the cronut

ALL Barry Allen splurges on is:

  • cronuts and brownies for Iris
  • a bottle of shoe cleaner to wash his 1 pair of black converse
  • 5 plaid shirts every 2 years
  • and a 64pack of printed photos of iris and him in varying sizes, for different locations (locker, bedroom, wallet, desk, etc.) once a month

So regardless of family inheritance & starlabs, this leaves PLENTY of money left over for Barry Allens: 

Iris West-Allen aka Future Wife And Mother of My Children Deserves The Best Of Everything Fund. Est. 1999

First deposit: $2.74 (5th grade lunch money)

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do you think that you guys could add fics to the cap!steve/modern!bucky tag in time? thanks!

I took a look at my recently read and:

Cronut by littleblackfox

Shit. He’s going to die. Aliens are pouring into New York city. Aliens and fucking sky-whales and he’s got one weird looking gun-thing that’s about ready to give out and he’s going to die.
Ma is going to be so pissed. He survived two tours of Afghanistan and made it back to New York only he’s going to get eaten by a fucking sky-whale and he is never going to try a fucking cronut.

If the Apocalypse comes, text me by relenafanel

AKA Bucky the Vampire Slayer

Captain America squinted against the sun, raising his arm to shield his eyes. He looked uncomfortable and angry as the camera zoomed in on his face. “I don’t have anything further to say,” he snapped at the reporter.

Bucky’s feet fell off his coffee table in shock. “Holy shit,” he said to the room at large. “Captain America is a vampire.”

Strictly Platonic by Remembered

So maybe sending out a text saying, “In the hospital, talk to you later” is not the best thing to send to someone out of context. But, to be fair, Bucky hadn’t had his coffee for the day so there isn’t a lot of higher brain function going on until that happens. This also explains why, when Captain America comes busting into his hospital room with wild eyes all Bucky says is, “What the hell do you want?”

© Thomas Schauer

Travel Tuesday: The Cronut isn’t the only reason to visit pastry genius Dominique Ansel’s New York City bakery. Ansel hits a home run for chocolate lovers with his “Mini-Me Cake” (photo). Four different textures of chocolate—mousse, sponge, ganache and miniature meringues—combine in a mix of flavors and textures. “We use 66% Valrhona chocolate, and it is one of our best sellers,” says Ansel.

Check out more of America’s best chocolate cakes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

girl groups as food
  • snsd: honey. it’s sweet and natural and is good for your body and it will never ever expire
  • wonder girls: home cooked meals that remind you of that time you're 6 and carefree and the only worry you have is whether your mom will get mad at you for playing for too long
4minute: those chocolates with alcohol in them
exid: one of those food trends that will somehow find a way to stay. like cupcakes, macarons, and those cronuts.
f(x): your own tears because sm never gives us the f(x) comeback gotham deserves
apink: what you imagine angels in heaven eating…. candies and sugar floss and chocolates and basically anything too good for this world
  • girl's day: those lollipops with mysterious flavours and you're unsure what you'll get but you know it won't disappoint
crayon pop: energy bar like honestly these girls won’t fail to cheer you up
sistar: piña colada on a hot summer day
2ne1: hot chocolate… vvvv soothing but can be modified and changed in so many ways... like u can add alcohol or topped it with marshmallow and it's just perfect to end and start any day with.
red velvet: ice cream cake what do u expect
mamamoo: cinnamon roll. too good, too pure for this world.
  • stellar: some food ur parents try to make you stay away from... like flaming hot cheetos. very good and there's no way you're sharing

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Klaine meet-cute prompt: Rachel dragging Kurt to a "lame" book signing for some author he's never heard of, and he runs into Blaine in the aisle or restroom or somewhere, and they commiserate about this awful book signing and then Kurt discovers that woops Blaine is the author?

Originally posted by gulawrence

There is something … familiar about bookstores.

About books surrounding you, and offering warmth and shelter.

At least it used to feel like that, when Kurt was a kid.

It still does, when he thinks about it–just not when his roommate is dragging to a signing and the bookstore is filled to the brim with squealy women.

That being said, what is he doing here.

“Cronuts, Chookie and Duffins : The Year of the Hybrids”.

Interesting premise, sure, but if the book is about hybrid desserts, why isn’t there even one miserable baby cupcake in the whole bookstore.

And who the devil is B.D. Anderson?

“Beats me.”

Kurt does not jump a mile high in his shock at the voice that comes from his left.

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The Hamilton Characters as Foods

Hamilton: flamin hot cheetos
Burr: stale graham cracker
Eliza: burnt marshmallow
Angelica: jalapeño pepper
Peggy: a pizzelle (fancy thin waffle cookie)
Laurens: sweet heat southern BBQ Lays Chips
Lafayette: french fries
Mulligan: Guinness
Washington: overly salted soft pretzel
Jefferson: cronut
Madison: oatmeal raisin cookie
Philip: red bull
Maria: red wine
King George: jelly baby

Because @nerd-ace ’s sister called Burr a stale graham cracker and I had to finish the list

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Ashley I just booked my first trip to Disney world and I'm so excited! I know that you have a lot of experience with Disney so I really need your help!! Favorite restaurants? Must dos? Favorite attractions? What do you have to do every Disney trip? Your advice is always so helpful! Thank you!


For food:

  • The character breakfast at the Beach Club is GREAT but a little pricey! 
  • Fresh Mediterranean Market at the Dolphin also has a great buffet
  • Port Orleans if you like beignets
  • Sprinkles cupcakes are at Disney Springs and they’re so YUMMY
  • Yak & Yeti in Animal Kingdom has the BEST food
  •  They have cronuts in Epcot and I die
  • Churros obvs and Dole Whip or Citrus Swirl in Magic Kingdom
  • They pretzels look good, but not worth the money
  • I’ve heard really good things about the breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian (I really like breakfast)
  • Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot is SO GOOD
  • The tavern in Magic Kingdom is also great!
  • The food in Hollywood Studios sucks

Get your passes asap so you can register them on the My Disney Experience app and you can get fast passes!

At Magic Kingdom I love the Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear and the People Mover and Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain and the Little Mermaid is so cute! The Snow White ride always has a massive wait time, so definitely get a fast pass for that. If you’re looking for a quick meal, I really like the Harbor House or Pecos Bills!

At Epcot I love Spaceship Earth and omg the new Soarin’ is AMAZING!!! Nemo is also so CUTE! And if you want to eat something quick, The Land (where Soarin’ is) has a lot of great selections (and red velvet whoopie pies and chocolate chip cookies). The Frozen ride is not worth the wait. It’s over in two seconds and I was so annoyed. The World Showcase is probably my favorite part of Disney!!!! I love England and France and omg the caramel shop in Germany!!!!!!!! The nachos in Mexico are also sooooo good! They also have churros with dipping sauce!

At Animal Kingdom the Safari is a must! And the Dinosaur ride! And Everest if you like roller coasters! And the Kali River Rapids! There’s also a train ride that was really nice!

At Hollywood Studios… I don’t really like Hollywood Studios, but I love the Toy Story ride and the Little Mermaid show!! Oh and the Frozen sing-a-long is v v v cute! And I’ve heard they have these amazing butterfinger cupcakes somewhere!

And of course there’s Disney Springs which is so so so nice and there are a ton of restaurants!