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Hve you seen HBOs The Crash Reel? It’s an amazing documentary about Kevin Pearce and the traumatic brain injury (TBI) he survived with the help of doctors, family and friends. He will never be the same and this documentary shows the unvarnished truth about head injuries. This infographic has already saved one life.  If you have any of these symptoms after hitting your head DO NOT WAIT TO SEE A DOCTOR “in the morning” - go to the ER IMMEDIATELY. Don’t let a doctor tell you that if your CT scan is normal and you are not vomiting you are fine. YOU STILL MAY HAVE A CONCUSSION.

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The Crash Reel (2013) (18/365)

Fifteen years of footage show the epic rivalry between half-pipe legends Shaun White and Kevin Pearce, childhood friends who become number one and two in the world leading up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, pushing one another to ever more dangerous tricks, until Kevin crashes on a Park City half-pipe, barely surviving.


2013 - Best Documentary Film 

↳ The Act of Killing - Joshua Oppenheimer

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Kevin Pearce, Snowboarder - Finding Purpose in Adversity

Well worth a watch.

Also Sal Masekela called his shirt a “super cool hippy shirt”. I’ll take that compliment!
Shaun White on 'The Crash Reel'


Do you want to elaborate on your history with the TTR?
Shaun: They were the enemy in my mind. That is where the Kevin stuff came from. Right now I have Rolling Stone calling and they are like, “So is it true that, you know, this incident with Kevin.” This is allegedly what was said in The Crash Reel. I haven’t seen it but they said he beat me at an event and I was so upset that I called home and he was living with me at the time, so I had my mother throw his stuff out of my house onto the lawn.

It does say that in the movie.
Shaun: So I am right. Okay, but he didn’t say it. Somebody else said that about us, and that is why there is beef. I found it so bizarre because at no point did we ever live together. Kevin lived with the Mitranis or something. They would maybe come by to hang out, but he never lived there, ever. I just found it so strange that people would think that my mom would do something like that. She would be the first one to call me a little bitch if that happened. She would be like, “Are you kidding me?” My mom? There is no way. My mom, the woman that let people, strangers, that had no place to stay, from Mt. Hood sleep in the van with us is going to take somebody’s stuff and throw it out on the lawn because I am having a hissy fit. That’s my only beef.
I am one thing–say I am an ass, say whatever about me, but you’re pulling my mom into this. Kevin said in an interview, “Oh, I haven’t talked to Shaun yet; I hope he is not mad.” Why would I be mad? I am not mad ever. I am just disappointed in the route that he chose to take with his film because that wasn’t true. He knows that wasn’t true. He didn’t say it, so people are like, “Well he didn’t say it.” I know that, but it is his movie. He sat down and watched that movie and let people say that. That is why we have beef.

Shaun White peels away the layers of celebrity, Gore-Tex, and misconceptions for a frank conversation that has been 27 years in the making. This is Shaun White, uncorked and on the record, in an interview featured in the February 2014 issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine.

So this is what really happened with ‘The Crash Reel’; people say it’s a glimpse of the Frends Crew and how Shaun White truly treats the snowboarding community, but this documentary is about as real as scripted reality TV shows are. Can’t trust Kevin Pearce all that much, either.

365 Film Challenge - The Crash Reel

- watched this one on a whim, but it was preeeeetty interesting. glad there was little snowboarding history analysis thrown in to see the stakes riders have to deal with now and then the effect of just having to deal with an accident (which is bad). i’m a little surprised we don’t hear about injuries like Kevin’s more often… maybe little kids do when they’re starting, but probably nothing as serious as like, having to rebuild your entire body from nothing essentially. the most chilling moment was when Kevin meets another dude who had similar injuries and he just has no control over his actions for the most part. nervous system injuries are freaky. anyways, it’s on HBO GO so check it out if you have that!

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