the crazy ones: season 1

Ok, just a quick idea I had about the 5th season of Samurai Jack.

Everyone is talking about how the psychological effects of 50 years has taken his toll on him, and that the hallucination scenes from the first episode are caused by that alone. 

But I think it’s a lot LESS complicated than that.

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anonymous asked:

So sorry if this is a repeat question, but is there any fan fic of Carrie sleeping with Q2.0? Oh fuck me, if only the writing team had given us this beautiful scene "in real life".

It’s your lucky day! I read your ask quickly and thought you wanted season 2 sex fic recommendations which is a great question because so many of them are buried. But you wanted Quinn 2.0 which is kind of the opposite. 

So, two for the price of one…

1) Great season 2 sex fics with Carrie/Quinn:

Are you kidding? Some of the sexiest fics in the fandom are set in seasons 2-3 before abject doom started following Carrie & Quinn around like a lost puppy named Gansa. These are all quick reads.

  • The time period in Spiked by Isadora is undefined but it feels like season 2 to me. Also, her Assignment is set in season 3 but it’s one of my favorite fics ever so I’m throwing it in here. It’s a one shot, a great story, and really, really hot.
  • Another Ending Which Is Actually a Beginning by our own Frangi is probably the best example of fun smut. Set in 2.04 - ops room sex. Hot and a little crazy. A one shot.
  • Chapter 2 of my Making it Right is technically season 3 but their argument is all about the season 2 mess with Brody, and there’s sex. On a desk.
  • My tongue upon your scars by aridness_string is very hot but dark.
  • Half Lies by Finlyfoe features Carrie and Quinn meeting long before season 2 and having an, ahem, encounter. Cue season 2. This fic has one of my favorite smut scenes ever because it’s fun and hot and crazy. 
  • One Night Stand by koalathebear is set in season 1 and, like Half Lies, imagines a hook up prior to season 2. It’s charming.
  • Finally, how in God’s name could there be a Greenpen (Sara) fic I’d never read? And it’s not even depressing! Five Minutes. Hot damn, Sara….
  • Finally II, there’s no sex but some quality sexting in Mathison I’m Bored by our own Laure. It puts Quinn and Carrie in a season 2 CIA meeting. It’s guaranteed to make you smile. It’s a recent fic and refers to season 6 canon humorously because Quinn & Carrie decide they’re having absolutely none of it. It’s vintage Laure.

2) As for your real question: Quinn 2.0 - also a great ask!

  • On the Road by Inch by Inch, a new writer, is a recent fic and fairly canon consistent (sans death). I love it. It’s unique with really believable dialogue. Two chapters. (The sex is not what you might expect, however.)
  • Les Nocturnes by loveandlost06, another new writer, features an absolutely beautiful sex scene that’s very consistent with Quinn 2.0. Make it your head canon for the season 6 sex we never got! It’s well written and believable and lovely. Two chapters.
  • A Hanukkah Miracle by our own Sydney (SNQA) is perfect comedy if you need a laugh! Promise, promise, promise. Smut (lots) in the kitchen while Saul explains Hanukkah to Franny in the next room. It’s a one shot. While it’s hard to remember when Quinn & Carrie were funny, this fic will remind you.
  • A Homeland Christmas was written by me… and I’m proud of it, actually (rare for me). There is sex though it’s rather brief. But if you need a new vision for season 6 featuring lots of domesticity… it’s my head canon. Clearly. A one shot.
  • Second Chances by our own Frangi is one of her famed sweeping, heartfelt, epic fics. Sex doesn’t come along until around chapter 12 if I recall. I actually like Weekend Visit even more. Another epic Frangi fic. The premise of the “beep, beep, beep” heart monitor preventing Carrie and Quinn from consummating is totally hilarious and when they finally do it… it’s worth the wait. 
  • The Other Half by Greenpen (Sara) is… God, I dunno what to say. Sara is an incredible writer. I don’t think any fic writer captures the complexity of Carrie & Quinn as well as she does. Four chapters and worth every word. This is not for the faint of heart but it’s believable and sad and hopeful all at once. And he’s alive at the end. So.

No sex but lovely…

  • The One with the Inconvenient Love by our own Laure is another funny fic set around season 6. They’re acting Very Married and there’s no sex but and it’s funny and charming as they try to get out of the friend zone. Also, Coffee by Laure is nuanced, romantic, interesting. It makes you think.
  • By the Sea by Kitty does not have sex but it’s the preamble. It’s as complicated as Carrie and Quinn and is placed in a season 6 AU.

While some have gone their separate ways, theres some still caught up with the past instead. But move on, you’re missing most of your life, they say its hard to stay the same. When some fail, while other men seem to gain, my friend, I’ll be with you here until the end. (x)

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