the craggs

I like that, as Hussie gives the control of the post-canon and out-of-canon Homestuck Content to the Fandom and his team at What Pumpkin, the figure of Hussie has become exactly like SiivaGunner.

It doesn’t matter if Adrienne does the sketches or Shelby is coloring the pics or Cohen does the writing, if Hussie prefers to stay on the sidelines or involves himself directly in the creation of these Snapchats or other contents. It doesn’t matter that Homestuck has become a team effort rather than the work of a single man. Whenever tension builds up and something happens, we will all default back to him.

“God dammit Hussie.”

“ Hey, darling. ”

another scene redraw from Alone Together of @universwap-au ‘s swap!AU ! whereas kevin has been replaced with jamie (the mailman), buck with sour cream, and jenny with buck. 

here’s the scene i redrew:

and again, i painfully redrew the entire background. hhh

{ commissions }

Do you like aliens?
Do you like science fiction?
Do you fucking love space?
Are you a Die Hard fan (literally I mean the movie Die Hard)?
Do you appreciate non-binary and trans representation?
Do you like webcomics?
Do you like Steven Universe/the art style of Steven universe?

It’s time to read @neo-kosmos

Neo Kosmos is a webcomic created by Shelby Cragg @shelbycragg and the lovable Amber Rogers (two people who work on the ever-so popular Steven Universe). It’s a science fiction comic about aliens and humans living on a huge spacecraft (and much more lmao).

It has a lot of pages so far but not so much as so you can’t catch up in a day. It took me about an hour to read all the pages so far (and it updates frequently).