the crab was weird

I keep seeing a post going around about how it’s weird that people fear spiders and not crabs so I wanna make it explicitly clear that I’m v scared of crabs and will cry if they come near me so checkmate I guess

why do we not fear crabs but we fear spiders and scorpions? crabs are like the weird aquatic love child of both and i dont understand

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Wait you're biracial?! I am too!! Omg is it too personal to ask what your ethnicities are? (Idk how else to word that) xxx

I’m first gen off the res Shawnee and second gen in America Czech! 

…tbh I used to never use the term “biracial” when describing myself because I know I dont look it, but since my (Native) father’s passing, I’ve started not giving a fuck about “not looking x enough”. I like my native nose and my thick dark hair, just like I like my blue eyes and pale skin   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

CHORUS/THEATRE AU Prompts (Part 2: based on my experiences)

• “you were singing horribly in the piano room so I called security on you” au

• “We work backstage and during the slower songs, you teach me ballroom dancing- no I want to lead!” au

•"You are so goddamn slow at turning the pages on the sheet music so I’ve made it my mission to turn it for you, I am not missing this next note" au

• “it’s our last year working backstage so as we paint the set, we stick our hands in paint and leave hand prints on a wall so we’ll be remembered and fuck, our director is coming” au

• “I heard you sing for the first time and wow marry me???” au

• “I’m the only one in the entire group who doesn’t like your singing and I just have to live with that” au

• “You dance stupidly during our warm ups and we both get in trouble because you’re distracting people and I’m laughing too hard” au

• “You play the same song on the fucking piano every time the teacher/director is gone and I swear to god one of these days I have to tell you you’re not that good” au

• “I’m almost having a panic attack backstage but you don’t realize it and you start telling me jokes and making weird voices and walk like a crab to get me to laugh, and I appreciate it but aren’t you supposed to be on stage?” au

• “I’m on stage switching out the props and oh shit, the lights just went up and I’m still behind the set, hey- stop laughing! I’m stuck!” au

• “I don’t know why they chose you -the clumsiest dumbass I’ve met - to go up the latter and change out the light filters, but gosh, spotting you should be fun” au

• “I know I’m in your class, but I have a tiny crush on you and you look adorable in your costume, wanna take a picture with me?” au

• “it’s pitch black backstage and I have no idea where I’m going… I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t know that was your ass” au

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lmfao (going off floof n u loving saving animals bc same) I was in Waitrose (UK supermarket) and there was this spider like bout the size of a cricket ball on the floor n everyone was screaming and tryna stand on so I was like uh no and picked it up and took it outside n everyone looked at me like I was on a diff planet, spiders are cute and helpful y no one like them :((

They are cute and helpful! This is so sweet, bless you. on Friday I went to the beach and there was a bunch of kids tryna kick crabs? it was weird but I’ve never held a crab before, But i managed to pick one up despite it pinching the fuck out of me and all the kids were staring at me like ‘hoe what-’ 


Hey Tumblr! Here are some designs from last Friday’s Puppy Dog Pals premiers. Not sure why, but the crab was one of my favorites from this season… weird. The octopus was a ton of fun to work on too. Happy Monday everybody!


Christmas Island Crab Migration

For most of the year, red crabs can be found within Christmas Islands’ forests, however, each year they must migrate to the coast to breed. The beginning of the wet season (usually October/November) allows the crabs to increase their activity and stimulates their annual migration. The timing of their migration is also linked to the phases of the moon. During this migration red crabs abandon their burrows and travel to the coast to mate and spawn.

Their estimated total population is 43.7 million on Christmas Island.

Estela’s Kitchen

Summary: Estela is assigned kitchen duty and she has no idea what to cook. She does know one recipe, but isn’t prepared for how her cooking would impact her friends.

Author’s note: This is for #ChoicesCreates, with the prompt “kitchen”, hosted by @choicesmyway (Rating: T)

Estela’s Kitchen

They say that people can feel what the cook feels when he prepares his dish. That night in La Huerta, everyone had gone off on their own to cry.

The dish was a simple one — bread pudding, a recipe from home. While it brought comfort to the baker, it made those who took a forkful of the pudding pine for home, but not in the way one expects home to be. The yearning the pudding had pulled out of each one was for a home that wasn’t defined by four walls and a roof, but something else.

It was her turn in the kitchen. Estela dreaded the night dinner was assigned to her. After Raj had opened up the kitchen to the group, saying he shouldn’t be the only one feeding everyone (at least during dinner), each one had taken turns at the kitchen. Estela had gone last, and now there was no backing out.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farenheit. The kitchen reminded her too much of her mother. She recalled sitting on a kitchen stool, watching her mother whip up various dishes to satisfy the large appetites of her always-hungry uncles. She would help her mother on occasion — slicing vegetables, mixing soup, but the kitchen to her was a place where she could just sit back and relax. No trainings, no exercises, no mental games to be played. It was a cove of comfort, and one that she would always associate with her mother.

This is why she had been avoiding kitchen duty in The Celestial. That, and she had no idea how to cook. Except for one dish — the dish her mother would prepare for her when she’d come home from a long and tiring day from school or training. Bread pudding.

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