t talk about me like I’m not here, you don’t make remarks about how moody you think I am and I swear by the Angel, you say one more thing about me tonight, I’ll rip you limb from limb and leave a trail for Megan to find.”

You shrugged off the jacket you’d borrowed from Mikey and shoved it into his hands before stalking down the corridor and into your room, shutting the door with a satisfying slam that shook the boards beneath your feet.

You don’t know how long you’d been laid on your bed, staring up at the ceiling willing for Luke to be here. He would’ve known what to say to make you feel better. But then again, if Luke had of been with you, you wouldn’t have felt like your world was caving in on you. You wrapped yourself up in his old shirt and tried to remember what his parting words had been like you did with every moment you had alone.

The soft knock pulled you back from that night and you sighed in frustration. You were getting close, maybe soon you’d remember what Luke had said if you just focused hard enough.

“Yes?” you called out, expecting it to be Megan. “If this is about today, Megan —”

“It’s me, actually,” Calum said once he’d opened the door. “I just felt I needed to come and apologise.”

You forced yourself to sit up, propping your weight on your elbows so you could see him properly.

“Michael explained about what’s happened lately,” he continued. “I can imagine how you feel.”

“Nobody can unless you’ve experienced it,” you sighed but you didn’t want his pity.

You’d had buckets from Megan and Michael. They had taken it in turns sitting with you until Luke’s family had arrived. It seemed so odd to have his mother apologise for your loss when it should have been something you said to her. You knew they were worried that you were going to fly off the rails, maybe change sides and go against the good you and Luke had fought so hard for.

Without inviting him, Calum ventured into your room and sat on the edge of your bed. He sat crossed legged and fiddled with the plectrum in his hand. You wanted to change the topic and ask what the pick was for but Calum beat you to it.

“What happened?” he asked suddenly before looking embarrassed by his own impulsiveness. “Tell me to fuck off if you want—”

“No,” you said quickly when you thought he was going to leave. “Nobody has asked me that. They’ve asked everybody but me. I think they’re scared I’ll take some Seraph blades and go on a massacre they won’t be able to cover up.”

“They care about you,” Calum said. “That’s clear, Michael just laid into me about how I treated you then Megan came back and told me about Luke being your Parabatai. I know you don’t know me but I’m good at listening and nodding reassuringly.”

You laughed softly then tucked your knees up to your chest. “I guess it’d be nice to talk to somebody.”

“Stop anytime you want,” he added. “I don’t want to push you.”

You took your mind back the last night you’d seen Luke alive. Megan had got a tip off about some demon activity in some abandoned houses on the edge of the city. She’d sent you and Luke since Michael was out of town visiting his parents but that was no big deal. You two were used to handling jobs alone, Michael had always been happier studying the medical aspects of the Shadow world. He was better at drawing iratze runes than anybody else you knew, everybody healed faster and somehow it all hurt less when he was smiling and making jokes.

“We got into the building,” you told Calum, “but the Sensor wasn’t picking up anything, so we figured it was a training that Megan had set up for us with our tutor so we started messing around. He was such a child, always thought abandoned buildings were good Hide and Seek spots.”

Luke had wandered off, telling you to count out loud as you hunted for him. You’d been laughing while he shouted about how he’d known grandmas faster than you. But he stopped taunting you. You could hear him speaking to somebody in soft, hushed tones.

Hey, buddy, are you alright?

You were sure they had been the final words you’d registered from him. The small boy with the tear streaked cheeks had taken Luke’s outstretched hand, he’d always been unable to ignore a crying child even in the street. He would reveal himself and do some trick that would get them laughing again. Megan and Warwick had always told him to stop but Luke just grinned and told them it was part of the fun, even if the Clave or the Enclave found out.

But this child, it wasn’t human. It had been an Eidolon demon that was a little too good at his craft. Luke had cried out something, but your dumb mind had interrupted the sound like your head was underwater. You were too late to stop the demon hurdling himself and Luke out of the third floor window.

You blinked harshly as you told Calum what had happened.

“I heard the impact on the concrete outside and I just remember screaming. The blood – oh god – it was everywhere. It was a pool by the time I got to him, too far gone for any runes. I learned once a pool of blood gets so big, without a trauma team, you’re fucked. I don’t really know how anybody found us. I don’t really know what happened in the days after. Mikey tells me I kept trying to remember what Luke had said to me, I still try now but the blood – it stops me. When his family came here for the funeral, I think it hit me he wasn’t coming back. The Parabatai runes have started to fade and I can’t take it – I can’t.”

