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MODERN MYTHOLOGY: Mielikki (goddess of the hunt and forests)

she’s the girl with leaves in her hair and thorns in her heart. she is not known for her kindness towards human, because she got little empathy for those who cut down her trees and slaughter her animals. but she’s always kind to the animals of the forests. people beg her to use her healing powers to save the lives of humans, but she is used to refusing their prayers. she will only help those who cannot help themselves, so she can be found in the forest, gently healing and always helping. by now, she’s used to stitching up the paws of bears, carefully carrying small birds back to their nests, crafting new wings for owls and picking rose thorns from wolf paws. she can’t help herself. it’s just who she is, and she is far too invested in her forest to ever leave its side.

AHHH I’m so excited to show you guys with my Five Nights at Freddy’s nesting dolls!! I’m really pleased with how they turned out after a week’s worth of painting, all that’s left is to splash some varnish on em!


Goldfinch Egg and Nest Setting

So I finally have a fancy camera (usually use my phone)… with some dust stuck in it… so next step is clean the camera and get better at focusing on the mini objects, without getting impatient and throwing it out the window!

Away with the Fairies by Laura Brownhill

5 Fascinating Facts About the Bowerbird

Lots of species will go all out to land a mate, but few courtship routines are as elaborate as that of the bowerbird. These birds craft nest-like structures, known as bowers, and decorate them with attention-getting items. Females tour many of these local bowers, assessing both structure and suitor before selecting a mate.

  • Male satin bowerbirds festoon the front terraces of their bowers with shiny or colored objects, preferring those of a vivid blue hue.  
  • Bowerbirds don’t discriminate when hunting for objects to add to their bowers, displaying natural treasures like fresh flowers, feathers, and cicada wings alongside objects like ballpoint pen lids and bottlecaps.
  • Decorating a bower doesn’t end at displaying objects. Some satin bowerbirds mix plant material with saliva to make a “paint” they spread over their bower walls.
  • Competition for bower decorations is fierce, and male bowerbirds will steal desirable trinkets from other bowers to improve their own.
  • If a female admires a bower, she enters it, but the mating ritual isn’t over. The male then proceeds to perform a dance while holding a favorite trinket in his beak.

Find out more about bowerbirds and their mating rituals in Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species.



Chilled days with the music of rain
Curled up in a nest of craft supplies and coffee
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm <3 <3 <3