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Lessons learned from a genuinely lovely night out

* guys alone in bars are creeps
* dancing 4 hours solid in 6in stilletos is enough cardio for a lifetime
* apparently an r2d2 dress is an invitation for the ‘fake gamer girl’ test from every third guy
* apparently they don’t take it too well when you school them on star wars knowledge
* I love girls who want to dance outa solidarity
* guys alone on the street are creeps
* I didn’t do enough clubbing when I was younger
* apparently I can go through a whole night without having to buy a drink - woops
* doesn’t matter what music’s playing as long as your dancing with the right people
* trust your gut, it’ll save you from getting into an illegal taxi
* lecherous old men are creeps
* McDonald’s in the city centre on a Friday night has bouncers
* they’re actually necessary
* seriously I don’t need to do cardio ever again
* I love girls randomly complimenting girls
* Ricky will put his lips on your ear when he talks but he’s actually kinda a sweetheart bar that
* if left unsupervised I can turn into an r2d2cicle very quickly in December
* guys in the queue for McDonald’s are creeps
* I love girls

OTP Prompt

The rings of Saturn glitter around the spaceship– ice particles and debris suspended in the void of space, creating a haunting and beautiful sight to behold. The excitement of the cruise fades as the hours creep by, the enthrallment of the planet’s haloes occluded by apprehension and a gloomy sense of ennui.

Peculiar flickers… Misshapen orbs of incandescence flitting in and out of the ship’s field of vision. No one knows what they are, but they’re unexpected.

“B…” A says, pressing closer to B, leaning back into the arms that are firmly embracing them.

“Shhh, it’s nothing to worry about. We’re safe inside the ship.” B gently nuzzles A’s hair and gives A a reassuring squeeze.

“Yeah, but…” A sighs. “I don’t know. What if it’s something bad?”

“It won’t be.”

“You promise?”

“What kind of a promise is that? I can’t predict the future. Statistically, though, it’s very unlikely to be anything.” B rolls their eyes.

“Thanks… Very comforting…”

“Hey, I’m not going to feed you empty promises and sweet words to make you feel better. I can give you hugs and affection, though,” B says. B releases A from the hold, still gripping one of A’s hands, and twirls A to face them.

The pair sways together, forming rhythms and patterns of footwork that grow increasingly convoluted as they traverse the floor of the ballroom. The windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling, which is covered by mirrors and dim, sporadic lights that glow faint pinks and oranges, casting a dreamy quality over the room.

The stars outside and the materials in Saturn’s rings cast and reflect light about the room, and for a moment, the pair feels as if they are dancing directly in the vacuum of space.

In lieu of actual content, have some Shakarian feelings, everyone.

There was supposed to be a longish burbling meta post about the whole Menae reunion, but due to my inability to warp the space time continuum to my needs, it’s not happening quite yet.

So for now let’s just take a moment to watch the way Garrus moves in this clip, how he moves forward all the way to their joined hands before stepping back again. I love this so much because it is essentially Garrus getting as close as he possibly can to Shepard, even if it’s just for a second. And shaking her hand with both of his is as much body contact as he can get away with in the situation.

But he also does not pull Shepard towards him in any way - he wants to be close to her, yes, but he doesn’t compel her to make any move that isn’t her own decision.

So essentially he is desperately relieved and yearning to be back with her but still respecting boundaries and please excuse me while I sigh and stare dreamily into space for absolutely no reason at all now…

My HALLOWEEN recommendations

Pet Sematary (1989) Christine (1983) Chopping Mall (1986) Monster Squad (1987) Hitcher (1986) Silver Bullet (1985) Sleepaway Camp (1983) Stuff (1985) Ghostbusters 1+2 (1984 & 1989) Night of the Creeps (1986) Midnight Hour (1985) Near Dark (1987) Poltergeist (1982) Cats Eye (1985) Beetlejuice (1988) Once Bitten (1985) Lost Boys (1987) Fright Night (1985) Childs Play (1988) Critters (1986) Burbs (1989) Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) Shining (1980) Waxwork (1988) Creepshow (1982) Thing (1982) And obviously the Nightmare on Elm Street & Froday 13th series Gremlins is a Christmas movie. #truth

Imagery: HQ Quest au [5/]

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Ok so don’t ask me where this has come from, but just imagine for me an AU where James and Lily are alive, and Harry’s an adult and an auror, and he and Ginny are engaged and it’s all happy.

And Harry’s out on a mission with the Aurors. He was meant to be back that afternoon.
And the hours creep by and he’s still not home.

When he gets back to his and Ginny’s house, it’s about 3 o’clock in the morning. He’s bruised and  bit bloody, but he’s fine. He was lucky.

And he walks into the living room, and on the sofa are his parents and Ginny. James and Lily have obviously come over because they were anxious too, and his mum’s snuggled up against his dad’s chest, James’s left arm looped around Lily’s waist and the other thrown over Ginny’s shoulders, and they’re all sleeping, and Harry has a family.

Just a concept.

Going out in public
  • me: do i wanna look rlly great but get sexually harassed today
  • me: or do i wanna chill, and be slightly less harassed
  • me: the struggle is real. *purposely leaves house as pissed-off-trash-hobo bc it's less effort*

Calum was your forbidden fruit.

He had taken over your dreams and he had even started to creep into your waking hours too. You wanted nothing more than to trace his tattoos lazily in your double bed, sheets tangled around you and his soft voice singing the lyrics that were going to take him away from your town. Sometimes, you noticed how his eyes would linger a second too long or how he’d laugh at your shit jokes when Ashton never did. Part of you ran wild with the idea he might have been in love with you too but the rest of you knew it wasn’t going to happen. Calum was your brother’s best friend and that fucked everything up.

“Hey, Cal is coming over later,” Ashton told you as he bit into an apple. “Let him in, I’m going to pick up Luke and Mike then go for pizza. Is that alright?”

You nodded, your pulse quickened at the thought of being alone with Calum Hood when all you wanted to do was jump on top of him and rip his shirt off. You laughed at yourself mentally, the boy certainly drove you crazy but this was a whole new level of thirst.

Your brother hadn’t been gone five minutes when you heard the knock. You shouted it was open and told yourself to behave: no awkward comments or prolonged staring. He sat on your sofa like he was a permanent fixture of your lounge.

“You just missed Ash,” you said to start a conversation.

Things didn’t have to be awkward between you, you reminded yourself, you and Calum were good friends.

“I know,” Calum said back. “I watched him leave then came to the door, I wanted to talk to you without Ash.”

You frowned and wondered if your crush was that obvious. “About what? If it’s about Ashton’s party then you better—”

“No,” he cut you off quickly. “Fuck, this is harder than I thought it was going to be.”

“That’s what she said,” you mumbled under your breath.

Calum rolled his eyes with a small laugh. “This is why I like you, you can break tension with little comments like that.”


“I think I’m in love with you,” he said before looking at you. “But I know I want to kiss you and you won’t get out of my fucking brain. I just needed to tell you before it drove me crazy.”

Your mouth fell open slightly and you questioned if you’d hit your head.

“It’s alright if you don’t feel the same,” Cal added. “Please just don’t start telling me I’m sweet and you appreciate it.”

“I won’t,” you choked out, “because I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while. You’re Ashton’s best friend, I didn’t want to make things awkward.”

The corners of Calum’s mouth twitched up into a smile. “Well, how about we’re not Ashton’s sister or best friend, right now. How about we’re a guy and a girl who have about half an hour to see what happens.”

You bit your lip and nodded. He brushed the strands of hair away from your cheek and leaned over so his face was a few centimetres from yours. He let you decide whether to close the gap.

Calum was your forbidden fruit and you finally got a taste.

For Best Friend!5sos night with @jigglypufftribe, @felicityash, @0kbutmichaelclifford, and @tadpolehemmings!

The signs while high
  • Aries: calms down for once in their life
  • Taurus: eats as usual. also laughs a lot and has hella weed
  • Gemini: won't stop laughing. rly annoying
  • Cancer: probably starts to cry
  • Leo: doesn't say a damn thing. wants another hit
  • Virgo: thinks deeply about everything.
  • Libra: makes everyone feel uncomfortable. freaks out and rly paranoid
  • Scorpio: real chill and wants everyone to be chill as well
  • Sagittarius: acting rly high
  • Capricorn: probably has the most weed. smokes for hours
  • Aquarius: creeps u out
  • Pisces: wants to draw or do some weird ass shit

I was tagged by @gruesomegold !!!
name/nickname: Jace, JP
gender: Male (FTM)
star sign: Pisces 
height: 5"7’ 
sexual orientation: Idk don’t really care, bisexual I guess
hogwarts house: Slytherin
favourite colour: Dark blue
favourite animal: Dog, cat, lion, all of them that don’t creep me out
average hours of sleep: HAHAHA😂😂😂
cat or dog person: Both? Both. Both is good.
favourite fictional character(s): Captain Jack Harkness, Han Solo, Scotty, Bones, Mycroft, Lestrade, Moriarty, Magnus Bane
# of blankets I sleep with: I sheet cover, one thick duvet, sometimes a big fluffy wolf quilt 
favourite singer/band: The Smiths, Pink Floyd, King
dream trip: The molten core of the earth
dream job: Writer/Novelist 
when this blog was created: Erm 2013 I think??
current number of followers: 
when did your blog reach its peak: 
hahaha there is no peak
what made you decide to make this tumblr: my friends made me haha
I tag @goluckydanny @blushqing @theinfiniteorange

‘eye of the storm’


the darkness… the darkness is coming. every second, every hour, it creeps closer, the sun making its inevitable trek across the sky. if jiho could freeze time and just keep the sky as bright as it is right now, he absolutely would, he would rather the whole world remain in unending light, than have to deal with the nighttime without any sort of lamp to help him. he isn’t so much scared of the dark as he is scared of the ghosts that haunt him whenever the light turns out, which is why he hasn’t slept in pitch blackness in over ten years.

the ache, the nervousness, the slow-burning panic over it, sets over him, making his stomach churn and hurt. he wants to vomit, but nothing is coming up. he hasn’t eaten since yesterday, he realizes belatedly. he doesn’t feel safe, he can already hear his inner demons screaming at him, and they are too loud– they are too vicious today to let him play his violin. usually he can play and it helps him feel better, but not now. he doesn’t even think he has the strength to lift it up right now.

so he goes over to where he spots his friend junhyung and lays down beside him. whatever junhyung is doing is not important enough to jiho at this moment for him to care very much about it, so he clears his lap open enough to lay his head down and hug his thigh. he feels miserable, everything from this dreadful day piling up on top of him; the noise, the uncertainty, the anger from minsung, frustrations from jowi, even being cooped up here with minjae. all of it is too much, and he just wants to become a cat. he curls up and squeezes his eyes shut. “i’m having the worst fucking day.”

Flying High

Nonnie prompted a Klaine sick fic
Summary: Kurt’s high on his medicine, but luckily his husband is there to help with everything. AO3
Note: Heyo! I’m back after a long dry spell. I’ll be fully back after my last paper on Monday :) also, Nonnie prompted this like 600 years ago and I’ve only had the time to do it now. Supposed to be a reaction fic for 6x11 but it’s a bit late now so it’s just a normal fic hehehehe.

He blames the subway.

There’s no other reason why Kurt Hummel, aka Mr never-found-sick, would have fallen ill any other way.

Okay fine, maybe it could have been something that had been mounting up for the past few weeks. Finals were creeping up and more hours of studying meant lesser time for sleeping, and living together with Blaine again meant even lesser time for sleeping. Plus, their activities at night, leaves his throat scratchy whenever he wakes up the next morning. Top it off with insufficient water intake, and of course his immune system would be lower than before. All it took was someone coughing and another person sneezing in the subway to make him feel woozy the next day.

So it’s definitely the subway’s fault.

“Blaine…” Kurt shivered and flopped around under the covers, trying to get into a comfortable position, “Blaineeee where are you, I miss you.”

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