You broke off into a sob that came from somewhere deep in your chest. Calum shuffled up the bed and hesitated before he pulled you into his chest where he let you stain his t-shirt with mascara.

“Hey, it’ll get easier,” he promised quietly. “It won’t ever stop hurting but you learn to live with the pain.”

You wanted to ask him how he knew that – Megan had told you the same thing just after it had happened yet the pain still hurt as much as it had then once the numbness had worn off. She’d sworn to you that you’d find strength to fight again, but you knew she was just trying to be kind.

“I had a brother,” Calum told you. “He wasn’t my actual brother but he was brought up in the house next to ours in Alicante. We were about the same age so we played while our parents were in the Council meetings. We became Parabatai just after we turned sixteen, we were unstoppable. Then one day, we got into a massive fight and he went off alone. There was a huge search party, the runes began to fade and we had to assume he’d been killed. I didn’t go outside for weeks, I didn’t eat or sleep much because I was convinced I’d failed him. I still miss him, I still turn and look for him sometimes but I promise this feeling of guilt eases.”

You gave him a ragged sigh and closed your eyes, focusing on his steady heartbeat so you wouldn’t cry again. You barely knew him but you felt like you were finally being heard.

“Well this looks cosy,” Michael said from the doorway. “Is everything okay?”

You sat up and looked at him as you tried to wipe away the tears from your cheeks. His black hair only emphasised how pale he’d been lately, he joked it was because he worried about you too much. Though Calum knew it wasn’t a joke, he saw the way Michael looked at you and questioned if you knew Michael was in love with you or if you were oblivious to it. He realised it was the latter when you smiled at him and shrugged, mumbling something about how you were fine.

“What’s up, Mikey?” you asked as you forced yourself to smile.

“Megan wants us in the library,” he said with a shrug. “No idea why, she looks like she’s just seen a ghost though.”

“Hey, maybe she saw Luke,” you joked with a light laugh.

Both boys looked at you like you were on the verge of crying again but you simply slid off of the bed and walked by Michael. They followed you, undoubtedly sharing confused looks but that was just the sense of humour you and Luke had shared.

Megan was gripping onto the edge of her desk, her head was bent in quiet conversation with your tutor, Warwick. Her red hair was swept up into a loose bun which was incredibly unlike her, Megan said that one should always look fabulous, even when killing demons. Her freshly applied Marks only caused you further confusion. Somehow, Warwick looked older with the creases by his eyes only emphasised by his frowning. He shook his head and pointed to a piece of paper.

“Megan?” you said to gain her attention. “What’s wrong?”

She gave you a weak smile before shaking her head, this was one of the rare moments Megan Trueblood looked defeated.

“There’s no easy way to say this,” she said with a strained voice. “The Clave asked me to keep this from you but we, Warwick and I, agreed it was unfair to deceive you.”

“Say what?” Michael questioned. “Megan, what’s happening?”

“A Shadowhunter we all believed to be dead has been sighted in New York, seemingly alive and well,” she said quickly in a hushed voice. “That Shadowhunter was Luke Hemmings.”

Okay but how long was Oliver at the hospital by himself? How long did it take his hands to stop trembling before he could call anyone? And how many times did his fingers move to dial felicity first, because she’s always who he calls when things are bad? How long did he sit trying to block out the sounds of the ER while he thought only the worst would come to pass? How long was he sitting there alone before John’s hand came to rest on his shoulder?

Crying Moon
almost a loon
The sunshine smiles
and warms my soul
but the moon is never dull
It cries for me and sees my tears
it knows the pain inside my years
of pasts gone by forever changed
knowing i’d never be the same
but tears are also filled with joy
for when i live in the simple moment
i laugh so hard my tears are heaven sent
Crying Moon knows when life is real
the dreams i live are all revealed
in happy smiles and gasps for air
as tears fall in joy and despair
life is real but so are dreams
The moonlight has a beautiful gleam….
#71: Camping

