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literally all i want in season two of crazy ex-girlfriend is for darryl to have another party and for white josh to help him get ready for it, so they can do “having a few people over (reprise)” together

The Best Drummer That Has Ever Lived Ever - A Josh Dun Line Prompt, #20

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20 with Josh dun from twenty one pilots please!

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Title: The Best Drummer That Has Ever Lived Ever

Fandom: twenty one pilots, Josh Dun

Words: 538

Summary: You and Josh have been dating for a very long time, but he still feels the need to show off to you. One rouge drumstick leads to a very embarrassing moment for him.

Thanks for the request, non! I hope you like it, it’s not my best work. So, um, here’s Joshy!


“Oh I’m so impressed.”

“I know!”

Josh, your boyfriend of too long to count, yells to you from behind his drum set. He still feels the need to show-off to you, a concept that only makes sense in his beautiful mind.

He’s drumming very fast, all with his eyes closed. An incredible feat in the world of Josh Dun, and you had to admit, you are enjoying it. The drumming yes, but hanging out with your best friend/love of your life and teasing him relentlessly is even better. 

“Here, now watch this!”

He picks up his pace even faster, and somehow the noise emitting from his drum set is melodic, not random and completely horrid. 

“Mmm, wow you’re pretty good at that drumming thing. You should really join a band or something.” You joke back at him, enjoying the show.

“Yeah, I’ve been- OW!” He starts off in a cocky tone, most definitely to supply a sarcastic side remark, but it is never to be. Before he can finish, one of his sleek, brand-new drumsticks (that he made sure to show you when he got them), slips out of his trained hand, and flies straight into his forehead.

He bring his hand right above his eye immediately, dropping his other beloved drumstick and groaning in pain. 

You, on the other hand, are rolling on the floor laughing. Screaming and/or choking would also be accurate words. You clutch your stomach and try to say something to Josh, whose cheeks have now turned a bright shade of pink. Alas, your words get caught in your throat, and rather come out as loud gasps for air.

“Come on, it wasn’t that funny.” Josh says sheepishly while standing up from his drum set, a frown decorating his cute face.

You begin to compose yourself, and head towards your partner, whose embarrassment was as obvious as a police siren. 

“Aww, Joshy.” You coo, finally reaching him and caressing his face while jutting out your bottom lip. “You want me to kiss-it-make-it-better?”

He grabs your wrist and turns away, eyes trained on the floor. You can almost feel the heat radiating from his perfect face, and start to feel a little bad about teasing him. 

“Aw, c’mon it was cute.” You try to lighten up his mood while bringing his face back towards yours. He instead buries his face into your shoulder the avoid your gaze. 

“No, it was stoopid.” His voice is muffled by the soft fabric of your t-shirt and you can’t help but giggle.

“Josh.” You say in the firmest voice you can muster, while grabbing his chin and bringing his eyes to yours. You can’t help but smile at the adorable look on his face. “You’re still the best drummer that has ever lived ever.” You state as a fact for the world to hear.

He chuckles that familiar laugh and snakes his arms around your waist, placing a heavy kiss on your lips.



He drummed great that night, his eyes always finding you watching backstage and smiling. The black eye he was sporting blending right in with his usual eyeshadow, and all was well again on the crazy life you live, right alongside Josh and Tyler.

Does anyone else have that one twenty one pilots song that’s just too real because it’s screaming everything you’re feeling? And like you can only listen to it at the right time because it’s just //so important//?


Get to know me: [10/20] Favourite Relationships Part2 Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson “Joshifer” (Real life)

“She’s so crazy. We have so much fun together, and that happened from the very first moment that we met each other. We’re both from Kentucky, and I really think that was what our relationship was built upon. As soon as we knew that we were both from Kentucky, that gave us the right to act crazy with each other. I don’t know why it did that, but it absolutely did. At the same time that it’s fun and crazy, it’s also a real friendship. If she needs to talk to me or I need to talk to her about whatever, we have each other’s backs. I’m definitely part of the family. She’s there for me and I’m there for her.”

Home for the Holidays!!!

1) can’t wait to see Maya and Shawn’s relationship grow.
2) love that Cory and Shawn are as gay as ever.
3) Shawn/Riley interaction is life.
4) Josh and Maya have crazy chemistry.
5) waiting for Riley and Maya to start acting as gay as Cory and Shawn.
6) excited to see Riley’s passion for photography grow. And I want to see Maya’s artistic talent develop as well!
7) I want Angela back with Shawn!
8) this episode just opened up so many possibilities I’m gonna cry it’s so beautiful…

500+ followers! Now for some amazing blogs that I have come to love with my heart.

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How do you like the photo at the top, I’m curious.

This post is for Petra’s dazzlingjosh birthday. I’m not sure if you follow me, but I love your blog. Here is some JHutch goodness. My gift from me to you. :)

Bball Player Josh

Bashful Josh

Makeup Wearing Josh

Angry Josh

Reporter Josh

“You’re Overreacting” Josh

Smarty Pants Josh

Penis Loving Josh

Pre-game Ritual Josh

Twerking Josh

Handsome Josh

“Is this real life?” Josh

“These fans are crazy” Josh

80’s Josh

And last but not least…

Shirtless Josh (yummy!)

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