the cry of jazz

I need more Baze and Chirrut origin stories asap please and thank you

why b99 season 4 gives me life
  • Jake and Amy getting through Florida
  • Gina becoming a part of Charles’s family
  • jake and rosa’s friendship
  • the fact amy and rosa stuck together while jake was in Florida
  • “gross!! rosa, those are our dads!” 
  • we finally met Kylie. like four years later guys. we did it.
  • Gina got hit by a bus and she didn’t even break her stride (aint nothing gonna slow her down)
  • doug judy came back and kicked ass
  • “go to sleeeep daddy’s deaadd but his ghost’s always watching….”
  • the squad tackled racism like terry tackles firemen (strongly and efficiently)
  • Amy Santiago is gonna be a sergeant 
  • Jake and Amy’s relationship is so supportive and healthy i genuinely want to cry somethings
  • charles has a son now and he’s a great father, super supportive and learning things about his child’s native country
  • the show went from having fat jokes in season 1 to having an episode arc where Terry relates getting “emotionally healthy” 
  • jake not letting amy compromise her dream’s for his sake because her dreams are also his dreams

feel free to add ur own but basically this entire show is a blessing but this season is a treasure
Nickelodeon: Bring Back Danny Phantom
We, the undersigned, hereby announce our support for Nickelodeon to resume production of new episodes of its animated television series, Danny Phantom . This series, which originally aired from April 3, 2004, to August 24, 2007, continues to maintain a large, passionate fan base over 9 years after...

I just discovered this today!

Just sign it. Bring back Danny Phantom.

Like seriously where is she? I want to see her return.

the three amigos.

the brother-sister relationship that got my brother and me to actually TRY and get along.

how about him? The guy who gave me nightmares for a week?! (I was nine, shush)

This is actually 100%  realistic. You are either a full blown cheesehead or you just don’t care about the GB Packers at all. Vlad, is a classic cheesehead. A cheesehead with villainous hobbies, but a cheesehead.

The look of sheer determination to do good, despite the fact that he’s only a teenager.

Bring it BACK!!

But do it right.

NOT like this!

Rather like this…

(yes I’m aware that this is my own post)

Bring it back for the original fans (phans) of the show, those of us who grew up with it and want it to return from whence it came.

Perhaps a Season 4?

Important messages in Gerard Way and MCR lyrics

• it’s not love if it’s just fucking
• Don’t ask a lot, and you won’t lose a lot
• We don’t need no shows
• Every night, there’s a chance we can walk away
• Don’t give a damn about the wreck you leave in
• Let’s use our magic powers with the children
• It hurts, but I understand
• Just keep it together somehow
• We’re not just dreamers
• I’m with you
• You’re never facing them alone today
• Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again
• Think happy thoughts
• You are not alone in this
• We’ll go so far
• I’m trying
• We’ll show them all how much we mean
• We’ll meet again
• You’re beautiful!
• We are young and we don’t care
• We’ll love again, we’ll laugh again
• We’ll carry on
• Go and try, you’ll never break me
• I won’t explain or say I’m sorry.
• I’m unashamed, I’m gonna show my scar
• I am not afraid to keep on living
• I am not afraid to walk this world alone
• Come on Angel, don’t you cry
• Let me see your jazz hands
• You’ve got to see what tomorrow brings
• Raise your voice every single time they try to shut your mouth
• You’ve got to be what tomorrow needs
• Ain’t nobody gonna take my life
• Ain’t nobody gonna get the best of me
• Get off the ledge and drop the knife
• I’ll keep you safe tonight
• You can run away with me any time you want
• Sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun
• We are not afraid, and we are not ashamed
• You’ll never fight alone
• The world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me
• Dry your eyes and start believing
• Never let them take the light behind your eyes
• Just remember you will always shine as bright
• Be strong and hold my hand
• Give me all you’ve got, I can take it
• I’m not ashamed of what I am
• There are so many special things about you

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Have we ever seen Danny cry tears? I'm worried we haven't. (This isn't about me wanting to make him suffer, someone told me crying can ease stress sometimes.)

No, I get it. Crying really is healthy, especially when you’re going through as much stress as this kid is. This was actually something I planned to address soon anyway.

