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“The good werewolf’s friends became obsessed with the idea of becoming Animagi, because an Animagus in animal form can accompany a werewolf in wolf form without triggering the werewolf’s killing instinct.

And so in year six, on Christmas, the day before the full moon, Hatake Kakashi received the most marvellous present he had been given since he was seven years old.”

Art and text by 201508lm, translated by me and reposted under the terms of Creative Commons BY-2.5

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Have you drawn Etrigan in anything? I recently read the Kirby issues for the first time, and was thinking how few characters are so completely redefined by each new creative team. The Moore/Bissette version is radically different from Kirby's; the Grant/Semeiks version is nothing like either of those, the animated series version is something else again, then Byrne's version, the Demon Knights version, etc etc -- I'm curious what your take would look like.

Not in anything published, no. I’ve mentioned here that Jeff Parker and I worked up a pitch for a Demon mini years ago before Future Quest that we just weren’t able to get any traction with. This drawing was part of that pitch. Meant to largely stem from the original Kirby take–

I won’t get into exactly what the pitch was because I still hold out hope that Jeff and I will get to do it someday, but it would’ve encompassed DC’s long history and would’ve seen new takes on a lot of the characters on the fringes of the DC Universe. I loved the idea and had such a good time drawing stuff for it.

Etrigan is my favorite pure Kirby character and I hope I get to draw something with him at some point regardless.

Blacklist 5x08 *Spoilers*

I just watched 5x08 for the first time. Going into it I knew what would happen to Tom and I thought that I’d be rather relieved, not just because I’m a keenler fan but because I thought the Tom Keen storyline prevented the show from moving forward. 

I never assumed that it would be so emotional. I never thought it would illustrate to the the viewer that while not all love is entirely healthy, that it is real nonetheless. It humanised Tom in a way that the writer’s seemed to be neglecting and portrayed the character’s strength through his weakness. Tom’s send off was, in every manner, a tribute to the life of Tom Keen, on and off screen.

I believe that this move will allow the creative team of the blacklist a whole new canvas on which to paint and I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

To Tom Keen / Keen2 fans, I am genuinely sorry for the loss of a huge and important contribution to the show. 

In a complete sidenote, I will be writing a oneshot following the events of the mid season finale and it will centre around keenler because as I said, it is my wish for the future. But I hope to write it in a way that honours Tom’s memory. 

Love and Support to all xx

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What do you think about Rip this season, you seemed pretty worried about his character rightly so. According to Phil Klemmer Rip thought he was doing the Legends a favour by letting them go but he clearly was trying to get them to steal the waverider by acting like a asshole. Klemmer also said Rip misses the Legends way of doing things since it's more fun. Arthur's project finished during crossover filming so more Rip 3x09 onwards. Still hoping for timecanary and for Rip to rejoin the team

Wow this got buried in my inbox sorry friend!

I feel like… the Legends’ creative team (producers, writers) are really terrible with consistent characterization cross-seasonally (they’re pretty good within season though?).

So Rip at the start of season 3 felt a bit like whiplash to me. Here’s the man who left the Time Masters and rebelled, who recruited a team of misfits and eventually came to be inspired by each of them, who took down the Time Masters in a “let’s burn this motherfucker to the ground” style move (nice), and eventually handed over the reigns because he truly had faith in them, especially in Sara.

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And then we’re just supposed to accept that the next time we see him, he’s a bureaucrat who basically reassembled and recreated the very thing he rebelled against and destroyed? And it seems like he made it even more strict and stuffy than it was before (and honestly, by how it seems, less competent except for the much better technology).

I just find that to be a very bizarre 180.

Originally posted by supercanaries

And him being an asshole to goad them into action makes some sense, and truly believing in them. I wonder again about that whole concept of Time Drift and how maybe Rip has been outside of Time for too long, and that’s why he’s drifted into this bureaucrat, and reconnecting with the Legends helped recharge his batteries, so to speak?

