the cry games

“That’s not me.”

In season 1, when Eddard was telling Arya his plans for her future–marriage, dresses, having a bunch of baby boys–Arya very simply said “that’s not me.” Because that isn’t her, plain and simple.

Now when Nymeria found her and Arya pleaded with the wolf to come home with her–back to living in a semi-domesticated state, hunting little animals in the godswood, sleeping in doors and being chained–Nymeria turned back and brought her pack with her. 

And although Arya was visibly devastated, she realized she and Nymeria have the same heart, and believe that a life in chains, a life without freedom, is no life. 

“That’s not you.” she says, and she lets the wolf go

if i had a nickle for everytime some asked me “why watch someone else when you could just play the game yourself?” id have enough money to afford to buy a console, a computer, and all the games id ever wanna play