the crane wife 2


The Decemberists ~ The Crane Wife, 1, 2 & 3 (Demo)
Lightbearer - Chapter 1 - Dragon_Of_The_South_Wind (JonTargaryen99) - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Reinhardt was hunting down a beast terrorizing villages when he had an unusual encounter with a peculiar dragon: an extraordinary creature of great beauty with glowing, sorrowful eyes, and a spike up its arm. Many years later destiny brought him to its crossroads, where his fate intertwined with that of a mysterious man named Hanzo.

(Its finally up aaaaaaaaaaaa)

My (long overdue) project for the Day 3 prompt of Reinzo Week 2017: Mythology! A fantasy romance between our two sappy old men, inspired and adapted (with a different ending!) from the Japanese folklore of the Crane Wife.

Complete with 2 parts and an epilogue.

@alichay tagged me in a thing about songs that I’m obsessing over and there are sooooo many get ready for a long list y’all.

Privilege - Stars 

Resurrection Fern - Iron & Wine

Tactilian - Half Waif

Take Me - Aly & AJ

Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens


The Crane Wife 1 2 & 3 - The Decemberists

Elvis Presley Blues - Gillian Welch

Plainsong - The Cure

Lindisfarne II - James Blake

To Follow & Lead - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Paradis Perdus - Christine and the Queens

Puddle - Weaves