the creation of lemon

an open breath
two lidded eyes
how easily you slip
into the dream
where your mother
never tender
dips her coarse hands
into the sea.
this was the blood
you broke, unholy
child. this was
the land we sought.
for your creation
i moulded you
from the bitterest
rinds of the flashing
summer lemon
her mouth a paper
moon, growing
growing, growing-

in the dream
you are drawn
towards thunder.
your head, heavy
as bucolic wine.


Oma Friedes Ostpreußische zitronenspeise von 1910

Granny Friedes’ East Prussian lemon custard dessert from 1910

(Das rezept entstammt dem Heimatblatt des Kreises Heiligenbeil, Sommer 2015, S. 82. )
(This recipe comes from “Heimatblatt des Kreises Heiligenbeil”, Summer 2015, p. 82. )

A lemon dessert that’s light, airy, and has a balanced combination of sweetness and sourness.

Whipped egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, water, gelatin, and whipped egg whites were added into a double boiler at different stages during the cooking process. The finished mixture was poured into glass cups, chilled, then served garnished with dried cornflower petals.

Describe Her

i think she’s like the sun because she’s so bright and out there when we speak.

i think she’s like the heat because she makes me feel so warm with every word that leaves her mouth.

or she could be like the moon because that’s when she becomes more vulnerable.

she reminds me of the stars because its only ever so often when i get to see whats truly underneath her layers of shield.

but then again, i want to refer to her as the sweet creation of lemon pie because she’s refreshing, and what could get better than yellow and delightful zingy tastes stimulating your tongue?

or she could be the green grass and trees that grow from nature’s dirt, because her roots are strong and she’s been through so much, you’d never guess just seeing that precious face. a rose that grew from the concrete.

in other words, i want to see her as the clouds in the sky because she’s always so mysterious, sometimes i can’t really figure her out. but that’s what i adore most about her.

she’s like a book that needs no blurb nor summary, just a good, detailed reading. because it takes time to appreciate the complexity of such a woman, and all that she has to offer.

i know she’s complicated, but she’s worth knowing. i know she’s odd, but she’s so sweet and well rounded. i know she’s a stranger, but how can i resist when she’s so beautiful?

i ask myself this, but i end up with the same answer. her soul.. analyze and appreciate her soul.



THE JUN WRX – Jun Auto Mechanic’s “Super Lemon GDB” Bugeye

This is the JUN Super Lemon GDB.

For a time this car broke and held the lap record at Tsukuba circuit in Japan –– right when the track was making a name for itself as the proving grounds for high-horsepower creations from Japan’s top tuners. The retina scorching signature “JUN lemon yellow” paint and GTR-faced original ADVAN RG’s belie the true legacy of this car.

It wasn’t so much that it broke the record at Tsukuba – it was the way that it did it, and the Subaru vs. Mitsubishi rivalry for Tsukuba supremacy that was going on at the time. With *only* 582 horsepower and all OEM metal paneled body, the JUN WRX posted a lap time of 55.9 seconds and snatched up the title from HKS’s Mitsubishi Evo VII (56.814 second lap on Dec. 26, 2001). JUN’s record was only taken away by the Sun Auto’s Cyber Evo (55.801 seconds on Dec. 9, 2003 via Eiiji “Tarzan” Yamada) — but it took an additional 200hp over the JUN car to do so. Ten days after Sun Auto took the record, the record was broken again by the HKS Evo TRB-02 (54.739 second lap – Dec 19, 2003 via Nob Taniguchi) — a car which essentially was HKS’s old Evo VII but entirely rebodied in super lightweight carbon fiber widebody that you’d be hard pressed to find on a street car.

A similar comparison can be made to the McLaren F1’s world’s fastest production street car title only being taken away by a certain car only with an additional 400bhp (not to mention four extra cylinders, and four more turbo’s than the McLaren’s zero). OK maybe I’m exaggerating ; ) But the JUN WRX is loved among bugeye enthusiasts.

Older pics from the now-defunct Exvitermini blog (the Aussies behind the 1400-hp drag Skyline GTR-700). Don’t mind the 2003 digicam technology : P

JUN’s original-design front bumper (modified for this car with narrower center air dam to feed the v-mount intercooler/radiator and nothing else), one-off custom CF splitter purpose-built only for the JUN GDB… known to scrape perfectly level pavement in hard turns : P

WRC-style sport mirrors likely made by STI for the GC8-chassis Impreza and adapted to the JUN GDB.

Stock WRX reflector headlights (lighter weight than the JDM projectors and stock on the STI Spec C) with JUN original-design eyelids. GTR-faced Advan RG’s housing giant Endless big brakes and Zeal Function-SPL coilovers.

Hood with custom-cut vents for the V-mount intercooler (not a WRC drop-in hood vent despite similar look)… and cowl by the windshield likely to vent heat from the massive turbo setup. The hood eventually received NACA vents (see last pic).

