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Monsters Crowd, Creatures Call is a coming of age comic about monster teenagers in the 1980′s. The tumblr mirror shall update every day until completion of current pages. The comic features a diverse cast of LGBT+ characters and characters of color that will develop as the story progresses. Follow the “Monster Crowd” while they deal with the threats of hunters and high school!


Alright, I think I’m request doodled out, so thanks everyone for all these fun suggestions! Especially those of you who gave me some really weird cryptids and creatures that I hadn’t heard of or given attention to before; they were especially fun to draw (also I think rhyncosaurs are one of my new favorite animals). Some of these guys I might have to redraw and expand upon later because they were a lot more interesting than I could make in a little corner of my sketchbook…. And sorry if I didn’t get around to yours, there really were a lot of suggestions!

stanleypinesisdead  asked:

I just saw an art about theSame Coin Spinoff AU, from you and I LOVE IT!! Can ya give more information about that AU? *^*

My take on the Same Coin spinoff is basically a mix of this theory (in short, Stanley is Bill’s reincarnation) and Pengy’s Flat Dreams fic (Bill’s backstory), with a self-indulgent dollop of “Stanley and Ford are my favourite characters but them interacting with Bill is my absolute favourite, so let’s stick them all on a boat together after the show is over” (the tag for this AU on my main is here).

The premise is basically thus: Stanley lost his memories in the season finale, but some started trickling back. Because Bill was inside his mind, Bill also lost his memories but since Stanley’s started coming back, he didn’t die completely.

As Stan’s memories come and go, so do Bill’s. As they return, the memories start overlapping. Who is Stan? Who is Bill? Their backstories are so similar in places that they can’t tell them apart.

Ford starts getting suspicious when Stanley starts answering like Bill used to. He talks about betting and gold and games – which is all standard Stanley talk, admittedly – but then he also sometimes slips and calls Dipper “Pine Tree hat” and Mabel “my Shooting Star” and that’s just not sitting well with Ford.

Stanley, for his part, can’t quite remember what happened. He can remember the kids just fine, and some of their adventures, but that’s because they were his most precious memories. When it comes to Ford, sometimes he can’t remember him so well. The memories are blurry, mixed up. He sometimes forgets his proper name – Stanford – so he calls him Sixer or IQ instead.

It drives Ford quietly up the wall, because he hates it but he doesn’t want to get angry with Stanley, since Stanley is an amnesiac and also he wants to make amends.

Eventually, Ford finds Bill. Bill has been slowly growing in size, from a tiny dorito chip that literally emerged from Stanley’s head – burst out like a pimple, or if we want to get poetic, like Athena from Zeus’ headache – to something more sizable as his memories return / start feedback looping from Stan’s own.

Bill has SO MANY EONS of his own memories to recover that naturally the very first ones are the ones that come back first and the later ones… – well, the later ones will take a loooong ass time to recover. So he’s pretty much a helpless little triangle for a good long chunk. He’s small and he’s curious and he loves playing games and he loves cheating to win; he loves gold, shiny objects and he loves adventure. If you put him inside a young Stan he’d be identical.

So Ford… he hates Bill. He hates Bill with every fiber of his being. And, let’s be real, he probably is very cruel to the small dorito chip. But even if he breaks and splinters him, Bill always regenerates because he’s leeching off of Stan.

Or is he? Leeching, that is. Who’s leeching off of who?

When Stan suffers a near-fatal accident, he somehow recovers past the point of no return and in a few weeks he’s back to his chipper self. Ford is horrified. He’s starting to piece things together.

But how did Stanley and Bill become one? Did they make a deal in the last seconds of Stanley’s memories? Was it the act of erasing them both (and effectively killing them) that merged them?

Or is it something deeper, more ominous than that? Something that ties them so intricately together that you cannot split them apart. Something, perhaps, that was cinched with Ford’s actions – the very deal itself he made with Bill “until the end of time”, and Bill’s own deal with the Axolotol asking to be reborn “in another time”….

Anyway, long story short, I just really want to draw Amnesiac Bill and Amnesiac Stanley driving Ford progressively more and more nuts until he just learns to live with it because he loves his brother and I guess he has to learn to forgive Bill or something and get over his dumb ass self and just enjoy life, what little they have left XDD *throws confetti*