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A note to all witches:
  • It’s okay if you don’t practice your craft every single day
  • It’s okay if you take a break from your craft or religion for however long you need
  • It’s okay if you don’t believe or worship in all the gods in your religion 
  • It’s okay if you don’t acknowledge your deity/god/goddess every single day 
  • It’s okay if you don’t want to/you don’t feel ready to use your own spells/sigils/rituals etc.
  • It’s okay if you forget a full moon
  • It’s okay if you skip/forget about a sabbat.

In short, take your time, do what makes you feel comfortable and never let anyone pressure you or make you feel bad about your magickal choices.

Stay safe and blessed be )O(

anonymous asked:

is it just me or the guy from "The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper" is very coulson-like??? i need smt to be whipped up and presented abt it, preferably with as much words as possible

Well, it sounds like you’re the one to do it, Anon! :D I don’t know if The Strange Disappearance of DB Cooper is a tv show, documentary, movie, or if you’re just referring to the story of DB Cooper – I’m familiar with the story, but I don’t know which retelling you’re referencing. (I googled but “the strange disappearance of DB cooper” is the title of like half of the stuff made about him.)

But to get you thinking, I suspect the resemblance between the DB Cooper sketch and Coulson is not entirely unintentional. Coulson’s character design evokes the Men In Black (the original cryptid version from alien abduction retellings, the Mothman encounters, &etc, not the media franchise), and more generally implies the Anonymous White Bureau-Auto-crat, a man as nondescript as possible because the work he does is as anonymous as possible. He’s meant to be the secret weapon who looks like the cog in the machine. The flat conservative hairstyle, generic white-male face (sorry Clark Gregg, you have a quite attractive generic white-male face), suit, and sunglasses serve the same purpose in both Coulson’s design and DB Cooper’s appearance: to simultaneously present an air of authority and an air of anonymity. I believe the sunglasses were added in Thor, but even in the first Iron Man film he was painted as a dangerous man who intentionally presents as a harmless bureaucrat.

DB Cooper’s insane stunting combined with his total anonymity – we don’t know where he came from or what happened to him – was an exceptionally powerful icon in the seventies especially, when the story dominated the headlines. It’s not out of the question that the image of DB Cooper contributed materially to our culture’s view of the power of anonymity, which in turn influenced Coulson’s character design. 

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Suggest: when Hooman take you in crat in car wait until almost home to poop in crat. Show Hooman can be gud cat but not too gud in case they put you in there again!



[Translate on Seventeen couples that are featured in Japanese magazine]

File 01

Jeongcheol couple (S.coups×Jeonghan)

The atmosphere between S.coups and Jeonghan is like a middle-aged couple!?

They are husband and wife of Seventeen family!

The noble path couple in Seventeen.
The another name of this couple is “the husband and the wife”.
It seems S.coups is often trying to get Jeonghan’s attention.
They wear the same clothes. Their actions are sometimes synchronizing.
They look like a couple have lived happily together for a long time. S.coups is called father and Jeonghan is called mother of Seventeen.

File 02

JISOOHAN couple (Joshua × Jeonghan)

The beauty and the beauty, the dazzling couple.

They’ve been having strong bond since they were trainees.

These two, Joshua and Jeonghan are very popular couple!
They are very close to each other, and they are very beautiful and good looking.
They are the most picturesque couple among SEVENTEEN.

It’s been witnessed that they are staring at each other while singing on stage.
By the way, Jisoohan is one of the most popular couples among Japanese carats.

File 03

HoshiWoozi couple (Hoshi×Woozi)

Leaders of each units!!

Two members who support seventeen!
Vocal team leader Woozi and performance team leader Hoshi, they are the unite leader couple. They have more discussions than other members because Woozi composes songs and Hoshi choreographs these songs. In addition, they are the same age, and they like the same anime. They have a lot in common. From there facts mentioned above, you can see they are very close to each other. By the way, their eyes are sharp and they’re often said they are look similar.

File 04

Jun × The8. China (global) line

Twin stars like brothers☆

You see they’re caring each other, and it melts your heart.

Jun and The8 are called China line because they’re from China.
Jun is hyeong line and The8 is maknae line, so they are very close to each other and look like they are actual brothers.
Jun speaks and understand Korean better than The8, so sometimes Jun helps the8.
By the way, to improve the8’s Korean, they talk in Korean even they’re alone together.

File 06

HoshiDino couple (Hoshi×Dino)

Lovey-dovey cople of performance team.

Their faces look similar to each other and they are like actual brothers☆

Hoshi is very kind to Dino who is maknae of Seventeen. They both belong to performance team, also, Dino can choreograph as well, so they often discuss about dance.
Dino admires and relies on Hoshi, and Hoshi takes care of Dino so much. It’s often witnessed that they’re standing close to each other, and it melts crats’ heart!

File 07

Meanie couple (Wonwoo × Mingyu)

MOE couple of “Cat boy” and “Dog boy”

Carats fall in love with the gap between their appearance and their cute actions.

This couple is one of the most poplar couples. Wonwoo is goofy and “cat boy”, and the other hand Mingyu is reliable and “dog boy”. It’s a typical combination which girls love. They look really cool, but they actually act so cute!! They ease your mind.

TRANS: @moimoikka


The Radical, Life-Changing Power Of Arts And Crafts

“It was just a certain moment which made me start the art of carving,” artist Pradeep Kumar explained to The Huffington Post. “As I was sitting idle in class I happened to notice a piece of chalk near the black-board on the floor, I picked it up and rolled it around in my hands. A thought came to me that I could try to carve the chalk.”

Bernie Sanders supporter refers to “Democratic whores” in NYC rally speech

Last night at a rally in Washington Square Park, Bernie Sanders supporter and health care activist Dr. Paul Song talked about kicking out “corporate Democratic whores” and replacing them with “Bernie-crats.” In response, many online derided Song for the comment and called on Sanders to disavow. By this morning, the official Sanders campaign twitter account did just that.