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Got7 In America

Mark: You guys have to have a little bit of self control I mean-


Mark: BamBam what are you-

Jackson: Bambi! My baby why are you running away from me!

JB: Whoa this place is pretty cool….its kind of like…not Korea.

Mark: wow how long did that take you to figure out?

Jr: Can we walk around with our shirts off? Because some of the foreign girl are HAWT.

Mark: Jr control yourself.

Yugyeom: Mark Hyung what does this button do? *repeatedly presses button*

Mark: thats an elevator….we have those in Korea.

Jr: Hey sexy how bout you come back to my place and we can-


Jr: Oh dis bitch ain’t real?

BamBam: WHOA LOOK AT THIS MARK HYUNG! I CAN FLY! *leans over the railing*

Mark: BamBam you’re going to fall and I’m not gonna be able to catch you.


Mark: Jackson you’re going to kill him if you-

Jackson: *Tackles BamBam*

JB: ooooo! That had to hurt.

Yugyeom: Marrrrrrk hyung! Look at that! Was is it!?

Mark: Yugyeom….that’s a dog. We have those in Korea too.  

Jr: Hey pretty mama, you looking so fine today!


Jr: Shhhhhhh! Its okay he doesn’t undrstand our love.

Youngjae: What the hell is happening?

Mark: Where the fuck have you been?

Youngjae: Oh, I stopped and got a pretzel…it was good.

Mark: Can you help me control these hooligans?

Youngjae: mmmmmmm…..nah I better not.

Mark: What?

Youngjae: I don’t feel like it.

Mark: I’m your hyung you have to listen to me.

Youngjae: Technically those rules don’t apply here because you and me both know America doesn’t respect shit.


Youngjae: Tootles.

Mark: I’m so done with every single one of you. 

Voltron Dragon Riders AU

Instead of riding robotic lions and forming Voltron in space, the Paladins all ride dragons and create formations and battle strategies in a magical kingdom. Their dragons are still the same colours as their lions tho.

  • Shiro rides an old war-hardened dragon who has even more scars than him. She’s seen many battles, and she’s definitely getting on in years, but she’s still sharp as a tack, and she’s fiercely protective of her rider. Anyone who fucks with Shiro is gonna get burned. As the oldest, she’s also the much-annoyed caretaker of the rest of the team’s dragons. She is not thrilled with this, but she’s the only one who can keep them in line when they start squabbling. Mostly by sitting on them
  • Shiro uses flying with his dragon as a way to cope with his past traumas when he was held as a POW. Shiro isn’t her first partner, she’s seen many come and go over the years, but she loves him just as much as any past rider, and Shiro takes good care of her. They share a very close bond.
  • Lance’s dragon is a very calm beast to contrast Lance’s energy. Lance tries to use his dragon to pick up girls, but his dragon never wants to play along, much to Lance’s frustration. His dragon is always on his best behaviour until a girl walks into the room, and then he’s just an asshole. Everyone but Lance is very amused by this
  • But Lance is also the best trick rider out of all of them. He doesn’t need a saddle or harness half the time because he can just cling to his dragon like a monkey and crawl all over his scales, even in mid-flight. Just the thought of trying something like that usually makes the rest of the team dizzy. Lance’s dragon is very dependable, though, so he never worries about falling. His dragon will always catch him.
  • Hunk’s dragon is so very spoiled. He always gives her the best food and blankets and pillows he can find because he loves her so, so much. She’s rather shy for a dragon, so she usually needs extra encouragement whenever she tries to interact with others, but Hunk is amazingly patient with her, and she always appreciates him for that. Thankfully Shiro’s dragon has taken Hunk’s dragon under her wing lately, which has helped her confidence a lot.
  • Hunk is the most likely to be found sleeping curled up with his dragon. They all do it, but he does it the most. It started out because she got scared when she was apart from him, but then it just became habit. If anyone ever can’t find Hunk, he’s probably down with his dragon, napping.
  • Pidge’s dragon is the second biggest after Shiro’s, and it’s comical watching the two of them go flying together because Pidge is just so smol in comparison. They have to make Pidge a custom harness and saddle to make sure they don’t fall off. Shiro insists Pidge will one day grow into their dragon, but their dragon isn’t so sure. 
  • Pidge’s dragon is just as much a little shit as Pidge. When Shiro’s dragon has to step in to stop a fight, it’s usually Pidge’s dragon that started it. Their usual target is Keith’s dragon, but sometimes they can even get Hunk’s shy dragon and Lance’s mild-tempered dragon in on it.
  • (Pidge’s dragon is actually a twin, and the other dragon belonged to Matt. Both of them went missing when the Galra forces attacked, and both Pidge and their dragon miss their siblings very much. That’s part of the reason Pidge’s dragon acts out so much.)
  • Keith’s dragon is both the smallest and the youngest, but neither of them let that bother them much. She’s also the fastest and the fiercest, just like her rider, and she is always ready to fight. Unfortunately she and Keith often feed off of each other, making them even more impulsive together than they would be apart, but they’re such a good team they can usually pull through. But during the fights that Shiro’s dragon has to break up, it’s usually Keith’s dragon that’s getting sat on.
  • Everyone assumes that Keith’s dragon is an orphan like him, but Allura actually secretly suspects that Keith’s dragon has a very unique and respectable pedigree. She refuses to say anything, though, not sure how that might be taken by the others.

