the crazy 88s

Here’s a fun way to ruin half of the action movies you watch: When the hero is beating the shit out of a room full of evil henchmen, take your eyes off the hero and his current victim and watch what the other bad guys are doing. You are about to observe several stunt performers trying to look menacing or at least busy while actually doing absolutely nothing.

Take the massive fight scene in Kill Bill, when the Bride fights the Crazy 88. They are 88 hardened criminals, but they fight like they are politely waiting in line at a euthanasia clinic. Ignore the Bride and the guy she’s swordfighting with, and note the useless bastards in the background standing there watching it happen:

Uma Thurman has so long to screw around between attacks that at one point, she reaches up during a clashing of swords to pull a guy’s eye out. And while he’s screaming, the other 87 sword murderers stop to let her pose. One would imagine three or four of them would think to stab her, and 40 or so would think to throw their sword or go look for a gun.

Nonsensical Things Every Action Movie Thinks Really Happen

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she's thinking: is there really not gonna be a Kill Bill Vol. 3? There's so much closure that needs to be had, first of all, Sophie Fatale and a lot of the crazy 88 are alive. They could try to get revenge. Nikkia, Vernita's daughter is now about 15-16(so is Bebe) and she deserves revenge on the bride for killing her mother. Is Bebe trained to be a fighter? Also lastly, Elle Driver was never seen dead. The last we saw, she was blind in a trailer bathroom with a black mamba, but we never saw her die. Ten years ago, Quentin said he would do the sequels ten years later. It's been 10 years and now he says he isn't, but there is so much potential for these storylines and I just really need something canon. I'm pretty sure he's considered making it an anime in the style of O-ren's origin story, and I think that could be amazing. Either way, I have to have hope that this story isn't over

Found this on Max’s Character page on TV Tropes.

Apparently, the actress playing Cheedo was only 14 when filming began! I guess the same thing goes for Cheedo herself in-universe, considering what TV Tropes has to say about how Max treats her compared to everyone else.

And hey, this is the same guy who lost his own kid; in Road Warrior, he bonded with the Feral Kid, and in Beyond Thunderdome, he clearly hesitated punching Savannah in the face. 

In fact, it reminds me of Kill Bill, Vol. 1, where, after losing her unborn baby, The Bride does not kill Vernita’s daughter (even after saying that she would), she spares the youngest of the Crazy 88s by just slicing off his sword & giving him one hell of a spanking, and simply tells the 17-year-old Gogo to walk away before they engage in battle.


“When I came into this film, the biggest inspiration for me was Seven Samurai,” director James Wan explained. “Instead of horses and steeds, it’s their muscle cars. Instead of swords, it’s guns. The classic story of vengeance and family and blood oath—that plays into classic Kurosawa!”

“In the actual movie, I wanted to spell the word ‘Seven’ out, as opposed to just the number 7. It’s Furious Seven, like Seven Samurai,” he explains. (Intriguingly, posters for the movie feature seven members of the Toretto family—which could imply that they are meant to be The Furious Seven, like the Fantastic Four or the Fab Five or the Crazy 88.) Wan also compares the film to The Magnificent Seven, the western-ified remake of Seven Samurai. “I kind of see Vin as my Yul Brynner,” he laughs.

andibehring: Facebook was nice enough to remind me that five years ago today I took this picture when it was SO COLD on set, and today we are sweating like crazy in 88 degree weather. Please bring me the fall weather already!! PS - LaShan is both a human parka as pictured here, and also a literal ray of sunshine. #TVDtbt


Some of film’s most memorable scenes are incredibly busy, filled with lots of people and even more action. There’s the huge brawl in Anchorman, where dozens of people fight it out in neatly pressed suits, or Beatrix’s bloody encounter with the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill. 

Artist Truck Torrence, better known as 100% Soft, decided to use these scenes as inspiration for his latest art gallery called “Mass Hysteria”: it takes your favorite crowded movie scenes and makes them a whole lot cuter.