Originally posted by lotsource

As for how he’s been since then… well he basically hasn’t been around except one episode and I honestly haven’t seen it yet (or any of last week’s except the first 5 minutes). I’ve been too exhausted to stay up and catch Legends after Flash recently (it’s on lateish in my time zone and I’ve been crashing early) and I’m finding it hard to be invested? 

I mean, I’m curious what’s going on with Amaya, and I love Zari a lot, and I’m worried about the Firestorm plot (and love the freaky friday situation even if I only caught 5 minutes of that ep) but I just don’t have any investment yet in the seasonal overarching plot. So staying up and pumped to watch it has been super difficult. Everything they’re doing feels isolated and aimless except for Amaya’s (and by extension, Kuasa’s) plot so far, and maybe that’s changed in the episodes I’ve missed (or maybe I just feel that way because I’m so tired I’m falling asleep in those episodes) but I’ve really gotta catch up. 

(And not only for the time canary scenes!)

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What I can say about that with respect to Rip though, is that it seems to me he needs to be brought in more. I know Arthur’s been busy, but it seems clear that Rip needs to help drive the main plot of this season, that he’s holding on to some of the information, and without him and the tension his new role creates with the team, something currently (or at least where I left of) feels lacking plotwise. Not that they needed Rip to play that role, but since they gave it to him this season, he needs to be back in the plot, I think?

Originally posted by starcitysirens

(Because this feels like it’s pretty-significant, plotwise? Not that I’ve seen it yet, but yeah.)

I do hope and think we’ll see him more after the midseason, though I’m not sure if we’re gonna see him rejoin the team ever? The Waverider is really firmly under Sara’s captain-ship now, y’know? 

(I also wonder about how Gideon feels about Rip not being on the ship anymore tbh but that’s a completely separate thing).

  • me, two years ago: wtf are tony awards lmao

Young Justice panel @ SDCC

  • Fans brought back young justice with streaming on netflix and starting that campaign
  • Being on the new streaming service gives them room to do more mature themes
  • Most of the voice cast returning; Have 10 episodes already recorded
  • There will be 26 episodes for season 3
  • First look at the team for Season 3
  • First look at 3 new characters that include Arrowette, Spoiler, and a new mystery character (rumored to be Traci 13). 
  • The new arrowette is said to be someone was saved by Artemis and Green Arrow got inspired by them
  • Producers would like to do a season 4 and 5
  • They wanted more obscure villains for the show which is why the used Sportsmaster etc
  • The creative team really wanted Wally & Artemis together
  • Still no official premiere date for the show, but said sometime in 2018
  • Jason Todd is only a hologram and nothing more
  • Diversity is really important goal and big priority to everyone creating the show
  • First look at Artemis, Dick, Kaldur, and Conner

Art by pennybear, sharable by artist under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND-2.5

The artist was puzzling about how Yamato and Kakashi could possibly be so light at their heights and builds, pointing out that Yamato’s listed height and weight is not far off from skinny actress Fan Bingbing. Watch, for example, the Olympic Taekwondo matches for the 58kg category and there’s no way that Yamato could be that light, in my opinion.

No matter what weight he is, everyone can agree that Yamato lets Kakashi lead him around by his wooden nose…

What I Say: I’m Fine. 

What I mean: Takashi Shirogane probably is one of the best fictional heroes of this generation. On top of that, Shiro is a character that really shouldn’t exist to begin with. All previous iterations of Voltron have either killed off/replaced the iteration of his character. However, the creative team has decided to enrich, expand, and ultimately create something amazing out of Sven/Shirogane. Shiro is both physically and aesthetically amazing in his character design. There’s a reason why Josh Keaton’s twitter subheading is ‘That hot guy from Voltron.’ But Shiro is amazing both as a physical character as he is in what he represents. Takashi Shirogane is a canonically Japanese character who is both physically handicapped (debatable as his prosthetic physically helps more than it hurts from what we’ve seen.) As well as a character who has been through a disturbing amount of psychological trauma. All this being said, he still leads a group of heroes and carries the weight of the whole universe on his shoulders. He isn’t perfect, he lashes out, he gets angry, he gets scared, he gets frustrated and he gets irrational and attacks without justification. But he still serves as a fantastic roll model for all children and for anyone who watches the show. He stands as a paragon of heroes because despite his limitations and his traumas he still leads effortlessly, he still manages to stay strong despite his demons, he still is moving despite all of what life has thrown at him and that is truly amazing. 

