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steffybabay: Because @kootrabrownmeow and I don’t post enough pictures of her…
Our Cerys is actually 6 months old today! Love you little squirrel ❤
#nationalpuppyday #internationalpuppyday#shiba

My Return Giveaway!

Alrighty! So it’s been a few months. I went through a really rough time for a bit, but now I’m back, for good. I missed you guys.

During my absence, some of you were extremely generous when you heard my situation and gave me way too much. Now it’s time to pay it forward!

The Goods:

3 Prizes up for grabs! There will be 3 separate winners.

  • One (1) of the new onsies available on the store!

(You can get any of them, doesn’t have to be the one pictured below)

  • One (1) copy of the Million Dollars, But… card game!

  • One (1) of the microplush blankets, your choice!

(You can get any of them, doesn’t have to be the one pictured below)

The Guidelines:

  • You must be following me. This is supposed to be a giveaway for those of you who have been with me through the hard times, but I’ll welcome anyone new too! I post stuff from within the Rooster Teeth family, and the occasional funny thing.

  • I ship internationally! Don’t fret, fellow Canadians or friends in Australia or whatever. I’ll get it to you somehow :)

  • Reblogs count as an entry. Sideblogs aren’t allowed to avoid cheating and entry bloating, UNLESS THEY ARE ROOSTER-TEETH RELATED AND OVER 2 MONTHS OLD. I understand that some of you seperate your main blog from your Rooster Teeth stuff, so that’s alright.

  • You can reblog it as much as you want! Be courteous to your followers though, please.

  • The giveaway will end on New Year’s Eve, at 11:59:59 PM EST.

Best of luck to everyone! I’m happy to be back :)

Everytime I see someone say “I’ve been watching you guys since (something from long time ago), thanks for (memories and old stuff)” to anyone from CowChop, I feel like I don’t deserve to be a fan because I just found James and Aleks this year and I wasn’t there with all the old memories, sad or happy.

That not being there when James “retired” for awhile or seeing “Immortal” become Aleks with the face reveal makes me think that I’m not really part of this family, community or whatever.

I know CowChop still has a future, a time in the far future I can say “I was a fan since “educational STD penis vid” or “The CowChop House” and make people remember the good old times but right now I feel like I wasn’t there for a large part of these guys careers and I should just give up on being a fan because I can’t connect to James, Aleks and the guys like all of the really old fans.