the creature comic

If you’re waiting for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming movie ‘The Shape of Water’, then you should probably read the graphic novel ‘Dear Creature’ by Jonathan Case. 

It’s pretty much the same concept as ‘The Shape of Water’- a fish man and a human girl fall in love, but it looks to be told more from the fish man’s perspective as he attempts to become a normal member of human society. It looks to be a pretty cool, funny read with elements of 50′s pulp horror and sci-fi,in the vein of ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ and other monster movies. If that interests you, then you should definitely check it out. 


Rose and Finn’s adventure takes them to, among other places, another Johnson innovation: a glittering casino city called Canto Bight, “a Star Wars Monte Carlo–type environment, a little James Bond–ish, a little To Catch a Thief,” the director said. “It was an interesting challenge, portraying luxury and wealth in this universe.” So much of the Star Wars aesthetic is rooted in sandy desolation and scrapyard blight; it appealed to Johnson to carve out a corner of the galaxy that is the complete opposite. “I was thinking, O.K., let’s go ultra-glamour. Let’s create a playground, basically, for rich assholes,” he said.

Canto Bight is also where viewers will get their multi-species fix of gnarled aliens and other grotesque creatures, a comic-relief staple of Star Wars movies since Luke Skywalker first met Han Solo amid the cankerous and snouty inhabitants of the Mos Eisley cantina. The Last Jedi is dark enough as it is, so Johnson has made a point of infusing the movie with levity. “I didn’t want this to be a dirge, a heavy-osity movie,” he said. “So one thing I’ve tried really hard to do is keep the humor in there, to maintain the feeling, amid all the heavy operatic moments, that you’re on a fun ride.” [x]