I don’t want Shiro to die, I don’t want Shiro to be replaced in Season 3. I don’t want him to just serve as a plot device to advance Keith and Lance, I love the show because Shiro has inspired me to keep on fighting, to go out and be great, to not be scared of what might happen, because fear will inhibit me from doing something great. 

I want Shiro to live. I want Shiro to keep on living, I want Shiro to decompress and to cry, to prove to the viewers that its okay to break down, I want Shiro to overcome his demons, I want Voltron to win with Shiro at the helm, I want Shiro to make it back to earth, Alive. I want Shiro to survive. 

EXCLUSIVE: BTS Celebrate Their Biggest Album Ever and Reveal What They Love About Themselves

Welcome to BTS’ next chapter.

The K-pop boyband shocked the biggest names in music when they beat out artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in May – but their success is no surprise.

With 8.4 million Twitter followers and a fan base so dedicated it’s referred to as ARMY, BTS is one of the hottest acts in Asia, and soon, the United States.

“There is much more recognition of BTS music than before the BBMAs,” V, one of the band’s seven members, told ET. “Which means fans have higher expectations than before. We’re trying to live up to it and I hope the new album can be the answer to that expectation.”

The new album, Love Yourself: Her, dropped on Monday and was even shattering records weeks before its release with over one million pre-orders, according to BTS’ label, BigHit Entertainment. By Tuesday, Love Yourself had already topped the iTunes Album charts at No. 1 in a record-breaking 73 countries, the largest debut release for any South Korean artists. And “DNA,” the album’s lead single, is also blowing up on YouTube with nearly 30 million views since its early Monday release.

ET caught up with V, Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga and J-Hope on Tuesday, where they opened up about their incredible success, their fifth EP, and what’s next.

Q. Love Yourself: Her is already a huge hit around the world. Were you surprised?

Rap Monster: We’re surprised at the huge response when each album is released but it is beyond our expectation and overwhelming this time. Our new songs topped iTunes chart in 73 countries and made its debut at No. 4 on the US iTunes Song chart. “DNA” music video views surpassed 10 million in just 8 hours, which was the fastest for Korean artists ever. We are very grateful to our fans worldwide for appreciating our music and video.

Q. The music video for “DNA” is a little different from your past music videos, and includes some intense choreography – what does this mean for other music videos off this album? How long did it take to shoot the video?

J-Hope: BTS’ music videos always have intense choreography, but it was even more difficult to learn all the dance moves before the shoot. It may look different compared to previous videos due to complex use of computer graphics and edit styles for “DNA” video, but it took three full days to shoot. Everyone was great in learning the choreography, although there were many different moves we had to perform for the video. Personally, I think Jungkook and Jimin really pulled it off nicely.

Q. You collaborated with The Chainsmoker’s Andrew Taggart on the song “Best of Me” after meeting at the BBMAs. What was the collaboration process like? What did you learn from him?

Rap Monster: We first met at the BBMAs last May. [We] were invited to The Chainsmokers’ rehearsal backstage for the award show and we had fun talking about music and many things. The duo sent us several tracks after we returned home from BBMAs and we selected a couple of tracks to work together. “Best of Me” was the best for our new album in many ways so we decided to write lyrics and finish it together. The song came out great and we were all satisfied with the collaborative process. Andrew is awesome; he’s passionate about music and I think there should be more opportunities for us to work again in near future.

Q. Who’s your next big dream collaborator?

Jungkook: My biggest dream collaborator would be Justin Bieber because I just love his voice and the way he collaborates with other artists. However, I’d like to give it a try with whoever has the right chemistry with BTS musically.

