the critter factory

From Ripner,

Sabretooth cat suit we made about a year ago.

We are about to open commissions again, so if you are interested drop us a line at and get a quote today!

From Media,

Pictures of “Dirt” the saber tooth kitty.

We remade the head, as the first suit was an experiment. I am glad we got a chance to snap a few photos before it goes to it’s new home tomorrow. 

For the record, I really like this suit.

Corgi Hybrid Fursuit

To illustrate a point about how close we can actually get ot creating a character to look like the art, only in 3D, I decided to post this crude, but effective edit. 

Though you can a few variations, these are customer requested differences. Such as eye/eye lid shape, and the toonyness of the hand paws. Fundamentally, this is how we like to work.

My style may be important for filling in incongruities, or compromises when creating a costume, but it need not dictate the full shape of the project. I am often asked to work as a vessel, or tool for the commissioner to realize their own ideas in a costume medium.