Custom turbo location against the firewall with meticulously welded titanium turbo inlet piping. Split intake manifold with two gigantic surgetanks atop a 2.5L JUN stroker kit on a 2.0L EJ207 (this was before the EJ257 existed). Dual-core V-mount intercooler setup. JUN’s trademark green-to-yellow fade painted timing belt cover.

You may have seen the video of the white JUN GC8 setting a top speed run. That car was owned by a customer, this car was owned by JUN itself and allowed the company to flex its engineering might and be even more creative.

SARD GT wing with custom covered mounts (not unlike the Mugen wing for RSX’s) mounted on the chassis itself as opposed to the trunk… and JDM STI rain visors. A nice “street car” touch on this track beast.

…and an enormous one-off rear diffuser purpose built for the JUN Car with integrated rear bumper vents. Closest thing you can buy for a bugeye outright is the Mature diffuser but even that is dwarfed by the JUN race piece.

Dr. Susumu Koyama – V.P. of Jun Auto, tuner and brains behind the JUN WRX. photocreds to super street mag

BORE / STROKE 100mm / 79mm
MAX BOOST 1.6kg/cm2
MAX POWER 600ps / 7600rpm
MAX TORQUE 68.4kgm / 5400rpm
CAMSHAFT JUN High Lift Camshaft INT 272-10.3/ EXH 272-10.3mm
CAM SPROCKET JUN Slide camsprocket
VALVE SPRING JUN Racing valve spring
VALVE RETAINER JUN Titanium valve retainer
PISTON JUN Stroker kit 2.5L piston 100mm
CONNECTING ROD JUN Stroker kit 2.5L connecting rod
CRANKSHAFT JUN Stroker kit 2.5L crankshaft
GASKET 0.7mm
INT MANIFOLD JUN Prototype 4 throttle surge tank
MUFFLER JUN Original titanium muffler
RADIATOR JUN Aluminum V mount type
CLUTCH CUSCO Prototype twin
TIRE ADVAN A-048 255/40-17
WHEEL ADVAN RG 9.5J-17(PCD 114.3 HUB) note: this car has multiple sets of Advan RG in different sizes… wheels shown looks more like an 18″
EYE LINE JUN eye line
FRONT BUMPER SPOILER JUN front bumper spoiler

Keiichi Tsuchiya putting the JUN Car through the ringer and throwing it around the track for the Hot Version vol. 64 DVD

Good food does not have to boring, tasteless or expensive.

Today’s creation: roast chicken (roughly 4 meals), simply add garlic cloves, slices of lemon, olive oil, any garden herbs you can find (thyme, sage, rosemary) then salt and pepper to taste.

It’s an orgasm in your mouth and ALL your friends are invited. If you want.

Chicken gang bang.

arebelformusic  asked:

What if LLFTX cheated on Mc

Since you don’t specify if you want to know MC’s reaction or how do the guys act after they cheat, etc, I’m making different scenarios.


Takuto: Takuto would be more quiet. He would be angry if you asked him more questions. He’s afraid that you would discover his infidelity.

            You entered LRN and saw Takuto eating his usual pork noodle. Your face brightened up as you sat in front of him. He was still deep in thought and did not realized you sat across from him.

You waved your hand to get his attention, “Hello? Anyone there?”

Takuto was startled and chocked on his food. You patted his back.

“I’m sorry to surprise you. Are you okay? You look like you have a problem, Takuto. Want to talk about it?”

He put his chopsticks and stood up.

“Boss, I’m leaving first tonight.”

“Hey, Takuto!” you grabbed his arm as he prepared to leave. “Why are you so distance suddenly?”

“No reason. I just don’t feel like talking. Let go of me,” he said coldly.

Riki: Riki would be prone to cheat by having a one-night stand when he’s drunk.

Riki held you tightly and refused to let go.

“C’mon, it’s only one time. In the past.”

“Doesn’t matter. We were in a relationship already so you cheated on me,” you said coldly.

“ I was drunk.”

“Riki, it doesn’t matter what that is. Cheating is cheating. Period,” you peeled his fingers from on top of your stomach and shoved him in disgust.

You turned and saw the desperation in his eyes, “______, I only love you.”

“We’re done. Good bye,” you picked up the bag that fell to the floor when you tried to escape from his embrace and left his room.

His head hung low as you looked back one more time, trying to leave all your memories with him behind.

Hiro: Hiro would be extremely generous and nice to you (even more than usual) because he would feel extremely guilty if he ever cheated on you.

            “Hiro, why are you suddenly buying me all these clothes?” you took the edges of your skirt and pulled the skirt out.

“You will need more dresses in the future because you are my fiancée,” Hiro smiled and put his hands on your waists. “It’s a nice fit for you. You’re beautiful.”

He pushed your back so that your body molded to his. Hiro kissed you passionately and his tongue seek yours. You felt like you would melt if he continued doing that to you.

Suddenly his phone rang. He pulled away from you and checked the screen on his phone. His eyes squinted in displease for a moment but then the smile returned to his face.

“I need to pick this up but feel free to try other things as well. Whatever you want, I’ll buy it for you,” he said cheerfully and stepped out of the store to pick up his call.

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