Suga: I’m pretty much open to anyone who’s unique and has mutual appreciation in the music as BTS. I have some tracks and songs written for future collaboration and I’m happy to work with artists who have the right voice and taste.

Q. The song “Skit: Billboard Music Awards,” features Rap Monster’s speech from the awards show – what made you choose to incorporate that into your new album?

Rap Monster: It was one of many ideas we had for this album and we all thought that it would mean a lot to BTS and our fans if we have it permanently in the album and cherish that special moment for everyone. We’re facing the second chapter with Love Yourself: Her in terms of music and life and the BBMAs is like a new turning point for BTS in many ways.

Q. Rap Monster already revealed that Barack Obama was an inspiration for “MIC Drop” – Why? Who else were you inspired by on this album?

Suga: There are so many things that inspire us. For me, it’s people around me. And for RM, it can be books he reads. In general, what fans talk about and think about become a very important source of inspiration to us, because we want to write something that’s real to people, especially those who listen to BTS’ music.

Q. During your live stream on Monday, Rap Monster said that his favorite song is “Ocean,” but that song wasn’t released with the album. What can you tease about when the song will drop, and what it sounds like?

Rap Monster: It’s one of two hidden tracks you can listen to only on the physical album. “Ocean” has a lot of things I thought about since my debut in BTS four years ago. I have lived through many different dreams, worries and emotions in past years and I wanted to share those moments in the song. Sound-wise, there’s guitar and synth and the song is over five minutes, which is quite long. I hope people like it as one of the surprises I’ve prepared.

Q. You changed up your hair color since we last saw you – who decides when it’s time to change your look?

Jimin and J-Hope: The hair color decision is based on the concept of the new album and the timing is discussed with the whole production timeline. Each member’s opinion counts, so our stylists and creative team propose optional colors for us to choose from. But at the end of the day, they’re professionals and they know what they’re doing and in most cases, the proposed colors turn out to be the best for each member.

Q. This new album marks a new chapter in your careers after School, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Wings. What do you want fans to know about this new era of BTS?

Rap Monster: We tried many new things for this album and I’d like to label it as “innovative,” if I may. There will be new styled songs, new video, and many new things from now on. We want to evolve as artists and develop what we have within ourselves. If we ever slow down or even fail for our trials, it’s OK and we’ll be and stay as BTS. In addition, I’d like people to love themselves and think about what true love is while listening to the new album, because real love calls for courage to appreciate myself as is.  

Q. What do each of you love about yourselves?

Jin: I love my face and how it looks, which I appreciate very much.

Jimin: I love my attitude towards work and tendency for perfection.

V: My newly discovered talent to shoot great photos.  

Q. You’re wrapping up your tour this December. When will you be back performing in the U.S.?

Rap Monster: We do have plans for a world tour in 2018 so we will definitely go back to the U.S. soon and meet our fans as much as we can. If there’s any special opportunity for us any time soon, we’ll make sure to share it with you first.


