the cristo redentor

no offense but brazil!got7 would be so iconic :/ like imagine them at the beaches, taking pictures at the cristo redentor and yugbam dabbing instead of spreading their arms, them tasting caipirinha and açaí (and jaebum loving caipirinha but hating açaí), mark at copacabana w his swimming trunks drinking coconut water, jinyoung with sunscreen all over his face and an ugly hat walking on the boardwalk and taking pictures, youngjae’s aesthetic pictures of sao paulo’s buildings (u know, that one with the comics girl on the walls, he would love that) on instagram, one of them, probably bambam, doing tererê in his hair and posting a snap video of it with the caption “tererê 😍”, THE PLEASE SAY HI TO BRAZIL JOKE AT AN ACTUAL CONCERT IN BRAZIL, jackson literally talking with everyone at the streets, asking the people ‘do you know got7?’ and befriending the dude that sells pamonha,,, please they would be so happy here :/