The answer is no. There’s not a single time when Danny’s shown crying. He gets angry and depressed and sulks, but even in the flashback of when he goes to live with Vlad in TUE, we never see him cry. Jazz has cried. Jack has cried. Tucker has cried. Dani has cried. We even see Sam cry actual tears at one point. Danny, however, never does. He never even gets close.

And you’re right to be worried. Crying can relieve stress, anxiety, grief, and other negative feelings. There’s a reason our bodies do it. It’s part of our recovery system. Just like laughter or loud outbursts, crying helps us process and release emotions. While it sucks to be sad and crying is exhausting, it’s healthy for us. I can tell you I always feel better after a good cry.

Danny’s obviously not very good at handling his emotions, and that’s part of what leads him down that unfortunate road in TUE. He doesn’t want to deal with or face what he’s going through. He either represses negative emotions or deals with them by just getting angry and even aggressive. Unfortunately, he probably won’t listen to most people who try to help him with this. I imagine Jazz is the only one who’d have a chance, and even that’d take a lot of time.


Born on this day: April 25, 1917 - Jazz vocal icon Ella Fitzgerald (born Ella Jane Fitzgerald in Newport News, VA.) Happy Birthday to the “Queen Of Jazz” on what would have been her 100th Birthday.

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IDW wtarsream, jazz, mtmte rung, Megatron, drift, and swerve reaction to their bot s/o being turned into a sparkling. And every time they leave the room , go somewhere their s/o can't see them or hands over to someone else their s/o burst into to tears and won't stop wailing unless they are carrying them even then there would still be some tears

Starscream is Frazzled. He’s one of those stressed-out single parents who have so much to do and no time to do it, and the baby is crying, and the phone is ringing off the hook, and oh no the soup is bUBBLING OVER-! He calls for Wheeljack to please figure out a way to get you back to normal. There’s really no one he trusts enough to hand you off to so you’re on his hip for the entire day. You owe him once you’re back to normal!

Jazz figures out he can keep you from crying with his music. He plays the radio for you on the way to the nearest medic. He’s good with kids, so it’s not hard for him to take care of you, but he can’t hide how scared he is that you might be stuck like this. He’s shaky and dotes over you until he finds a cure. When you’re back to adulthood he falls over in relief- and for a nap. 

Rung is calm. Taking care of sparklings isn’t hard, and there’s plenty of weird science on this ship to get you back to normal. He takes you to both Brainstorm and Perceptor, then takes you back to his habsuite to give them time to work. While the cure is being made he shows you his ships and plays patty-cake with you until you’re tuckered out. Then he feeds you and puts you down for a nap. Later, after you’ve been cured, he brings up having sparklings with you. 

Megatron is a mixture of worried/holy slag/tired of everything. The whole time he’s protective of you and won’t let anyone else hold you. He even keeps you in his lap while Ratchet checks you over. No one messes with him while he’s this on-edge, and a cure is made as quickly as possible. The whole crew sighs in relief when you’re back to normal. 

Drift doesn’t know how to take care of sparklings. Why are you crying? Are you hungry? Tired? He can’t even hold you right. Ratchet pretty much has to stay beside him all day because Drift is clueless but doesn’t want to leave you alone. Eventually he kind of enjoys baby you. Your giggles are adorable and look- you’re trying to put your pede in your mouth! How cute! After Brainstorm fixes you up Drift immediately brings up having a family. You tell him you’ll discuss it later- after you both get a shower and a nap.

Swerve has seen this one movie where the exact thing happened and it was awesome- oh. Oh no no no, don’t cry! He panics and runs to the medbay. He is now also crying. Help, his s/o is a baby what does he do?? Until you’re cured he’s doting mother hen- and even afterward he still hovers a bit. 

Queens; A collection of favorite songs from the queens of jazz. [listen]

It’s A Beautiful Evening, Dorothy Dandridge / Cry Me A River, Ella Fitzgerald / Sophisticated Lady, Billie Holiday / Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Nina Simone / Mad About the Boy, Dinah Washington / Someone to Watch Over Me, Lena Horne / Moonlight in Vermont, Sarah Vaughan / Here’s That Rainy Day, Nancy Wilson / I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face, Ella Fitzgerald / Stay With It, Dorothy Dandridge / Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye, Dinah Washington / I’ll Be Around, Lena Horne / Back In Your Own Backyard, Nancy Wilson / I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good), Nina Simone / Dreamsville, Sarah Vaughan / One For My Baby (And One More For the Road), Billie Holiday