the cross time adventures of colonel tick tock

30 Days of TAH Day Seven

My first thought was robot fists, but I don’t know what I would do with them since I never really have to fight things, since I’m not a marshal.  I decided that I would take Trick Clock.  i want to take time-bending trips to anywhen!  I would love to visit some of my favorite historical figures and maybe stop some chronological threats along the way, like Post Shadowing, Deja Flu, and Chicken-Egg Dysphasia.

Also, who wouldn’t want a clock voiced by Hal Lublin?

Harry Houdini: First off, let me interrupt you. It’s pronounced “EX-scape.”

Scott Aukerman: I…actually do not think it is.

Harry Houdini: Oh, really. Well, which of us is an exscape artist?

 —“A Thrilling Hour or So” (Comedy Bang! Bang!  #50)