Ashton: After countless hours of you laughing, Ashton swearing, and a struggle from both of you, you both managed to pitch the tent that stood proudly in the centre of the clearing. “Holy shit,” Ashton said wiping his brow with his forearm. You both were standing back admiring your handy work, when you giggled. “That was way more difficult than the manual said.” You said shaking your head, and grabbing your hair to put it in a pony tail. It had gotten a bit warmer since you had arrive a few hours ago. It was both of your ideas to go camping for the weekend, to get away from everything that was going on in both of your lives. This was a weekend just to relax, just you two, and nothing standing in your way of nature, and each others companionship.  “You just stood there and laughed,” He said bumping your shoulder with his. “Hey now,” A peel of laughter floated through the surrounding forest as Ashton grabbed your sides, making you jump and laugh as he relentlessly tickled your sides. “Stop! Please!” You yelled, crouching on the ground in a futile effort to get away from his hands. He was laughing along with you, finally releasing your sides as you stood up to walk over to the tent, unzipping the doorway. “Its actually pretty big,” You admired the net canvas that prevented bugs from crawling in, and the windows that allowed you to see the stars as you lay down to sleep. “Come on, lets go do something,” He said tugging you away from the door. “Like what?” You asked, swatting a bug away from your face. “Hike?” He asked, pointing to the main dirt path that would lead you to a nature path. You agreed, stopping to grab a water bottle and close the tent up. Grabbing his hand, you walked away from your temporary retreat, to go explore the wilderness that surrounded you. Hours later, you came back sun kissed, exhausted, but happy. “That was beautiful,” You said sitting down on a wooden log that was not far from your site. “So gorgeous. Why don’t we go tomorrow and take that path that looked like it went deeper into the forest?” He kicked out his feet in front of him, and tilted his head back to catch the last rays of sun before they sank below the tree canopies. You admired his features, the way the light caught his hair that was held back by the bandana, his eyelashes resting on his cheeks so gently, casting small shadows on his near flawless skin. On a whim you leaned over to press your lips to his cheek, smirking as you saw the corners of his lips quirk into a smile. “What was that for?” He asked, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer to him. “Just because,” You replied, shrugging. “I do agree though, it looked nice. But during the day when the suns high up, it looks like it was pretty dark.” You said, thinking back to the looming canopies of trees that cast a cool shadow on the dirt path that was broken by tree roots and overturned rocks. “This is going to be such a nice weekend,” Ashton said, kissing your temple. “And you know whats the best part?” You questioned. He shook his head, urging you on. “That it’s only you and I. No fans, no paps, no boys, just us.” You said. “I couldn’t agree more,” He said softly, kissing your forehead, as you leaned your head against his shoulder, staring at your little camping retreat, already getting excited for what adventures the two of you could get into.

Calum: The fire crackled and popped as you sat around it, feeling the warmth brush your cheeks and hands. The cool night air caressed your skin, the slight breeze blowing your hair gently, making the flames dance in the dark of night. You leaned against Calum’s chest, his legs around you; you sitting in the middle of them. His arms were hanging in your lap, the silence around you was so peaceful. You could hear the sounds of the nightlife rummaging around, off in the distance you could hear the cry of a coyote, and the haunting song from the loons down in the lake not far from your camping site. “Can we just stay here forever?” Calum spoke softly, his voice breaking the silence. “I know, its so nice,” You closed your eyes and leaned your head against his chest, relishing the moment. “You know, one day we could do this.” He hummed as you opened your eyes to stare at him. “What do you mean?” You asked, sitting up a little. “Well, you know, if we end up spending a lot of time together, like dating, we could always get married, or even if we live together before we get married we could buy a house around here, something on the lake thats secluded so we could have privacy. We could always have this,” He said. “Did I Scare you?” He asked, suddenly, and you could feel him tense underneath you. “No Cal, that’s a really nice idea. I like it.” You said, leaning back against him and smiling as you watched the fire. It was a nice feeling knowing that someday Calum wanted to settle down with you. “You’re not freaked out that I mentioned marriage?” He said, quietly, it was almost hard to hear him. You smiled, shaking your head. “No, its kind of nice. Its nice knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with boring old me.” You said, closing your eyes once again. “You’re anything but boring.” He said, squeezing your waist. “Listen to that,” He said. You listened harder, and you could hear the howl echo around you. “Thats not a coyote,” You said. “Thats a wolfs howl.” You said. You listened again as the wolf bayed at the moon, its cry piercing the stillness of the night. Neither of you said anything, but only listened to what was around you. Instead of screaming fans, it was a howling wolf. Instead the flashing lights, it was the crackling of fire. Instead of having to deal with cameras and the media pestering the both of you, the only thing around you was the swaying trees, and the little rodents that waddled around you. It was something that you could get used to, and was most certainly a nice change from your day to day life. “Lets never leave,” You said, leaning back into him. “Never,” He said kissing your shoulder, as you both resumed looking at the popping and crackling fire.

