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Would you indulge me with an AU? I love Yata, he's so spirited about Homra and he's their Vanguard. I like to think that maybe Yata's bio dad was a member of Kagutsu's Red Clan or something. The Kagutsu Crator happened around when Yata was 7? So like Yata's mom separated from his dad when he was younger than that and then his biological father dies in the Damocles Down. I think it's really fitting and a nice Headcanon. Your thoughts? :)

Ooh this is a really interesting idea, especially seeing as the timeline fits. It could certainly explain why his dad is AWOL. If Kagutsu had a clan that was anything like Mikoto’s, it could certainly be the case that Misaki’s dad was a roughian who didn’t make the best father/husband, which could explain the divorce. I’ve always imagined Kagutsu’s clan (if he had a clan? I don’t know if there’s any information on the subject) to be sort of a worse form of Homra - less disciplined, less driven by good motives. I explained before in this post why I see Homra as sort of a chaotic good, and using the same system, I feel like Kagutsu’s clan would be a chaotic neutral. Not necessarily bad people or a proper gang or actively criminal, but potentially causing trouble and engaging in low-level mischief. So if Misaki’s dad was sort of a deadbeat who hung around with that crowd and caused trouble, it could easily be the reason why his parents separated. 

If Misaki ever found out about it, it could be the reason why he never really contacted his mother after he joined Homra. He might have been ashamed that he saw himself as following his deadbeat dad’s footsteps, or worried he would be a bad influence on his little siblings, but he didn’t really realise how much good Homra did, even if it was through unconventional methods. I don’t think Misaki’s mother would be too worried when she eventually learned about Homra, though. Her son isn’t involved in crime, and he’s happy and healthy and he has friends he cares about, so she’s happy.

The Orange Sea

Drifting through an orange sea
Where plains and mountains are all sand
Unnatural, unbelievable, yet so vivid
There stands the richest waterfall
Gushing from the dunes
Like a fresh wound
The blue blood dripping–racing
Towards the only green for miles
Heaven, valhalla, paradise
For those specs of movement
In a motionless sea
Gaia herself must have kissed this spot
A green crator
On a desert map
Yet it’s feast only for those who believe
A picture perfect hallucination
Meant to deceive

The Orange Sea is always unforgiving

Ray: Hey, that kid, the smart one (Reid smiles and mouths ‘Its me’). I could use a little help.
Rossi: Reid?
Reid: Reid here.(Garcia rolls her eyes)
Ray: Crossword question. 10 letters, Crator Creator.
Reid: 10 letters, Crator, Creator.
Garcia: Arctangent.
Rossi: Did you get that?
Ray: Damn, she’s smart.
(Reid looks at Garcia, frustrated. Garcia smile & nods in amusement)
—  Ray, David Rossi, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia. Season 5 Episode 3. Criminal Minds quote of the day.

Tyler, The Creator. From da nu generation of Hip Hop kings.


One Moment In Time

A One Shot. Concept: We saw Gail’s moment of realization. What if we saw Holly’s moment? What if Gail saw Holly’s moment?

Gail leaned against the wall of a dilapidated brick building and waited for her vision to return to normal. She was disoriented. Her vision blurred. Her breath came short and quickly. It was always like this when she traveled. She had made dozens of trips, and still was not use to the effects. She did not believe she would ever get used to it.

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Star Dust

It was a quiet night, clouds rolling over the stars and dulling the glow of the moon. It was winter time so the grass would frost over tonight for sure. Most were asleep right now seeing at it was almost midnight, everything was quiet. Everything was still.

The stars were active tonight, a few small twinkles before a small shoot across the sky. The star fell to earth in a beautiful stance, before landing in the woods. The noise made by the collision was enough to wake anyone from their slumber.

A young lady laid in the crator that was made from the impact, steam arose from the floor as she cooled down from the landing. She was wearing a shimmering white dress with a necklace with a small diamond star attached, sitting up from the hole she held her head. Pain shooting to her leg, must have injuried it when she fell.