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Sherlock Holmes (TV series, 1984) - Love and sex innuendo masterpost

This is an old masterpost, I’m moving all innuendo to this analysis.

The analysis is work in progress, but here I will leave some of the innuendo I’ve already written down, but not moved to the new analysis.

Sometimes Holmes and Watson just have sexually charged moments that are textual.

Visual metaphors are used to represent sexual events when there is reason not to show them explicitly. They are heavily adopted in this show because the era was very conservative, generally towards sex and specifically towards homosexuality.

In this show, there are many scenes in which items sometimes used as phallic objects (pipes, cigarettes, sticks, guns, trains, pipettes, flasks) or penetrable holes (tunnels, magnifying glasses) are possibly intended as such, but:

1) there are some scenes which are elaborately constructed as a detailed metaphors for love and sec actions:

2) there are also some shots in which objects related to sex and love are positioned very particularly in relation to the characters’ bodies or in unlikely places. 


Sometimes the dialogue hints at romance ans sex.

Rainbows and bi colour schemes are a symbol for the LGBT community, so they can be used to represent queer people and relationships.

Monthly search results for my site! I deny these claims.

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