Reasons to love Arno Victor Dorian, protagonist of ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’
  1. Incredible sense of style
  2. Probably more attractive and good-looking than at least 99.7% of all the existing human population 
  3. Very romantic, loving and loyal
  4. Reads a lot of books 
  5. Probably low-key realizes he’s in a video game
  6. Has arguably the some of the best lines/quotes in the franchise
  7. SassMaster™
  8. Keeps a journal and writes love letters, so probably has beautiful penmanship and handwriting
  9. Bragging rights include breaking out of the Bastille prison during the actual Storming of the Bastille
  10. Has a clear-headed and balanced worldview on the Assassin-Templar conflict (i.e. most probably because he thinks both the Templars and Assassins are absolutely insane)
  11. Makes an eloquent and heartfelt speech on WHY DOGMA IS BAD FOR YOU (again, probably related to him thinking both the Assassins + Templars are insane)
  12. Better Than You, good at Absolutely Everything, but Classy AF about it and not at all pretentious (okay maybe a little)
  13. Has his own Squad #TheBaguetteBoyBand #SquadGoals
  14. Has his own café (perks include free coffee for life)
  15. Made business for said café thrive and revenue increase, in the middle of Paris during the time of the freaking Revolution 
  16. Would rather run from a fight than get into direct conflict because ain’t nobody got time for that
  17. Can master any weapon you throw at him. I mean seriously. Swords? Pistols? Long weapons? Rifles? A freaking GUILLOTINE GUN? Pas de problème.
  18. StealthMaster™
  19. Parkours everywhere because who needs horses, rope-launchers, flying machines, gondolas or carriages when you can basically climb over anything and everything
  20. BFFs with the actual Napoleon Bonaparte, First Emperor of France #connections
  21. Adopts an orphan boy (more like orphan boy adopted him)
  22. Loves both his Dads
  23. Used at least two different Pieces of Eden in his career as an Assassin
  24. Token item is a pocket-watch
  25. Owns a Phantom Blade. Nothing is better than having your own Phantom Blade.
  26. Probably multi-lingual
  27. Sneaks into private parties he’s not invited to … and sneaks right back in when he gets kicked out (‘Arno You Lil Shit’: Part Un)
  28. Steals wine when he runs out of money to pay for it ('Arno You Lil Shit’: Part Deux)
  29. Probably cheats at card games; bets and loses his pocket-watch in the process ('Arno You Lil Shit’: Part Trois, the conclusion to a thrilling saga)
  30. Sasses anyone and everyone he comes into contact with, even people who want to help him, because why not (’Arno You Lil Shit’: The Sequel)
  • Sakura: Guys, I was wondering... what's your favourite flower?
  • Naruto: I like sunflowers. They are just so bright and happy.
  • Sakura: That's cool. I think like daffodils the best. What about you, Sasuke-kun?
  • Sasuke: Sakura.
  • Sakura: Yes?
  • Sasuke: Sakura.
  • Sakura: I'm listening, Sasuke-kun.
  • Sasuke: Tch, you know what, nevermind, that was a stupid question. (storms off)
  • Kakashi: Yo! What are you kids doing? Where's Sasuke?
  • Sakura: I was asking the guys about their favourite flowers and suddenly, Sasuke-kun got angry and left.
  • Naruto: Yeah, he was acting really weird. He kept saying Sakura-chan's name all the time and then ran off.
  • Kakashi: He was repeating "sakura", I see... so what could his favourite flower be, then?
  • Naruto: ...
  • Sakura: ...
  • Kakashi: ...
  • Sakura: (blushing) ...Oh!

Victo Ngai X Johnnie Walker Blue Label Special Edition

Here’s an exciting project commissioned by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Available exclusively in Hong Kong from September 2017, the limited-edition 70cl bottles features a Cantonese opera performer adorned with iconic Hong Kong symbols including neon lights, colonial architecture and skyscrapers, celebrating Hong Kong’s unique Eastern and Western influences through marrying the artistry and craftsmanship of the coveted blend and the illustration.

This project, which deals with a three-dimensional object, provided an interesting challenge the images needs to work well as a flat image but also as a three-plane tryptic, and elements needed to be well-placed and not awkwardly cut off around the edges when wrapped around the next plane.

While the blue hues show off the natural golden color of the whiskey, we wanted the image to look good on its own too, so people will keep the empty bottles and display them as standalone art pieces.

Many thanks to my creative team at LOVE Creatives, everyone at MHDHK and PRIME Asia for the fabulous launch party and Johnnie Walker for such a beautifully crafted product. 

On Oak’s Forced Leave

Hi friends. I know we’re all super pissed about Oak being asked to leave Great Comet to make room for Mandy Patinkin (I am too. Like I was looking forward to seeing him for months, and now I can’t) but I’m seeing a lot of posts on here that include some info that is just wrong, and wanted to clarify them. So here.

