the cruelest thing

Judy Martin Quotes

“Don’t you ever, ever let a man tell you who you are or make you feel less than he is”

  • Taurus, Libra, Aries

“The cruelest thing of all is false hope”

  • Pisces, Gemini, Cancer

“If you’re looking in the face of evil, evil’s gonna look right back at you”

  • Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius

“God always answers our prayers, Judy.  It’s just rarely the answer we’re looking for”

  • Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio

You know what the cruelest thing about Hamilton is? It’s when Eliza sings I stop wasting time on tears/ I live another fifty years and you think, “OK, wipe your nose and stop wasting time on tears you dummy. She’s gonna sing something uplifting now,” and sure enough, she interviews soldiers, she and Angelica tell his story, when she needed Angelica most, she was there. God gives her more time, and you’re thinking, “OK, OK, I might be able to get my shit together now.” She raises funds for the Washington Monument, speaks out against slavery, and you’re like, “Get ‘em Eliza! I’m gonna survive this album after all.” But then, you find out she’s proudest of [angel voices singing] the orphanage and BOOM go the floodgates. There is no coming back.

If you’re with her and you wish you were elsewhere then leave. One of the cruelest things you can do to a person is make them feel like home, when to you they’re only temporary. We all deserve adoration and undistracted attention. We all deserve to feel complete. If you can’t give her your whole heart, then don’t you dare hold it hostage.
—  unknown
THAT scene IS beautiful (Sherlock spoilers)

So I’ve been thinking about THAT SCENE (I haven’t done much else for the past few days) and I was thinking that Louise Brealey was right.  That scene is beautiful.  Not because of the declaration of love that was forced upon Sherlock and Molly, but because that one scene shows us how much Sherlock has learned about love, respect, and cruelty over the course of the show.  When Sherlock realizes he has to get Molly to say ‘I love you’ to him, he is visibly upset.  He already knows it will hurt her.  He knows it is one of the cruelest things he can do to her because he knows she is in love with him.  The man who couldn’t be bothered to notice he was being asked out on a date. The man who had no problem using Molly’s attraction to him to get what he wanted.  The man who could see everything except that Molly went to the Christmas party for him (something everyone else could see clearly).  That man was upset he had to make Molly say three words.  Season 1 Sherlock would have brushed it of.  It’s only words??? What’s the big deal if it saves a person’s life?  But season 4 Sherlock knows exactly what a big deal words can be.  He now understands how his words can hurt a person, and he cares if his words hurt Molly.

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The world teaching
a girl with sunflowers in her smile and
Arms wide open
That too much love
Is a crime
—  and that is the cruellest thing you will ever witness, p.k
Do you know what the cruelest thing about emotional abuse is?

It’s that you don’t think it’s happening to you. You know all the signs and you can tell any other person that it’s happening to them, but you can’t tell it to yourself. You internalise what your abuser says to you. “It’s my fault. I’m too sensitive. I’m a horrible person.” You really start to believe what they tell you. Even after they’re gone, even after the Facebook messages and the texts and the phone calls stop coming, you still believe what they said to you. And you become your own abuser. You constantly tell yourself “it’s my fault. I’m too sensitive. I’m a horrible person” every time something goes wrong.
And do you know what makes me feel worse? I found myself checking up on him to make sure he was okay. But do you know what I need to do? I need to get him out of my life. I need to unfriend him on Facebook, delete his number and block his snapchat.
I do not deserve to be abused. No one does. I refuse to be my own abuser anymore.

pinkychanbr  asked:

I’ve been reading your Voltron fanfics and I’m a very sadistic person. So, if there was a “sophie's choice” situation, would Shiro pick Lance, Keith or he would let both of them die?

Oh man, I’ve actually read that book, unlike a lot of people who blithely say “Sophie’s choice!” without knowing what the reference really refers to. This is truly, truly cruel. The cruelest thing you could possibly do to Shiro. No matter what, he would end up utterly broken.

But I have to say, canonverse? It’s Keith. And it would kill Shiro. He would live with guilt until the day he died. But he would have very good justifications for it. Keith is the better pilot. He’s known Keith longer. Keith really doesn’t have anyone else in the universe–Shiro HAS to be on his side, no matter what. But when he sees Lance’s crying family at the end of the war, and he has to tell them what happened to their son/brother/grandchild… Yeah, that’s cruel.

Boom-Crash-verse, he would lock up. Or, if it was truly an unwinnable situation, he might fight it anyway and end up losing. They are BOTH incredibly precious to him, and he has made promises both to them and to himself never to let either of them down. So yeah, they would both probably end up dead. And Shiro too.


One of the most beautiful and at the same time cruelest things in the world is falling in love with a fictional character.
Falling for their thoughts, for the way they talk and their deepest secrets which they only share with you.
Getting to know them better by each page, forming an idea of their facial expressions and making up conversations with them when no one is around.
And sometimes, you will spot someone on the street, with hair just like this character or a smile that reminds you of your daydreams and your heart will ache in the most hurtful way because you will never see all that characteristics combined in one person.
—  // maybe at another time, in another world…

Love just doesn’t disappear like that.

You don’t go from holding someone’s hand tight in yours to waking up the next day and deciding you no longer want to hold it ever again.

You don’t give people false hope like that.

That is perhaps one of the cruelest things you could ever do.

—  Everything I Never Told You #5