the craving project

anonymous asked:

There's that one guy which I got to know because of a video game we both play, we live in different countries and I just can't get him out of my head. I crave affection and love so badly but I know it just won't work with him. I don't know how to forget and let go, it's hard.

Yeah I understand! You might just be projecting your craving for affection onto him. Which is totally okay. Just try not to let it consume you and live in the moment with the people you do have around you.

Yoooo!! I’ve been posting about Pokemon on my fandom / aesthetic side-blog plenty but I’m mentioning on here that I plan on opening a new Pokemon centered blog! I can’t promise I’ll stay dedicated to keeping it running but… Even years back I can recall painting a watercolor comic cover of my trainer series drafts. I somehow still want to make it. I don’t tend to crave working on a project for as long as I’ve wanted to do this?? I’m excited!!!  ◓