the criminal kind

Reasons why I love Peter Quill so much: 

- Dances into a mission while listening to “Come and get your love”

- Keeps the name Star-Lord that his mum gave him and is seriously disappointed when people don’t remember it

- Actually befriends Rocket and Groot who tried to kidnap and sell him

- Goes to save Gamora from Drax although she potentially wanted to kill him

- Sweet-talks a guy into lending him his artificial leg because he thought Rocket needs it

- Is somehow charming and smart enough that Drax decides to follow him, although their prison break is chaotic and not very successful looking

- Goes back into prison to get his Walkman because heck, no, we’re not leaving that behind.

- Decides to keep the Infinity Stone far, far away from Ronan because even though this Galaxy may not have done much for him, he is not going to let it get destroyed

- Goes out into space to save Gamora from certain death even though he endangers himself

- Manages to convince Yondu and the Ravagers to help protect Xandar from Ronan because it’s the right thing to do (he goads them with money, but that’s not his goal)

- freaking distracts Ronan with dancing

- takes the burden of the infinity stone upon himself, because the risk of dying is better than letting Ronan have it

- outsmarts Yondu and manages to get the Infinity Stone back AND deliver the Captain a new trinket

- Somehow befriends Dey from the Nova Corpse enough that the guy accepts his help and seems to actually respect him

- Decides to keep his new friends around instead of them all becoming outlaws, thieves and thugs again because they can actually do good (and earn money. But mostly do good)

- is smart and charming and a little brat and a dork and actually a very good person even though he was and is an outlaw.

- in the end decides that infinite life is not as good as kicking your father’s ass for killing your mum, destroying your Walkman and endangering your found family.

Peter Quill is far from perfect, invincible or completely good, but he is a good guy at heart, and does his very best, and all of that is his character and the way Meredith Quill and Yondu Udonta taught.

And yes, Peter Quill turned out not half-bad, let me tell you.

It hurts to let go. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone, the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t come back. You’re left so alone that you can’t explain. Damn, there’s nothing like that, is there? I’ve been there, and you have, too. You’re nodding your head.

My name is Gabriel. I shall always remember what my mother told me before she died: “The man who beats up a child or a woman is damned. Damned forever.”

Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold onto something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t come back. You’re left so alone that you can’t explain.
—  Henry Rollins




anonymous asked:

You ever think that maybe beating the shit out of people you disagree with and destroying public property is doing more harm than good? Like, here's a crazy thought, maybe not everyone who goes to Trump rallies and wears a make america great again hat are "Fascist Nazis" and you're actually in the wrong? I don't know if you've ever watched a movie before, but the bad guys are usually the ones who wear black and red.

“You ever think that maybe beating the shit out of people you disagree with and destroying public property is doing more harm than good?“

Yeah, Anon, that is 100% a totally accurate depiction of anti-fascism.  The 4000+ posts on this blog have been about nothing but property destruction and beating people up.  You should write a book & go on the lecture circuit with your astute observations.  Along with your suggestions about what people should do about the fascist shits trying to publicly organize pogroms - OH WAIT YOU HAVE NO CREDIBLE IDEAS!!!  Oh well.  

“Like, here’s a crazy thought, maybe not everyone who goes to Trump rallies and wears a make america great again hat are “Fascist Nazis” and you’re actually in the wrong?“

Hmm.  Let’s see.

So here’s white supremacist leader and convicted felon Nathan Damigo punching a woman in at a Trump rally.  Nathan did five years for a hate crime against a cab driver that he targeted because the cabbie “looked Iraqi” and spent much of his prison time in white supremacist prison gangs.   Once released, he became the literal poster boy for the neo-nazi National Youth Front and the white supremacist but spelling-challenged Identity Evropa. How could we possibly mistake him for a nazi, right?  

Oh look!  Isn’t that Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman getting arrested at a Trump rally for assault?  Not his first run-in with the law, given that he’s also a convicted felon with a rap sheet that includes robbery, theft, and unlawful possession of a shotgun.  Certainly anyone with that kind of criminal history who’s now facing five new felony charges wouldn’t then decide to wander through town picking fights with black skateboarders, right?  Maybe he should’ve stayed home and checked out the neo-nazi Facebook pages he devotedly follows instead.  Totally not a nazi himself, though, obvs!

Maybe you’re referring to ordinarily, totally-not-a-nazi common folk like MAGA hat-wearing, Trump rally-attending Matthew Heimbach, pictured here assaulting a black woman at a Trump rally (but of course that doesn’t count as beating people you disagree with or violating someone’s free speech rights with violence, right Anon?).  Hemibach’s on-record as being an anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant homophobe who believes that race-mixing should be a crime; that Mexicans living in California are a “problem,”  and that “white” people should live in their own ethnically-segregated state.  When he’s not at Trump rallies he likes to go to things like Aryan Terror Brigade shows, KKK rallies, and National Socialist Movement gatherings.  

