the creatures go see desolation of smaug

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Me again. Fave Ben role? Or roles?

hi ‘me again’ (SO sorry for the delay in replying). i love these questions so so much; i think i have already answered this in other iterations before? please see here and here.

to recap (in decreasing order) and by “fave” i am going for the jugular and looking at his top best performances (not sentimental favourites) across all media;

18. Small Island (television)

17. Neverwhere (audio)

16. Hawking (film) 

15. Hamlet (play)

14. Third Star (film)

13. Cabin Pressure (audio) - see here for all his audio work

12. Frankenstein (The Creature) (play)

11. Painted With Words (television)

10. Wreckers (film)

9. The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug (audio. oh wait. was there motion capture as well? ;-)

8. Amazing Grace (film)

7. The Fifth Estate (film)

6. The Spire (audio)

5. Sherlock (esp. TLD, TFP, HLV, TGG, TRF) (television)

4. Parade’s End (television)  

3. Doctor Strange (film)

2. The Imitation Game (film)

1. Richard III (television)