1.) Oak being dismissed had nothing to do with race. Let me explain, because I know that it 100% looks like it does, but it really doesn’t. Oak, while having a lot of fans in the Broadway community, is a total unknown outside of it. Mandy Patinkin is famous in film, television, and theatre (I mean, he was Inigo Montoya). While they are replacing a black actor with a white actor, that’s immaterial. What they’re really doing is replacing someone who won’t sell tickets (at least, extra tickets) with a celebrity who will (at premium prices). Is that better? Not really. But it’s an important distinction that a lot of people haven’t been making. 

2.) He did not have “a week and a half” to sell tickets. I keep seeing this point, and it’s confused me greatly. Oak has been announced to take over Pierre since February. That was about five months ago. Any pre-sale that was going to happen would’ve already happened by now, and obviously same day sales weren’t good. They were expecting Oak to be a draw, but he wasn’t. Not Oak’s fault, but it’s just a fact. 

3.) They’re not blaming Oak for not selling tickets. A continuation of the second point, no one is putting the success of the show on Oak’s shoulders (if anything, they’re putting it on Ingrid’s). However, they found someone who could make the show more successful, and he happens to be taking over Oak’s role. This does not mean that Oak was unsatisfactory in any way, shape, or form, and no one is trying to imply that. 

4.) This is not the first time Great Comet has done this. Brittain Ashford was asked to go on vacation to make room for Ingrid Michaelson, for the exact same reason that Oak is ending his run early, and no one batted an eyelash. The only difference is that Brittain is coming back when Ingrid leaves, while most people in the business are pretty sure they have another celebrity lined up for Pierre, hence Mandy only performing for three weeks. 

5.) He’s still getting paid. Just like Brittain, Oak is going to be fully compensated for the time he’s off. That doesn’t make things better, but please don’t think they’re just throwing him out on the street or something.  

6.) What About Denée, Amber, Nick, Blaine, Azudi, Shoba, Paul, Summaya, Lulu, Andrew, Brandt, and Heath? If you’re wondering who those people are, they’re the other PoC in the cast of Great Comet, which has won multiple awards for its commitment to diversity this season. To further break those numbers down: four of them (Denée, Amber, Nick, and Paul) are in lead/supporting roles (out of a total of ten), one of which, Natasha, is the absolute archetype of “white Russian princess.” Not to mention that one of Natasha’s understudies, Shoba Narayan, is literally the only actress of Indian descent (that I know of) on Broadway right now. The Comet team has gone to great lengths to make their show as diverse as possible (they literally have their swings learn both “male” and “female” roles, and you can see same-sex couples at multiple points during the show, and it has a largely female creative team), and frankly it’s a little bit insulting to see people acting like Great Comet only casts PoC “when it’s convenient for them.” 

7.) It was not Dave Malloy, Mandy Patinkin, or Rachel Chavkin’s fault this happened. I’ve seen people attacking Dave and Rachel for allowing Oak to be replaced, and Mandy himself for replacing him. Not okay. If you want to blame anyone, blame the producers. Dave and Rachel have literally no say beyond: “Yeah. We’d love Mandy to be in it. Not sure when, though.” and Mandy just gave them the times he was free between shooting the next season of Homeland, and it happened to be the last three weeks of Oak’s run. 

8.) This is all about making money. Broadway shows aren’t cheap to run in general, but a show like Comet is an absolute beast. 30+ cast members, a huge band, a giant crew, etc. Their weekly running costs are probably somewhere in the range of 700k-800k a week. Since Josh left, they’ve been making ~900k a week, which is fine, if they want to be in debt for the next ten years. Comet had a huge amount of money put into it, and the people running it are definitely feeling pressure from investors to pay it back. This means they have to stick a celeb in every once in a while. 

9.) I still don’t think it’s okay. This all being said, I think it was an absolutely shitty move on the producers’ part (they could’ve handled it a lot better) and am livid. (Though, I do have to admit I love Mandy Patinkin. I just wish he came at a different time.)  But while I’m angry, I think it’s important not to make this into something it’s not. 

Okay. That’s all.