Seems like if it walks like a nazi and makes noises like a nazi, it’s probably a nazi, Anon.  

“I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a movie before, but the bad guys are usually the ones who wear black and red.“

We don’t know if you’ve ever realized that movies aren’t reality, Anon, but we’re shocked that this is something you’d point out like it was a valid and reasonable point to make.

Shocked, we are!

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hi! How are wolfgang and kala modern day persephone and hades? I was creeping on your tags! Found it interesting :D


soooo i know the hades x persephone myth doesn’t fit them perfectly (in terms of greek god parallels, wolfgang has plenty of ares in him too), but i do feel like they have a ‘goddess of spring meets god of the underworld’ kind of dynamic? just on a visual level, kala wears lots of bright and light colors; wolfgang wears a ton of blacks and darker shades. wolfgang is a killer, surrounded by death in a kind of criminal underworld; kala is a pharmacist, surrounded by drugs meant to heal and bright sunlight. kala starts out relatively sheltered and naive; wolfgang’s appearance in her life marks a kind of awakening for her of both desire and identity. wolfgang is relatively alone save for felix in the beginning; then he sees kala and immediately not only wants her but wants to know her. and there’s a definite sense of her getting drawn deeper and deeper into his life, splitting time between her own world and his as they grow closer

Originally posted by belkideumuthalavardir

also the line “you have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you, just as i have something dark and wicked inside of me” always makes me think of hades and persephone <3

It hurts to let go. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t come back.
—  Henry Rollins, The Portable Henry Rollins

Do you ever feel scared thinking that one day you may also become an abuser, just like the way your abuser told you how once they were also abused?

100 Days of Character Development

To be frank, I cannot even recall where this one came from so if this was yours, feel free to message me for proper credit. But! Continuing on for now.

In wanting to fine tune established characters of mine and flesh out newer ones, I pulled this development list back out of my drives. It’s slow to go, yet poses quite the comprehensive gauntlet of questions to ponder without overwhelming yourself all at once. Plus, it’s from the character’s perspective primarily to help get oneself into their headspace in the process.

Posting the questions beneath the cut! Have at if you’re interested!

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100 Character Development Questions

Part 1: The Basics

1. What is your full name?
2.Where and when were you born?
3. Who are/were your parents? (Know their names, occupations, personalities, etc.)
4. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like?
5. Where do you live now, and with whom? Describe the place and the person/people.
6. What is your occupation?
7. Write a full physical description of yourself. You might want to consider factors such as: height, weight, race, hair and eye color, style of dress, and any tattoos, scars, or distinguishing marks.
8. To which social class do you belong?
9. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
10. Are you right- or left-handed?
11. What does your voice sound like?
12. What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently?
13. What do you have in your pockets?
14. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?

Part 2: Growing Up

15. How would you describe your childhood in general?
16. What is your earliest memory?
17. How much schooling have you had?
18. Did you enjoy school?
19. Where did you learn most of your skills and other abilities?
20. While growing up, did you have any role models? If so, describe them.
21. While growing up, how did you get along with the other members of your family?
22. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
23. As a child, what were your favorite activities?
24. As a child, what kinds of personality traits did you display?
25. As a child, were you popular? Who were your friends, and what were they like?
26. When and with whom was your first kiss?
27. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity?
28. If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, werewolf, vampire), tell the story of how you became what you are or first learned of your own abilities. If you are just a normal human, describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do today.

Part 3: Past Influences

29. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?
30. Who has had the most influence on you?
31. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
32. What is your greatest regret?
33. What is the most evil thing you have ever done?
34. Do you have a criminal record of any kind?
35. When was the time you were the most frightened?
36. What is the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to you?
37. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be, and why?
38. What is your best memory?
39. What is your worst memory?

Part 4: Beliefs And Opinions

40. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic?
41. What is your greatest fear?
42. What are your religious views?
43. What are your political views?
44. What are your views on sex?
45. Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?
46. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?
47. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?
48. What do you believe makes a successful life?
49. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings (i.e. do you hide your true self from others, and in what way)?
50. Do you have any biases or prejudices?
51. Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Why do you refuse to do it?
52. Who or what, if anything, would you die for (or otherwise go to extremes for)?

