the cross

“The cross has been transformed into a harmless, non-offensive ornament that Christians wear around their necks. Rather than reminding us of the "cost of discipleship,” it has become a form of “cheap grace,” an easy way to salvation that doesn’t force us to confront the power of Christ’s message and mission.

Until we can see the cross and the lynching tree together, until we can identify Christ with a “recrucified” black body hanging from a lynching tree, there can be no genuine understanding of Christian identity in America and no deliverance from the brutal legacy of slavery and white supremacy.“ - James Cone, The Cross and the Lynching Tree

God loves you. God loves me. God loves gay people. God loves hateful people. God loves kind people. God loves the atheists. God loves the Christians. God loves the Jews. God loves the gentiles. God loves straight people. God loves prostitutes. God loves preachers. God loves naysayers. God loves the single moms. God loves the homeless people. God loves the dads who left. God loves the drug addicts. God loves the privileged. God loves the broken. God loves you. God loves me. God loves everyone, no exceptions.
God loves. Period.

The cross is big enough for all of us.