the craggs

A Eulogy for all the Homestuck ships that didn't make it.
  • JohnKat: Sunk by a meme. Tragic.
  • DadMom: Sunk by a violent stabbing, also Tragic.
  • JadeJohn and DaveRose: Goddamn, Hussie pulled a George Lucas on us there. "You like that ship? Well they're related now, whoopsie!"
  • JohnDave: Well, you'll always have A03 at least.
  • JadeRose: The forgotten Beta ship. You were cute.
  • DaveTavros: You were a thing apparently? Well the fanart was cute.
  • Gamrezi: You'll always have the Shelby Cragg AU's at least.
  • TaVris: Hmmm....
  • GamTav: I have so many sad and complicated feelings towards you. It's hard and nobody understands.
  • GamKar: There was so much unexplored potential and too much offscreen development.
  • JohnRose: Never liked you, but you deserved better than a bunch of people throwing a fit over a t-shirt.
  • Erisol: I'll miss the <3<, and your Sprite.
  • Equara: God remember that anon that really really really hated this ship? Remember the harassment and gore submissions? That shit was wild... and creepy. Don't do this over fictional relationships kids.
  • JasproseJane: Never saw that one coming did we?
  • JohnVris: I will Remem8er You!
  • AraSol: Confirmed? Sunk? Aw well, you had a good run.
  • SolFef: Goddamnit Eridan.
  • EriSolFef: "We coulda had it aaaaaaall"
  • Rufioh/Damara: A foot note in the backstory that could have been explored more.
  • Daverezi: Sunk offscreen no less! A true shame.
  • Karezi: Retconned out of existence and the two don't even talk anymore. Ouch.
  • EquiKar: Fuck all of you this was cute.
  • VrisKan: Sigh. Rest in Peace Vriskan, may the shippers sing you to your grave.
  • Les8fins: Damnit Aranea!
  • Les8fins 2.0: Dammnit Meenah!
  • Meulin/Kurloz: Wow, that was an odd couple wasn't it?
  • Grimluck: I want to believe.
Homestuck Kids and Fan Music Tastes: a retrospective of 5 years of listening to Homestuck 8Tracks playlists

John: Hope you like Owl City because every other song is Owl City.

Rose: Superior music but with the undertone that the creator knows that they’ve made a playlist with superior music. Feminist jams, palatable punk, and the occasional splash of southern gothic rock. (Side Note: 80% of my current taste in music came from circa 2012 Dave&Rose playlists. Good stuff.)

Dave: White rap, comedy bands, (Eminem) angst, and a bizarre fascination with CAKE’s 1996 underground hit “The Distance.” (???)

Jade: I don’t think there’s a pre-2013 Jadeship playlist that doesn’t have “Something That I Want” by Grace Potter on it. Jade fans were just really into that one obscure bonus track off the Tangled soundtrack. I have no idea why.

Jane: Imagine the whitest, softest, most unoffensive music imaginable. I’m talking the entire discography of Ingrid Michaelson having sweet, missionary wedding night sex with Michael Bublé while Of Monsters and Men serenades them from behind a modesty curtain. I used to study to Jane playlists.

Dirk: Imagine the afore mentioned Dave playlist but with doubled angst, more expiramental electronic bullshit, and Rose playlist levels of pretentiousness. Also Marina and the Diamonds. So much Marina and the Diamonds.

Roxy: Cool lady rap and the occasional hauntingly depressing ballad. On the same playlist. Also Marina and the Diamonds. Marina and the Diamonds was on pretty much every playlist in 2013. 2013 Homestucks fuckin’ loved their Marina and the Diamonds.

Jake: I don’t have much to say here bc Shelby Cragg made a Jake playlist and it was all anybody ever listened to. DirkJake playlists deserve a post all their own bc that shit had subcategories on subcategories.


Hal: Electronic but annoying. So, you know, perfect.

Sawtooth and Squarewave: It’s just Daft Punk all the way down, kids.

Do you like aliens?
Do you like science fiction?
Do you fucking love space?
Are you a Die Hard fan (literally I mean the movie Die Hard)?
Do you appreciate non-binary and trans representation?
Do you like webcomics?
Do you like Steven Universe/the art style of Steven universe?

It’s time to read @neo-kosmos

Neo Kosmos is a webcomic created by Shelby Cragg @shelbycragg and the lovable Amber Rogers (two people who work on the ever-so popular Steven Universe). It’s a science fiction comic about aliens and humans living on a huge spacecraft (and much more lmao).

It has a lot of pages so far but not so much as so you can’t catch up in a day. It took me about an hour to read all the pages so far (and it updates frequently).