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That Highschool AU with the 7 does sound kinda cool. Could you please do it? Love your headcannons/AU's btw<3

  • Percy and Annabeth have been best friends since 6th grade when they got paired up on an Earth science project
  • they attend Olympus High School (the founder was obsessed with Greek mythology) one of the best public school’s in the tri-state area 
  • they get together the summer before 10th grade 
  • Percy is on the basketball team while Annabeth plays tennis and is captain of the All-State debate team 
  • their best friend Grover runs the school’s recycle program and has a community fundraiser so he can start a garden to make the school’s cafeteria self sustaining— they’re very proud  
  • at a basketball game Annabeth meets a trio of freshman, Jason, Piper, and Leo, and they all become friends 
  • Jason plays baseball because it’s what his dad wants 
  • Piper plays softball despite her mother’s desire for her to be a beauty queen 
  • Leo starts a robotics club and spends most of his free time at his mom’s mechanic shop helping her work on cars 
  • Jason’s half sister Thalia, who is a friend of Annabeth’s from summer camp when they were younger, goes to Artemis Academy, an elite all girls school just down the street 
  • Nico Di Angelo, who grew up in the same apartment building as Percy, also attends OHS and is a violin savant while his sister Bianca, an archery prodigy in her own right, attends Artemis Academy 
  • their cross town rival is a fancy prep school, Jupiter Academy, commonly referred to as The 12th because it was the 12th school founded in the region
  • Jason was supposed to attend The 12th with his friends Hazel (Nico and Bianca’s half sister), Frank, and Reyna but because of some last minute redistricting he ended up at Olympus 
  • the friend groups converge at Elysium, a popular roller rink owned by Nico, Bianca, and Hazel’s dad, every Saturday for milkshakes and nachos and arcade games  

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The seven sharing a house

I swear on my life I’ve done something like this before but I can’t find it so whatever 

  • Frank’s grandma is still alive after the war, Frank thinks mostly to spite him, but has retired to Florida and left the house to her grandson, charging him with upkeep 
  • it’s really old and could use a bunch of renovations and his friends offer to help him out for the summer
  • Jason and Percy were originally assigned to the roof but after an incident involving Percy jumping off said roof with an umbrella Annabeth reassigned him to painting the sides of the house 
  • most of Piper’s time was spent “consulting” while improving her tan though she does call dibs on decorating the mail box 
  • Hazel was on pipe duty and Frank thought she looked awfully cute in the purple bandana she had wrapped around her hair 
  • their nights were spent gathered in Frank’s living room eating loads of food and watching movies 
  • there is at least one water fight a day and surprisingly enough none of them are started by Percy 
  • Annabeth and Frank do all the shopping while Percy and Hazel do all the cooking 
  • they have a bbq every Sunday and Hazel treats her friends to beignets 
  • once the outside of the house is done they all move to the interior and work on repainting the rooms and clearing out the attic 
  • they stumbled upon a lot of priceless Zhang family heirlooms including a family tree– Frank just stares at his mom’s name for a long time, running his hand over it and breathing in slowly– his friends just go on about their business letting Frank have his moment in peace 
  • they dub the house Zhang Manor and spend their last couple of weeks in the house enjoying the fruits of their labor 
  • they play hide and go seek throughout the house and split up into teams to see who can build the best fort in different rooms 
  • they go hiking around the property and play ridiculous games of I spy 
  • they even spend entire days laying on the grass looking up at the clouds together though sometimes Percy has to excuse himself cause the sky makes him so angry 
  • during their final meal they break out a bottle of champagne and Frank raises a toast, “To the families we’ve lost, and more importantly to the one we’ve found” 

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If the seven got a tattoo what and where will it be? ;)

I love the idea of all them getting tattoos!!

  • Percy gets anaklusmos on his left side and a trident on his right arm
  • Annabeth gets a delta on her left wrist 
  • Jason gets a wolf on his right shoulder 
  • Piper gets a small dove on her left pelvic area 
  • Frank gets a woodpecker (sacred animal of Mars) with “vini vidi vici” written below it on his right side 
  • Hazel gets kleidouchos (“holder of the keys”) as a symbol of both Pluto and Hecate 
  • Leo gets “I love you” in morse code on his index finger as well as a likeness of Festus on his left inner arm