the crappiness of this gif annoys me

It’s been a week since the mid season finale and the first Shadowhunters AU Monday is finally here! We promise that there will be a wide variety of prompts in the following weeks (less mundane and generic ones), but we decided to start off with a familiar, much beloved au to make sure no one gets overwhelmed before we even get started. So without further ado:


But fear not! This theme does not only include coffee shops, but also bakeries, cat cafés, and any sort of quaint little coffee place to get your daily caffeine fix. And whether it’s in the middle of New York, in a small town somewhere, on the moon, or placed in the 1920′s is entirely up to you!

Remember to tag your work with #shaumondays (one of the 5 first tags), and make sure to make it clear if your work has any triggers. It would also make things a lot easier, if you could somehow try to indicate which main characters, otps and brotps are involved in the work, especially if it a piece of writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the tags or somewhere else in the post. 

Also a quick reminder that these prompts are meant for all sorts of fanwork and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Inspiration can be found under the read more if needed.

As always: Be respectful, have fun and get creative!

Love,  the SHAUMondays squad

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