And of course Allura is the princess of the Kingdom of Altea, and her Paladins fly with their dragons in defense of her lands. She has her own dragon that she inherited from her father, but her dragon is too old to fly now and mostly sleeps in the castle, keeping an eye on home. They are trying to resist the invasion forces of the Galra kingdom, who ride on strange dragons made of black metal. So far the five dragons have managed to defend the kingdom from harm, but it’s only a matter of time before Zarkon himself and his witches arrive…

(Other headcanon: Coran has never been allowed a dragon in his life, but when an egg is discovered, he’s the only one left who can take care of it. So he gets his own baby dragon. He loves that little thing more than anything else and treats it like his own child)

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The seven sharing a house

I swear on my life I’ve done something like this before but I can’t find it so whatever 

  • Frank’s grandma is still alive after the war, Frank thinks mostly to spite him, but has retired to Florida and left the house to her grandson, charging him with upkeep 
  • it’s really old and could use a bunch of renovations and his friends offer to help him out for the summer
  • Jason and Percy were originally assigned to the roof but after an incident involving Percy jumping off said roof with an umbrella Annabeth reassigned him to painting the sides of the house 
  • most of Piper’s time was spent “consulting” while improving her tan though she does call dibs on decorating the mail box 
  • Hazel was on pipe duty and Frank thought she looked awfully cute in the purple bandana she had wrapped around her hair 
  • their nights were spent gathered in Frank’s living room eating loads of food and watching movies 
  • there is at least one water fight a day and surprisingly enough none of them are started by Percy 
  • Annabeth and Frank do all the shopping while Percy and Hazel do all the cooking 
  • they have a bbq every Sunday and Hazel treats her friends to beignets 
  • once the outside of the house is done they all move to the interior and work on repainting the rooms and clearing out the attic 
  • they stumbled upon a lot of priceless Zhang family heirlooms including a family tree– Frank just stares at his mom’s name for a long time, running his hand over it and breathing in slowly– his friends just go on about their business letting Frank have his moment in peace 
  • they dub the house Zhang Manor and spend their last couple of weeks in the house enjoying the fruits of their labor 
  • they play hide and go seek throughout the house and split up into teams to see who can build the best fort in different rooms 
  • they go hiking around the property and play ridiculous games of I spy 
  • they even spend entire days laying on the grass looking up at the clouds together though sometimes Percy has to excuse himself cause the sky makes him so angry 
  • during their final meal they break out a bottle of champagne and Frank raises a toast, “To the families we’ve lost, and more importantly to the one we’ve found”