the crat

A note to all witches:
  • It’s okay if you don’t practice your craft every single day
  • It’s okay if you take a break from your craft or religion for however long you need
  • It’s okay if you don’t believe or worship in all the gods in your religion 
  • It’s okay if you don’t acknowledge your deity/god/goddess every single day 
  • It’s okay if you don’t want to/you don’t feel ready to use your own spells/sigils/rituals etc.
  • It’s okay if you forget a full moon
  • It’s okay if you skip/forget about a sabbat.

In short, take your time, do what makes you feel comfortable and never let anyone pressure you or make you feel bad about your magickal choices.

Stay safe and blessed be )O(

pittysaurus  asked:

If you could be any mythical creature what would you be and why? :D

edit (and totally not because you complained):

a Crat(german: Kratze), they live in Zamonia, look like cats, have a perfect memory, can talk literally all languages and have two livers (they can’t get wasted and are pretty healthy in general because of this) what’s not to love (they’re pretty rare these times tho)


The Radical, Life-Changing Power Of Arts And Crafts

“It was just a certain moment which made me start the art of carving,” artist Pradeep Kumar explained to The Huffington Post. “As I was sitting idle in class I happened to notice a piece of chalk near the black-board on the floor, I picked it up and rolled it around in my hands. A thought came to me that I could try to carve the chalk.”

Bernie Sanders supporter refers to “Democratic whores” in NYC rally speech

Last night at a rally in Washington Square Park, Bernie Sanders supporter and health care activist Dr. Paul Song talked about kicking out “corporate Democratic whores” and replacing them with “Bernie-crats.” In response, many online derided Song for the comment and called on Sanders to disavow. By this morning, the official Sanders campaign twitter account did just that.

Hey ‘historic’-nazis! I’ve voted for women all the damn time. I’ve voted for women to be Governor, twice, I’ve voted for women to be senators. A woman has been in my top 5 picks for president. But I wouldn’t vote for the protoMarxist Obama just because he was black and I won’t vote for this Corrupto'crat just because she’s a woman.Go peddle your identity politics elsewhere. 


In occasion of the celebrations for the Thargelia, Birthday of Artemis and Apollo, we celebrate especially also Their Mother, Leto, since … “Leto is a Life-bearing Spring encompassed in Demeter. This is why our ancestral Traditions honour the same Goddess as both Demeter and Leto, demonstrating the unity of these Goddesses. This Goddess sends forth all Life-bearing Light, illuminating both the intellectual essence of the Gods and the orders of souls, and ultimately lights up the whole perceptible Heaven, since She has generated the light around the Cosmos, and established its cause in Her children, Apollo and Artemis, and flashes like a lightning Her intellectual and life-bearing Light into all things.” (Proklos, in Crat. 104)

[Leto and Her children, Artemis and Apollo; W. H. Rinehart, Metropolitan Museum. Leto and Her children, Artemis and Apollo; Joseph Blondel, Louvre Museum]