the crappy scribble


I have a sketchbook-hoarding problem, i.e. I’ll get a sketchbook, fill 3 pages with lopsided circles and half-erased head drawings, then get discouraged by my fear of “ruining” a nice clean book with crappy scribbles and stash it away in my Drawer of Shame™.  Gotta fix that.  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Want to take on this challenge yourself?  DEWIT.  Just tag me or your post with #ssirenia so that I can see your awesome art!  >:D

I’m having too much fun with vampire!Percy. Also a good opportunity to practice teeth.

And apparently I need to draw the Briarwoods because I just realized wow do Percy and Cassandra resemble them in this AU. Which is kind of fitting.

i was asked to draw roxy, so i did! though.. eheh, i wasn’t told anything on how or what to draw her doing sooo… i jusszz.. dreewww whatevvrrr ahahahaa….

(and yea it’s common to have her all ‘kinny but i like her with a little bit more substance, mkay)

weiss-rauschen  asked:

I need to draw Hanzo in cute ass clothes for a date with McCree, what outfit do you suggest I draw for a fun summertime outfit?

i used young hanzo as a model 

my first thought was something like this maybe??

a couple of notes. the shirt is supposed to be loose on the frame and it doesn’t necessarily need to be that short either i just like hanzo in croptops;;; the skinny jeans are a washed out color and have numerous stylish rips in them, and blue sneakers (you can replace with like slip-ons or something i find it hard to imagine hanzo wearing sandals most of the time BUT i wouldnt say no to that either!!!!). as for accessories he could have a choker of some kind (sometimes simple is better), earrings (multiple? up to you), and in this i included a bridge piercing but thats optional too, and you could add some rings/bracelets on him too if you want. and he has his classic up-do. 

PLEASE let me know if you had something else in mind or something specific i just went with what i would have hanzo wear on a cute summer date;;;;;;