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The Vague to the Transcendent

Pisces often don’t obey the rules, the norms of this world, not to be actively rebellious, but because they can see so many different ways of doing things. For each person they meet, another idea seems to grow, yet when they wish to communicate this to others, it can seem other worldly, strange, too vague for practical application. Pisces often learn how to transcend these struggles and criticisms, to show us new ways of existing from a higher perspective but with a caring and compassionate heart. Vagueness, nothing of solid form can turn to things we have only ever dreamed of. They often long for utopia, and when they transcend their restrictions or worries, they can introduce a piece of it right here, much the innovator.

anonymous asked:

I feel like the point is no matter how knowledgeable you are about astrology you have no right to criticize other blogs it's so??? unasked for?? like just post whatever you know about and that's it. if you're only here for "advanced" knowledge then follow blogs that suit you and leave the others alone. I feel like it's a way to brag about what they know and tbh no one gives a fuck how much "false" info bugs them.

I agree with this completely. You’ll always have those kinds of people though, it doesn’t matter what community you are part of (whether it’s online or in person), there’s always going to be those people who want to feel like they’re above the rest. Even if they do not admit it or even if they are self-unaware of the way they are coming across, that’s the reality when you have groups coming together to share their perspectives. And they do criticize others to show that they know more than other people, it’s sad more than anything. Even if astrology IS your #1 passion, there is just no need to be an asshole. Astrology is not a science, it is sort of like a faith and it’s just made up of beliefs. That is why you have so many interpretations, that is why you will hear different things from different astrologers, there is no right or wrong (to me). “There is no truth. Only points of view.”

Let the pretentious bloggers be as they are though. The realizations will need to come from within.