Luke: “Do you think its going to rain?” You said pointing to the incoming clouds that didn’t look the friendliest. “It’s not, we’re already wet anyways!” Luke said from the lake. “Come on! Jump!” He yelled up to you. You were on top of a cliff that wasn’t too high, but served as a lot of fun for both you and Luke, this afternoon. You smiled down at him before tossing yourself off of the edge, feeling the wind rip around you as you flailed your arms trying to keep yourself feet down. You screamed as the fall seemed to come to its end, your toes breaking the surface of the water and finally your whole body plunged beneath the surface. You kicked so you broke the water once more, gasping for air as you wiped your eyes. “That was wicked!” You said, swimming over to Luke. He laughed, grabbing your hand and pulling you over to a rock that was a little under the surface. You crawled on top of it, sliding slightly before regaining your balance and sitting. The water lapped over your legs, and you tilted your head back to try and get some sun on your flushed skin. “You really had some height.” Luke commented, smirking at you. “But I’m pretty sure I can beat it.” He said, punching your shoulder before getting up and swimming to the shore. “Like hell!” You called out after him, waiting patiently for him to peak over the cliff. Finally, he did, waving to you. You waved back before seeing Luke jump off the edge. Your heart jumped to your throat, in a fleeting moment of panic. It was crazy to see someone you love launch themselves over a cliff, as you hoped that he landed well. He crashed through the surface, and you held your breath waiting for him to surface. He broke through, coughing a little as he swam to you. Just as he reached the rock, the cloud broke and it began to rain. “We should get back to the campsite.” He said, cringing as the water pelted both of your heads. “Lets go,” You said laughing as you both swam to the shore. You grabbed his hand as you both ran to the shelter of your tent. Laughing and screaming as thunder shook the sky above you, you ran to the safety of your tent. Finally you made it, crawling through the door, panting. He zipped it up, as you shoved the sleeping bags and blankets out of your way so you wouldn’t soak them. “Well then,” He said, pushing back his fringe from his eyes. “And you said those clouds didn’t look to bad,” You rolled your eyes at him. “Hey now,” He said tackling you. You laughed as he pressed himself against you, his bare chest heaving against your bikini clad top. “What was that?” He asked hovering above you. “You clearly disregarded my weather prediction,” You said laughing. “Anybody could have said it was going to rain,” He said, smirking. “And yet you said it wasn’t going to rain when I pointed it out.” You replied, sass dripping from your words. You couldn’t finish your sentence because within seconds his lips were pressed to yours as you two kissed in the confines of your tent, the rain pattering around your still campsite. 

Michael: “Really?” Michael said laying in bed. “You want to go camping?” You smiled at him, like a small child ready to go to the carnival. “Yes! It will be fun Michael, you know, pitch a tent, have a bon fire, go on adventures! Just us two, it will be so nice.” You said. You had gone camping every year with your parents but now that you lived away from home and were much older, your parents rarely went anymore, and you couldn’t find a good weekend that worked with them to go. So you had been deprived from camping for years, and finally you wanted to share a memento of your childhood with Michael. He sighed heavily, “Really?” He said, avoiding your eyes. “Yes! It wont be that bad, there are places to shower, places that have a working bathroom. We used to wash our hair in the lake, but we won’t have to do that.” You said, grabbing his hands. “Just think of how nice it would be to just get away from everything, and just have time to ourselves? We’ll just be in nature.” You said. “But that involves bugs, and animals.” He whined, but you could see him caving. “Its not bug season silly. The only thing out are bees, nothing too extreme. We can miss black fly season. As for animals, its not like we’re going where bloody bears live. The most we’ll see is a deer, maybe a coyote or hear a wolf.” You couldn’t help the giggle that followed your sentence because of Michaels imagination and what he perceived idea of what camping was like. “It would be for the weekend?” He said, and you grinned, nodding your head. “This weekend?” He asked. “Yes sir,” You said squeezing his hand. “Okay, but only because I love you. And you haven’t been camping for ages and I’ve heard about it for like the past three weeks.” He said laughing as you attacked him in a bear hug. “Thank you! You’re going to love it!” You said against his chest. “If I’m with you, I doubt it can be that bad.” You could hear the smile in his voice. “You’re secretly excited, don’t try and hide it!” You poked his side, making him squirm. “God damn you woman,” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you against him. You laughed as he hugged you. “Just us two?” He asked, reinforcing the idea that it would just be you two. “Just us, no boys. Nobody, just us.” You reaffirmed. He smiled kissing your nose in the process. “Good,” He said. “We could use some quality time together,” He said, hugging you. You couldn’t agree more, already excited for this weekend.