the crab was weird

why do we not fear crabs but we fear spiders and scorpions? crabs are like the weird aquatic love child of both and i dont understand

i know there are like several blue dragon-like pokemon that u can give him But Consider This Instead…

hanzo loves his crabrawler Dearly and is v proud of them


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the signs when HIGH

(just silly stuff, mostly based off of people i know lol)

(also  guess who’s high right now lol)

aries: the DJ, the one sitting near the speaker with their eyes closed,swaying, looking like the music is literally IN their SOUL. plays the weird stuff that always seems to work

taurus: the one who doesn’t even seem high, sits there basically acting the same except there will be a few little actions they do that make it clear - touching their hair a lot, laughing a little more. probably the one getting snacks

gemini: the active one, lots of nervous talking, looking around, can’t seem to stop rubbing their hands or knees, can’t. stop. moving!!

cancer: the ~~out of their shell~~ one, oh boy do the crabs come out when they r high, suddenly joking, really funny and weird, lots of really, really weird comments like “wtf i didnt know they were like this,” also probably gets HELLA munchies 

leo: the hook up, gets the weed, rolls the joint (or whatever), they are the PROVIDER, makes sure everyone is taken care of, generally talks and laughs more, super friendly when high!

virgo: the sleepy one, will straight up pass out on the couch. like they’re the ones who smoke, eat some cereal, and then just go to sleep while everyone else is still fucking around, honestly they’re the stereotypical “tired” “stoned” stoner

libra: the helpful one, when they r high its kinda like taurus, its not super easy to tell, but libras r way more willing to help out when high, they’ll grab u a snack, some water, down to talk to anyone, da real MVP

scorpio: the deep! philosophical talks! one: tbh they’re fucking socrates when high, has really philosophical talks with people but if anyone else heard it they would just sound hella dumb LOL, will probably be the one up till 3am

sagittarius: the one who always fucking runs outside, is just like “guys lets go outside!” or to the park! or to in n out!!, just wants to fucking move around, not a lot of talking tho, mostly laughing and singing

capricorn: the one sitting in the corner just chilling, just doesn’t really get hyperactive when high but just relaxing to be around, also willing to take care of people if they don’t pass out first like virgo lol

aquarius: the where they fuck did they go? one, randomly decides to go on a walk and everyone’s like uhh is aquarius ok? and they come back an hour later looking chill, will occasionally join in to scorpio’s ~~deep talk~~ but doesn’t talk as much

pisces: the quiet smiley one, so fun to be with, will just quietly stare at everyone smiling, laugh every now and then, they always have a go to when they get munchies OR they make hella weird food combos, no in between. the EMBODIMENT of CONTENT

CHORUS/THEATRE AU Prompts (Part 2: based on my experiences)

• “you were singing horribly in the piano room so I called security on you” au

• “We work backstage and during the slower songs, you teach me ballroom dancing- no I want to lead!” au

•"You are so goddamn slow at turning the pages on the sheet music so I’ve made it my mission to turn it for you, I am not missing this next note" au

• “it’s our last year working backstage so as we paint the set, we stick our hands in paint and leave hand prints on a wall so we’ll be remembered and fuck, our director is coming” au

• “I heard you sing for the first time and wow marry me???” au

• “I’m the only one in the entire group who doesn’t like your singing and I just have to live with that” au

• “You dance stupidly during our warm ups and we both get in trouble because you’re distracting people and I’m laughing too hard” au

• “You play the same song on the fucking piano every time the teacher/director is gone and I swear to god one of these days I have to tell you you’re not that good” au

• “I’m almost having a panic attack backstage but you don’t realize it and you start telling me jokes and making weird voices and walk like a crab to get me to laugh, and I appreciate it but aren’t you supposed to be on stage?” au

• “I’m on stage switching out the props and oh shit, the lights just went up and I’m still behind the set, hey- stop laughing! I’m stuck!” au

• “I don’t know why they chose you -the clumsiest dumbass I’ve met - to go up the latter and change out the light filters, but gosh, spotting you should be fun” au

• “I know I’m in your class, but I have a tiny crush on you and you look adorable in your costume, wanna take a picture with me?” au

• “it’s pitch black backstage and I have no idea where I’m going… I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t know that was your ass” au

anonymous asked:

Wait you're biracial?! I am too!! Omg is it too personal to ask what your ethnicities are? (Idk how else to word that) xxx

I’m first gen off the res Shawnee and second gen in America Czech! 

…tbh I used to never use the term “biracial” when describing myself because I know I dont look it, but since my (Native) father’s passing, I’ve started not giving a fuck about “not looking x enough”. I like my native nose and my thick dark hair, just like I like my blue eyes and pale skin   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I wanna make an anthro horseshoe crab; do you have any suggestions on how to go about doing that? I've only ever done vertebrates before :c



Even by Arthropod standards horseshoe crabs have some really weird anatomy that make it tricky to make them humanoid

Much like their Arachnid cousins (who are their closest living relatives) the legs are attached to the “head”, the second segment hold their gills, which they can movue around and use them to swim.  Weirdly their mouth is lockated not at the front, but between their legs

they also swim upside down

I dont really have a good way to draw them humanoid, Ill try to take more cracks at it tho

some ghosts
  • ocd ghost: turns your taps on to wash hands over and over, moves things so the furniture is arranged on a grid, always checking to see if haunted individuals are safe, turns lights on and off, closes doors because Doors Are Supposed To Stay Closed
  • autism ghost: stims by spinning things in the air, repeats specific phrases all the time under their breath, follows scripts and patterns, struggles with changes to home environment and tries to put things back the way they were when they were alive
  • adhd ghost: drifts around, randomly changing direction and doing things halfway before losing focus and wandering off, haunts about six places at once
  • bpd ghost: can be easy to befriend but deeply nervous about being abandoned. fixates on benevolently haunting an individual until one day they split and compulsively destroy things
  • bipolar ghost: unusually active spirits, with dozens of highly communicative sightings in a short period of time, followed by sometimes years of no spectral activity whatsoever
  • ehlers-danlos syndrome ghost: you know the ones that can bend their limbs in any direction and creep across the floor like a weird dislocated crab? those guys
  • chronic fatigue ghost: moves very slowly from room to room, groaning continuously