the crossover for the ages

The moment I saw Eris I knew that I needed to make a Morrigan manip with her. I promise that I will try to use other movies from now on (Even though Marina would make a lovely Cassandra…). ;D

You can find Solas HERE

Watch the making of this video HERE

Program used: Photoshop
Movie used: Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas
Scene/characters based on: Dragon Age Inqusition

totally self indulgent but here is a Dragon Age/Voltron crossover lol

I imagine Lance would be an apostate or at least a fancy young mage and also i wanted to put him in Dorian’s outfit bc it looked best. Keith is adorned in DA2 Hawke’s rogue gear and is probably a bit skeptical yet curious about magic. 

I’ll be drawing more soon! :)