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anonymous asked:

do you have a good crested gecko care sheet?

I don’t have a specific one on me, but lots of the online ones have the basics since care is so simple and standardized for cresties.  Here’s a few of the need-to-know husbandry points off the top of my head:

  • Keep at room temperature (65-80F is generally an acceptable range).
  • Feed a complete powdered diet such as Pangea or Repashy. Supplement with insects on occasion (not required, but beneficial).
  • Provide climbing material and hiding places.  Cork bark and fake foliage work awesome.
  • Keep humid!  You may need to modify your cage of choice to reduce airflow.  I don’t give a humidity % because it’s so hard to measure, but misting 1-2 times a day is probably enough for most people.  This can vary based on your local climate and cage design.  Your geckos will tell you if they are too dry! (stuck shed, weight loss and loose skin from dehydration)
  • Adult weight can range between 40-70g, although there are outliers.  45-55g is probably the norm.
  • 18x18x24 (or similar) is a good cage size for one adult up to a small breeding group.

I’ve been meaning to make a good write-up with more natural history information, but those are the basics!  Please ask if you have any specific questions!