the creatures (and kevin)

“The perfect Kevin Day, too perfect for this world. You could almost say unreal.”

Apologies to people who expected serious art. Because I have archives of aftg horrors that I decided to traumatize you with *cough*stripperau*cough*

I blame @cielleinthazure ,  @kitshunette and  @still-waiting-for-godot


The Boogieman: Well, well, it’s the Powerpuff Girls, CRASHING MY PARTY!

Bubbles: It’s the Boogieman!

Blossom: So it’s you who’s been terrorizing Townsville and keeping us awake.

The Boogieman: Aw, I’m sorry, did I wake you?  Hehehe!  Don’t expect to sleep anytime soon, because now that I’ve blocked out the accursed sun WE’RE GONNA MAKE THIS NIGHT LAST FOREVER!

-”The Powerpuff Girls”    

Phew. This dude took a long time to grow. But I’m pretty content with how he turned out until now.
Man, I think it’s so difficult to choose proper colours for characters that actually suit them. Also I’m having a hard time picking the right amount of details for characters. Like, making them as easy as possible but detailed enough to keep the design interesting.

The design belongs to me but he’s based on a real person:


Some crustacean designs for a game or something, made to be like enemies or something. First one is just big, I suppose, second one has molten/hot iron claws, third one has electric whippy thingies, and fourth one is a “claw” and chain. Was too lazy to paint the last three so….


Today is the 30th Birthday of one ugly mother$&%*er! On June 12, 1987, PREDATOR was released theatrically!

I still can’t believe that Jean-Claude Van Damme was the first choice to suit up as the PREDATOR! Footage of the Belgian actor performing in costume does actually exist. Rumor has it, the original alien suit was hotter than a Mickey Mouse costume in July in Disney World. Stan Winston was called in to re-design the creature. Kevin Peter Hall replaced JCVD and the rest is history!



gOSH I never realised how hard pixels are to do, but its done now! I’m gonna post these to the forum soon! :D

I might also do other Youtubers if I gain the motivation to.