the crow;stairway to heaven


“In 1972, Elvis Presley wanted to meet the band. Their mutual promoter at the time, Jerry Weintraub, took Page and Plant up to Presley’s Las Vegas hotel suite. For the first few minutes, Elvis ignored them. Page–who had first picked up a guitar after hearing ‘Baby Let’s Play House’ on overseas radio-began to fidget. What was going on? Did he really want to meet them? Should they say something?

“Elvis finally turned to them. 'Is it true,’ he said, 'these stories about you boys on the road?’ Plant answered, 'Of course not. We’re family men. I get the most pleasure out of walking the hotel corridors, singing your songs.’  Plant offered his best Elvis impersonation. 'Treat me like a foooool, treat me mean and cruuuel, but loooooove me….’

“For a moment Elvis Presley eyed them both very carefully. Then he burst out laughing. Then his bodyguards burst out laughing. For the next two hours he entertained them in his suite. He had never heard their records, he said, except for when his stepbrother played him Stairway to Heaven. 'I liked it,’ said Presley.” – Cameron Crowe, Led Zeppelin: Light and Shade, 1990.

Bonus: listen to Elvis singing “Love Me”: