the creed

love is deep. it is lust, that is shallow.
—  random thoughts//nikitagupta
A Bit Off

Is the natural
Of a God-given
To exist
And uphold
Its imperfect order
In a world
Which was made
To express
Our exclusive
And varying
Which rely
On a difference
Of feeling
From the tilt
Of a changing
Like truth
On its curve

And context
From grayness
Which is choice
Not forced
To one color
But spectrums
Of hues
Not withstanding
This ignorance
Of perfection
As bliss

Just the blurring
Of delinquence
And radical maw
Of such giants
As we fall
From the throat
Of these masters
To sustain
Their control
By our grief

And carry
That measure
So reckless
With abandon
As seen
As direction
Or discretion
Which prays
For its evenness
To end
By a ritual

Not effort
But end points
Of journeys
And wasted

Not spontaneous
Or fantastic
But engaged
As an equal

What pain
Is such straightness
Of being
When dreaming
Stays bound
To its vector

A balance
That’s wrong
To begin with

And a scale
Which remains
A bit off.

- J. Pigno


I see your fingers walking on the silky table cloth, your eyes straining to see the corner view of my beauty.

Yes I see you biting hard on your soft lips while I try to read the French labeled appetizers and drink on the tap water they poured in their expensive glass.

The closer your fingers battle the flustered cloth to meet my resting arm the more the fine hairs on my arm start to rise, I feel the cool of your presence kiss the core of my soul and I look up to Meet your now focused eyes.

I’m locked in this moment captivated by the silly grin you release while grabbing my fingers and locking them tightly with yours.

Oh, you look to the door and I nod in agreement and we sprint like rabbits to our feet and leave it as the waiter comes to take our order.

We barely make it through the door a cold evening like tonight and we spring water like wells running down our faces and chest. I lean on the wall biting my lips, catching my breath taking a rest.

You press your skin next to mine and allow our lips to connect. We follow the beat of our hearts, dance within the limits of our bodies music intertwined innocently as one we love and live and laugh in bliss creating our own song.


When you strip one
of their passion,
Their drive,
their quintessence.
You whither their soul
to the point of question.

A beings spark,
The twinkle in their eye.
Can fade away
darkening their heart.
Because their dreams
have said goodbye.

But who am I.
To pry at what
goes on inside another.
Im just in tune
with my own being.
Enough to channel
Others further.

Life doesn’t always
Have the piece to
Broken ends.
But if you live life whole,
Your whole life.
You will have peace
When it ends.