the craic of horan

Timelessly Beautiful Pictures of Niall Horan

Sometimes, pictures of Niall Horan are so beautiful, they’re timeless. Here are some examples of that! Compiled and captioned with my best friend, @100percentsassy.

Junior Niall Horan, out by the tennis courts, October 2011. (x)  

Andy Warhol’s cousin and longtime assistant, Niall Horan, seen here in a quick test shot taken by Jack Mitchell in 1968. (x)

Comedian Niall Horan, seconds before being asked to the couch on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1990. (x)  

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The Luck o’ the Craic

You and Niall had gone to bed a little early. You were wearing four leaf covered short and a white tank top to bed, your Crazy Mofos tank top. [x] Niall wore his four leave clover boxers and curled himself around you. Your nails were painted green, Niall was going to put temporary dye in his hair. Everything was planned. 

And you had your own plan in the evening. When you both were well enough drunk…

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It's About Teamwork

A soft cry from the monitor wakes you up. You groan and Niall shifts and rolls over to look at you. 

“You know he’s your son?” You glare at him. 

“Oi, he’s yours too.”

“Only by default.” You tease before pecking his lips. 

“Just like you’re my wife, by default.” He raised his brow and you hit his chest playfully. 

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Monster (edit)
Niall Horan
Monster (edit)

Made another Imagine Dragons/Niall Horan edit.

Enjoy :D

Let's take a little journey

*sigh* so there’s been a ton of shit going on with the boys lately and I was looking through my gigantic folder of random gifs and shit and I decided that a journey to the land of the fetus 1D needed to happen. (Warning there will be a lot of Larry moments so bear with me heh heh)

so here we go my friends, come join me

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