the crab was weird


Christmas Island Crab Migration

For most of the year, red crabs can be found within Christmas Islands’ forests, however, each year they must migrate to the coast to breed. The beginning of the wet season (usually October/November) allows the crabs to increase their activity and stimulates their annual migration. The timing of their migration is also linked to the phases of the moon. During this migration red crabs abandon their burrows and travel to the coast to mate and spawn.

Their estimated total population is 43.7 million on Christmas Island.

Pisces & Aries
  • Pisces, runs into Aries's arms: Aries!!
  • Aries, raises eyebrows as they hug them tightly: Hey !! What's wrong??
  • Pisces, looks at them with wide eyes: I have to tell you something really important, and it has to stay between me and you, okay? I don't want what I'm about to tell you ruin our friendship in any form or way because I cherish you too much to lose you but-- I can't keep to this to myself anymore.... I.... I
  • Aries, heart beating fast, gulps:
  • Pisces: I have to go take a shit
  • Pisces, smirks and runs away like a crab, makes weird noises down the hallway:
  • Aries:
  • Aries, runs a hand through their hair, flustered: What in the living...
  • Aries, feels their phone vibrate, opens it to see a text from Pisces:
  • [ Also I wanted to tell you I liked you, okay bye. ~Pisces]