Part 5: Relationships With Others

53. In general, how do you treat others (politely, rudely, by keeping them at a distance, etc.)? Does your treatment of them change depending on how well you know them, and if so, how?
54. Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
55. Who is the person you respect the most, and why?
56. Who are your friends? Do you have a best friend? Describe these people.
57. Do you have a spouse or significant other? If so, describe this person.
58. Have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened.
59. What do you look for in a potential lover?
60. How close are you to your family?
61. Have you started your own family? If so, describe them. If not, do you want to? Why or why not?
62. Who would you turn to if you were in desperate need of help?
63. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why?
64. If you died or went missing, who would miss you?
65. Who is the person you despise the most, and why?
66. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?
67. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations?
68. Do you like interacting with large groups of people? Why or why not?
69. Do you care what others think of you?

Part 6: Likes And Dislikes

70. What is/are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?
71. What is your most treasured possession?
72. What is your favorite color?
73. What is your favorite food?
74. What, if anything, do you like to read?
75. What is your idea of good entertainment (consider music, movies, art, etc.)?
76. Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? If so, why? Do you want to quit?
77. How do you spend a typical Saturday night?
78. What makes you laugh?
79. What, if anything, shocks or offends you?
80. What would you do if you had insomnia and had to find something to do to amuse yourself?
81. How do you deal with stress?
82. Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan?
83. What are your pet peeves?

Part 7: Self Images And Etc.

84. Describe the routine of a normal day for you. How do you feel when this routine is disrupted?
85. What is your greatest strength as a person?
86. What is your greatest weakness?
87. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
88. Are you generally introverted or extroverted?
89. Are you generally organized or messy?
90. Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at, and three things you consider yourself to be very bad at.
91. Do you like yourself?
92. What are your reasons for being an adventurer (or doing the strange and heroic things that RPG characters do)? Are your real reasons for doing this different than the ones you tell people in public? (If so, detail both sets of reasons…)
93. What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?
94. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
95. If you could choose, how would you want to die?
96. If you knew you were going to die in 24 hours, name three things you would do in the time you had left.
97. What is the one thing for which you would most like to be remembered after your death?
98. What three words best describe your personality?
99. What three words would others probably use to describe you?
100. If you could, what advice would you, the player, give to your character


Someone asked me what my favorite stories were to write so far so here they are (all of these and more can be found on the masterlist) … 


ONE LAST TIME - Years after BTS splits up, they get back together to say goodbye to the BigHit studio (fic)


ACTING WEIRD SERIES PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 / PART 5 - You don’t want to tell the guys you have anxiety issues

DELINQUENTS - Criminal!AU - You are a psychiatrist and each one of the guys is a different kind of criminal. - Each guy has a different fic (the sheer amount of time to write all of these is the only reason I’m putting this in here lmao)


APPRECIATION - It’s your one year anniversary with Jin


RIGHT TIMING - Series - You and Yoongi bump into each other a year after the two of you broke up


AN ARRANGED AFFAIR - You are in an arranged marriage with Hobi

LAST WORDS - You die in a car accident and Hobi has to relive that day until he gets it right


WE GOT MARRIED - You and Namjoon are on the show, We Got Married, together


PROPOSAL - One Shot - Jimin doesn’t do the best at proposing to you


COVERING UP THE PAST - Tattoo AU - Tae wants you to cover up a name that he has tattooed (I know this is a work in progress, but I love writing it


GHOST WRITER - you help Jungkook with writing a song

An unpopular opinion: The end-game will be Eren~Armin

Happy birthday Armin!!! Hopefully this post can cheer up my fellow Armin fans.

Before chapter 86 came out, I thought, and feared, that Armin will be separated from Eren and Mikasa by the end of the series. I thought like that, because of the several interviews that Isayama gave us about Armin and Eren having a different way of thinking, possibly going in different paths, and because of the very strong Eren x Mikasa fan-base (goddamn reddit) that attacks anyone thinking that Eren and Mikasa could be separated, without any real arguments, other than ‘Mikasa would never leave Eren’, but still, it influenced me, sadly.

I’ve realized that my thoughts aren’t really based on the actual content of the manga and its foreshadowing. However, there was one thing from the manga that I thought supports that theory: Before chapter 85, we believed that Armin is a part of the 'defiled race’ within the walls, while Eren has 'special bloodline’ from outside the walls, because that’s where Grisha came from, and Mikasa as well has special Ackerman/Asian bloodline. But, chapter 86 blew that away completely. Eren doesn’t have ‘special bloodline’, in fact, Armin and him are Elodians, while Mikasa is the only non-Elodian character that we know of.

I’m usually quite pessimistic, and after ch86 I again started questioning how Armin will get separated from Mikasa and Eren. I’ve re-read some chapters, and after a long thinking I’ve realized…that all I could find from the manga is foreshadowing for Mikasa to get separated from Eren and Armin at the end, not Armin from Eren and Mikasa.

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