the crushing mill

A thousand electric cars could run on how you feel when you know that the person you like likes you back. It feels incredible. Like it shouldn’t be possible. Of all the happy coincidences to ever exist, it’s one of the happiest.
—  Emma Mills, First & Then

Today, the treadmill is one of the most common ways to get in your weekly workout, but did you know that in the 1800s, treadmills were created to punish English prisoners?

The original version was invented in 1818 by English engineer Sir William Cubitt. While the prisoners stepped on 24 spokes of a large paddle wheel, the rotation made gears pump out water,  crush grain, or power mills, which is where the name “treadmill” originated.

Watch the dark and twisted history of the treadmill: The treadmill’s dark and twisted past - Conor Heffernan

Animation by Yukai Du

Remember the time when all swens thought Emma would be the blatantly obvious one who would crush on Mayor Mills and try to chase her in her own clumsy way? Yeah… 

All I see now is Regina Mills pinning for the sheriff that got lost when she sent the people she loved most over the town line in going home.